1. I mean you could just piss in your guests mouth - it would have been cheaper!

  2. What sub were you scrolling? If he saw you looking at

  3. Catholic schools have a big proportion of non-fee paying students, not quite so cut and dry.

  4. How big is the proportion? How do those kids avoid those huge fees? Not being argumentative, genuinely curious.

  5. I recall reading in the paper it was about 40% but might be worth looking up the actual amount. It was big enough to be memorable.

  6. Interesting. Thanks for that. I imagine that number skews for somewhere like MacKillop vs Radford or Grammar

  7. Yep agree. I was curious how big their subscriber base is and checked their channel. The only videos regularly hitting more than 1k views had ‘Andrew Tate’ in the title.

  8. Christine Muscat. She’s from the group s2s (Sister2Sister) with her sister Sharon. They had that one hit song ‘Sister’ in 1999

  9. If they think it’s not impersonating a cop, they should have no issue with you wearing the same gear and just standing next to him wherever he goes. Don’t say anything or interfere, just stand by.

  10. It’s reminding diners at Waters Edge that they over-indulged.

  11. Renewable energy is great when you don't want electricity 24x7x365.

  12. I'm not surprised that you don't understand.

  13. and I’m not surprised that you are an active participant in

  14. Sitting in a ride on mower all day for that cash sounds pretty appealing tbh.

  15. I missed the majority of these - did they fall off because of the threads being downvoted or something?

  16. Yeah pretty much got downvoted hard most polls

  17. That sucks, I don’t know why people don’t just ignore it and keep scrolling.

  18. They’ve been “not hiding it” for a while, the moisture infused text has been on the packaging for years.

  19. From memory, Toy Kingdom was a chain that had a creepy looking mascot that sounded suspiciously similar to the purple bear at Toyworld. I have a very vague recollection of the store being there, and there’s no surprise it was short lived… a really odd place to put a small toy shop

  20. There was a local guy here who had a jingle that went

  21. I hadn’t tried it before but it was my favourite sauce once I did. After they ran out, for a short while I became one of those “what other sauce have you?” dickheads in the drive through… though to be fair I did get a few “I don’t know either”

  22. I was just checking Binge before to see if it is worth coughing up a few bucks for the next 2 months to watch Last of Us - a show I’ve been waiting on for years…

  23. Costs more as it takes more and longer to remove the alcohol from the drink

  24. Pretty much all of these sound like issues happening in every city in the country, and plenty outside our country. Doesn’t seem like Canberra exclusive issues at all.

  25. Exactly this. Quite often head office will put on challenges for stores to get the most number of people signed up to their loyalty programs etc and it's rare that there's a prize for these challenges beyond bragging rights. If anyone is incentivised it's usually only the store manager and that's why the staff actually follow through with it because the challenge is constantly pushed down their throats and if they don't ask the customer they will get nagged by the boss.

  26. I had one of those challenges to sign people up to rewards programs in a store I managed about 15 years ago. I trained staff hard because we all would have won “prizes”. We went from middle of the pack to by far the top store for sign ups.

  27. They’re really embracing this new life in opposition, aren’t they? Feels like they could do it forever

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