1. Roses: It is summer!! 20 degrees C is summer here in Norway:) I have been enjoying the sun and working on my tan this week. Like one of the benefits of not working. My body is actually relaxing a bit and little chronic pain, warmer weather does really help. Also I get to wear all my summer dresses.

  2. We are poly but we been only us for all of our relationship so far. We are 24/7 TPE M/s and I am guessing that very few in our local bdsm club actually know that we are poly. It is very rarely that I do demostration with other than my Master and he is very possessive. We don't often have the issue with others not respecting ownership, actually do I find that is a bigger issue in the vanilia world (like I hate being touched). I would say that of the active people in our club is propably 70-80% poly, I would still say there are probably a lot more of mono couples but they ain't as active. So often at a party can it feel like alot of the other people there are poly. But there are still alot of mono couples out there, maybe just harder to notice.

  3. We just did one holiday with a week in Mallorca. And next week are we taking our kid out of kindergarden again for a mini holiday with her grandma here in Norway.

  4. I am going to Italy for a quick vacation, but and thsi is the thing that is stupid as fuck. I have a sun allergy and I am heading to Italy. Its crazy stupid. I will probably get hurt super bad, but never been to italy and its time to see places😂

  5. Roses: My bff is here, so lots of girl time and just talking. I miss having her around so glad she can come to visit sometimes.

  6. I have lots of them, like I love the ocean so swimming and beaches are awesome. I also absolutt love the mountains and skiing, like I could do that all winter long. Give me good conditions, a step and long hill and preferable without other people in my way.

  7. I am pretty sure my exploration into the bdsm lifestyle has influenced alot of my life. Like I been exploring that since I become an adult, so that knowledge has come at the same time as I figured out how to be an adult and what type of life I wanted. It does influence every part of my life.

  8. Thorn: our kid got sick, so two days home with feber. And this was supposed to be a week were kindergarden is open every day. We really do pay for fulltime but we don't use it that much. Like my kid knows kindergarden is like a choice, like if she feels she needs to be home I usually let her. I guess in a years time we have to try explaining that school ain't really a choice and that we can't just get there when we want to. That will be a big adjustment from both of us and espesially because my personal feelings about school is that it should be a choice and not everyone are made to be the 5 days a week. Also I am always running late, like I actually have no idé how to get to things on time. At least we got one year left with freedom. We can take our kid out of kindergarden when we want and she can come and go as she wants.

  9. Covid ain't fun, hope you all get better soon.

  10. Our kid has just been sick for 2 days which also means she been sleeping in our bed. So yep, there went our privacy. Then again she used to sleep in our bedroom unto she was 4 years old, so we are pretty used to that not always being private.

  11. We don't really tend to descuss sessions before hand, but my Master will usually tell me what is gonna happen. I hate suprises, like they are the worst thing in the world. Even good once ain't a positive for me. So making sure I feel safe and understand what is going on and knowing what is expected from me is important.

  12. Like our kid is 5 years and I am soo just feeling old. Like how did she become 5? I do understand what you mean about kids and bdsm. Like we had been in our 24/7 TPE M/s relationship for 3 years when we got our kid. I always did belive we could do both and we never actually stopped the dynamic, but the first 6 months was such a baby bubble😂

  13. Yes, it so can hit hard. Like in my case did it take atleast 6 months to recover from giving birth, we got complications and I lost a lot of blood. It was probably a good thing my Master did not work at the time, so he stayed home with us for the first 6 months. Actually my Master got post partum depression, which luckly he reconised. I used to have chronic depression, but our kid pretty much made that go away. I have an abussive family and starting my own helped me alot.

  14. Rpses: Vacation time, sun, ocean, drinks and pools:) We had a great time, espesially the kids with the kids club and shows. My kid only had one meltdown, so we are counting that as a win. Took her a week to understand how everything worked with the kid's show and everything. She stood in front just watching them the first days figuring out what was going on and if it was okay to join in. She is a bit wreid but adorable. She also used the later at night show as a falling asleep show. Like my kid can fall asleep anywhere when she is tired.

  15. Mostly why I only do 24/7 dynamics is because of all the non-sexual bounding or interactions. For me is service a big thing. I am very service oriented and love cooking, cleaning, fetching, just being useful to those I love. This gets me really happy and it also means that I feel our dynamic more. My Master still can't remember that we have a dishwasher😂

  16. You'd go to space pirate college. Two year degree. You can also do a 12 week space privateer certification.

  17. 12 weeks sounds good, I hope you can choice to show up to class... I am always late or forget about them😝

  18. I think the whole point of being a space pirate is that rules are for losers, so you'd probably get bonus points for showing up whenever you feel like it!

  19. Sounds good, I got away with that all through Uni. So no way I could suddenly learn to be on time😂 I also wanna have my own ship, like I am so driving that thing.

  20. Being my excited, overly loud and happy self is my natural state.

  21. We do have a punishment dynamic, basically actions has consequenses. We never go out of dynamic so our 24/7 TPE M/s dynamic is always there. The punishment thing is mostly my need. Often is it me who asks my Master if he can punish me. This is usually because I know I have not been within the expectations he sets for me. We do have rules, but mostly do we work with expectations. The things which I am supossed to do or know or how I am supposed to behave.

  22. We don't pause or step out of our dynamic, I just don't work that way. I need a lot of stabiliy to function and when life gets too much is our dynamic the thing I can relax into. So often does my Master need to step things up then and take over the things I can't manage. I have noticed that I often step into my little persona then, I do age regress and I am guessing that is part due to being a little and part probably because of my autism.

  23. Burnout is so hard and I really hope you can get enough down time to help with it. I just wanted to say that you can do both TPE and DD/bg. Like my relationship is a 24/7 TPE slave but I also am a little. So espesially when things gets stressful will my Master become my Daddy and take care of me. I do age regress, which I think in my case is related to me being a little and that I am autistic. My mindset when I am my Master's slave is very service oriented, it is very diffrent from my little mindset where I need alot more care taking.

  24. Overly excited fun loving slave, baby and mom:)

  25. It's very disappointing that your therapist just turned around like that and didn't even do the things they were supposed to do for you!

  26. Yeah, I have trust issues and this so did not help. I am guessing I have had probably more than 10 diffrent theraphist since I was 18 years old. Apperently is it extremly hard to find good theraphist. My new one seems good and has promised to help me through all this, so hopefully is that true.

  27. This sounds really hard and I hate that for you. I'm sorry you had such a shitty week. Sending all the virtual support 💜

  28. Thanks<3 I am sure it will all work out, but this just has not been my week.

  29. Thorn: I had a hard autistic fatigue crash last sunday. I could feel it when I waked up that it would happen, but I had to take care of my kid so I pushed it away. I can hold it of for awhile, but when it hit that evening was it absolutly horrible. It hurts so much and just leaves me completly emotional and psysically drained. What I hate the most about it is that I can't take care of my kid when it happens and I can't take care of me.

  30. We've just been hiding them back and forth.. There are frogs everywhere now. Our underwear drawers, our refrigerator, everywhere! This makes my chaos goblin heart so happy! 😈😂

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