1. I liked them in the AFL grand final half time entertainment, and basically nowhere else.

  2. I have a real soft spot for Peking Duk, they're from Canberra and so am I. I'm pretty sad their streak is dead!

  3. Locked as this post had descended into name calling and general bad behaviour.

  4. People kept downvoting the posts so I missed at least half of them.

  5. Hi there OP - please message the mods for approval first. Thanks!

  6. Sorry OP, there was too much breaking of rule 2 so I've had to lock.

  7. Everywhere in the Gungahlin town centre is a joke in my opinion. I don’t know whether they need a heap of one way streets or what to fix it, but it always gets gridlocked around the servos and the intersection at bunnings

  8. Hard agree here. Traffic can be an absolute nightmare anywhere in that town centre. Made worse by the KFC and maccas drive thrus.

  9. Spritz this potion in your mouth and lose weight?! I have questions and concerns.

  10. It's either made out of pure laxative or pure heroin.

  11. The perm specialist at Eden has moved to Bentley's at Jamison, his name is Paul.

  12. If the mods don’t like something you say, they’ll remove it. This subreddit isn’t democratic by any means. Just don’t post here with a deviating opinion to that of the mods (which I assume is left leaning).

  13. The mod team's individual political leanings have nothing to do with how we moderate. We moderate according to our

  14. “We do not censor speech made in good faith”. I guess my question would be do the mods decide if it’s good faith? Unless there is abuse or any negative behaviour, what constitutes the removal of a post which some may not believe to be “trolling”?

  15. Yes, that's part and parcel of being a mod. Not to say we're infallible, but we do need to make judgements on what is good faith and what isn't. If any individual mod is unsure we take it to the team for adjudication.

  16. Mooseheads. I barely stepped in before I had a dude asking if he could buy me a drink, with the only repayment from me being a kiss. Ah, romance

  17. I played the forgotten city for the first time last year, it is so good

  18. Based on this article it’s actually 12 not 10. That was 2016 so it might be more now.

  19. When I worked for him he apparently wanted to own every Maccas in Canberra so, yeah maybe

  20. look at this photograph! Every time I do, it make me laugh. How R I’s get so reeedd

  21. Locking this due to the amount of transphobia I've just had to clean up. Transphobia is not OK, and also does not adhere to the Reddit terms of service.

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