Militants of the radical Taliban movement (banned in Russia) have entered Kandahar — the second largest city in Afghanistan. This was reported by a source of the RIA Novosti news agency.

It is noted that the country’s armed forces are fighting with the Taliban in one of the districts of the city. As a result of the clashes, several civilians were killed, the exact number of victims is not reported.

At the same time, the governor of Kandahar, Rahmatullah Raufi, said that the situation in the city is under control. According to the authorities, at the moment the militants are retreating. The National Security Directorate of Afghanistan told about the operation of the government army, which took place the night before. During the mission, the military eliminated nine militants, two more were injured.

On July 7, the Afghan authorities announced that a critical phase of the military conflict had begun in Afghanistan against the background of strengthening the forces of the Taliban militants. “We recognize that the war is raging in Afghanistan and that the military situation in the country is extremely sensitive,” said Defense Minister Bismillah Khan Mohammadi. He stressed that the national security forces, with the support of the local resistance, will make every effort to protect the civilian population.

The situation in Afghanistan has become especially tense after the United States and NATO countries began the official withdrawal of troops from Afghan territories on May 1. US President Joe Biden said that the US army would completely leave the country by September 11. Turkey plans to ensure the security of the airport of the capital of Afghanistan after the withdrawal of American troops.

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