1. I've left this image because it is a lady in leather - but the account that posted it and it's stupid Tumblr spam has been banned.

  2. Good, because you're not welcome back. Goodbye.

  3. All that's missing is a magic wand in that strap between your legs to keep things interesting...

  4. Piss off with your stolen content reports and stupid tumblr links

  5. Hi:) would love to post here, can you approve me please?

  6. Sorry, your account is too new for me to approve at the moment. Ask again once you've got some karma and your acount is older.

  7. Just when I think you can't get any hotter, you go and do this to me....

  8. It's a wonder you're not starting grass fires you're so hot...

  9. You can come work for me any day dressed like that!

  10. If that lasts a whole weekend, you're not trying hard enough, punny.

  11. If you keep using big words, are you going to make me beg when I want a definition?

  12. I see what you did there. Use the word without using the word.

  13. Oh yeah baby! Love the colour! And the look 😉

  14. You can come and work in my office dressed like that any time 💖

  15. I'll allow the picture to remain, but you can get lost with your spam link. Don't post that again, or I'll ban you

  16. It's hard to rebuild what is taken away repeatedly...

  17. Seraphic doesn't fit real well either. 🤣

  18. Well of course I want to get you off first...

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