1. We allow images once a month, on the 25th, kinky or otherwise :) There will be posts leading up to it with rules.

  2. When i mentioned my openness to face slapping, they pointed out how slapping this way (mimics open hand with follow through) would be stingy and fleeting but slapping this way (slightly cupped hand) would feel more firm and

  3. Ooof I felt this in my bones! Good for you!!!

  4. The looks scary to actual effect ratio of a Wattenberg Wheel is off the charts. They look intensely painful, and I guess if you press incredibly hard they could be. But the sensation isn't painful... it's wildly intense. Ticklish? Sort of. It's more like it just absolutely activates your nerves wherever it goes. You want to run from it. You want it to continue. It is a wild, wild form of sensation play.

  5. I keep the minutes and right now I love doing it. That's nice that you meet weekly as well. I hope we keep it up too.

  6. I'm in a monogamous relationship/dynamic. I do think it's pretty common but not as loud or visible as other relationship styles may be. We're pretty private so play parties aren't our style, but we have found an amazing online community here on N4N.

  7. My favorite impact implement to hate in intimate play is a silicone paddle. It's simple, versatile, very effective, and easy to clean. An example is this one from Tantus:

  8. I just spent a really long time looking at Tantus toys. Wow.

  9. Wow ok that’s horrifying, maybe we need to make a trip to the hardware store…

  10. I love talking to other masochists - "wow that sounds horrifying, gonna have to try that!" LOL!

  11. I'm going to visit my partner in Montreal! I love the city and I can't wait. This will be my last visit for a long while because I'll be moving there this fall!!!

  12. I love fake pity! Inside me I have this weird mix of caregiver and sadist. Fake pity allows me to unleash both at the same time, because I genuinely care about my partner, and I genuinely enjoy tormenting them, and I get turned on by how much they love it. Fake pity ties it all together with a nice little bow (hmmmm, bondage!)

  13. I love to hate to love to hate this, sigh.

  14. This is a good one! Mind fuck on top of a mind fuck.

  15. There’s a reason why there are numbers written on my jenga blocks. I can write up a list of rules/punishments/rewards and we can see who picks out what (and with a good memory can try to pick out again/avoid). Can also do two different choices for each number, one for each person picking that block.

  16. I like to take care of all your needs, I'll happily do anything to make you happy (within our pre-agreed limits).

  17. I didn’t learn how to “self serve” until I was thirty because I didn’t want to get my hands dirty.

  18. This doesn't seem to be meeting your needs or wants from what I can gather. Have you talked to him about that? If not, I'd encourage you to be explicit about what you need in a dynamic and/or relationship. I'm not great at talking out loud always so I often write out my feelings for someone to read, or for me to read to them if I'm comfortable. If he hears you out and wants to meet those needs and wants, great. If he doesn't want to meet them, he's probably not a great match for you.

  19. I absolutely despise it. I'm not good at figuring out what they mean they want and it gets really overwhelming.

  20. Mine want to be left the hell alone. They want all the sun and infrequent water, like almost never it feels like. They prop for me really well.

  21. "Negotiation is sexy. Checking in is sexy. Safewords are sexy."

  22. We use a dog clicker as a safeword signal. It works really well to get his attention and works as if I've said "pause", so like a yellow. He can then check in and it might be that we need to end the scene, or it might be that I need to stretch out my bad knee. So far we've only used it when I was gagged for obvious reasons but we plan to have it with me for all scenes going forward just in case I go nonverbal. I like to feel prepared for different outcomes.

  23. Verbal - I love the feeling I get when I hear my Dom's voice ordering me, teasing me, laughing at my misery....lol. I love dirty talk, I love verbal degradation. I'm very focused on the auditory, it adds an essential element for me. I would give up sense of sight before sense of sound.

  24. I love asking Dragon to talk to me when I’m getting close. He gets so creative when he knows I’m in to it.

  25. Same! I love hearing Bored's voice when I'm getting close too. The sound of his voice saying the words is just perfect. I will listen to porn with my eyes closed even, I just get off so much to the sounds vs the visuals.

  26. 🌹 I went to a strip club for the first time with my wonderful and supportive partner who ensured that I had a fantastic first experience and was super attentive to help manage my nerves. Nothing beats an evening of near naked women and emotional validation/love.

  27. I hope you feel less trapped soon. Yay for your roses!

  28. 🥀 I showed up to an appointment for a background check and the place was closed, got a zero on 2 assignments I knew I did well on, and came home to my apartment reeking of weed which i immediately assumed was my neighbors fault. THEN, realized all of these things were my own fault because I 1) showed up to that appointment on the wrong day 2) did not cite any of my sources in the assignments 3) one of my plants was rotting because I overwatered it and it was moldy. Bad Siren.

  29. Gah I feel your thorn. I can't help with the first two things but if you want any plant tips feel free to send me a chat. I seriously love helping with plants.

  30. It could be bratting, but the key thing here is that you don't seem to have liked it. Bratting, like anything else, needs to be negotiated and agreed upon by both partners. Even if she was bratting, you still get to say that you didn't enjoy it.

  31. I found them not worth the price personally. They are FP friendly but the ghosting/bleedthrough was too much for me. I haven't tried their 120gsm yet. Before that came out I switched to Rhodia and Midori and haven't gone back.

  32. I use a Travelers Notebook from Galen Leather instead of the official TN because it has four bands for inserts instead of one, no jump bands needed.

  33. Bullet vibe: Lovense Ambi. It's such a comfortable shape to hold, can be held different ways for different pressure, good and strong.

  34. What time is sundown? How much rain do you get?

  35. Faber Castell Hexo M nib with Diamine Aurora Borealis. So smooooooth.

  36. I just got some b-six nippies covers that are awesome so far.

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