Idris Elba Reportedly in Talks For James Bond Role

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  1. No I only received emails saying there were test results added to my profile

  2. There was an accidental mail out of previous results on Monday. I got one as well. You can disregard, unless you are actually expecting new results!

  3. Install the AllTrails application.

  4. A woman who thrust her foot into the chest of a police officer has pleaded guilty to a number of offences she committed while on methamphetamine.

  5. That last paragraph. Hilarious.

  6. Businesses there will hate the disruption, but they really need to tear that street up and make it a one way heading towards Maccas, and using the other lane to create a long row of 45 degree parking.

  7. Holy shit. That was my idea years ago! It’s such a shit show every night, I hate going there and mostly go in the city now.

  8. It was a good sunrise this morning! I took a pic as well

  9. Yep. CommBank called me and lowered my rate to 3.18% fully offset on Monday this week.

  10. What mountain was this taken from?

  11. My guess is mount Tidbinbilla…looking south?

  12. Good luck trying to write plots where he goes to Russia undercover!

  13. Just stop building on flood plains. The fact the McDonald’s is built on stilts in lismore should be a clue that they expect floods. There is a whole bunch of towns on the north coast in a similar state.

  14. Or maybe the police could treat them like climate protesters. I’m a big fan of equality.

  15. on the flip side, it acts like scareware to the unknowing when it starts complaining about being full

  16. That’s total bullshit mate. It’s nothing like ransomware. OneDrive is free but if you need more space, you can buy it…or not. There is no ransom. Your files are always available.

  17. Me too. Its been hard. I used this app every day since alien blue days.

  18. Is swipe an iOS app? I can't find it. Do you mean Slide? thx

  19. Yeah, sorry. It was slide!

  20. Should started ages ago. We all thought it was “too hard” but now we realize that lockdown is hard too….

  21. “Haha yes I am human I like to pay taxes and say hello to my friends”

  22. “I also like smoked meats…”

  23. It doesn’t save me any money in winter but I run two air cons and two pool pumps (filter and passive solar heater) all summer and I don’t pay a power bill.

  24. So obvious it has been scammed. Look at that top 20. People damn fell over themselves to get some Asian groceries with those vouchers!

  25. Framing Master (02) 6280 8889

  26. Great shot...I might be moving to Canberra soon and a lot of people tell me it's quite rainy, year all the photos I see have spectacularly clear skies....sorry but of a derailment from your amazing photo.

  27. It’s been unusually raining this year but last year in the drought we had a few months without a drop of rain. Normally it’s somewhere in between.

  28. The following site says 3 hours from Pine Island to Kambah pools:

  29. Thanks for the link. That’s just what I was after

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