1. Clarification Question; Page 147 on the forever book Full body Squat/push/pull program (Although im sure it's other programs). When Jim puts a " Press - 5/3/1, 5's pro" is that different from other templates when it just lists "5's Pro" (I.E 1000% Awesome).

  2. No it's not different. He's just not 100% consistent when indicating between 5/3/1 with a PR set vs 5/3/1 at 5's PRO.

  3. Figured as much but wanted to make sure, thank you.

  4. A sell side analysts from a boutique bank, as someone in this business this absolutely means nothing.

  5. Any recommendations on strength programs you can run three days in a row? This question isn’t being asked due to preference but necessity.

  6. You made some SERIOUS progress my man 👏 please keep going you give me hope

  7. Trade everyone to get as many young players and picks as possible.

  8. Has anyone developed shoulder pain (scapula) from constant low bar squatting? I’ve been dealing with a lingering pain there and I thought it might have been OHP but now starting to think it’s from low bar squats

  9. Social media has definitely warped our idea of what is strong and what is normal.

  10. Maybe it’s because when I go but I feel like a decently high % can hit 225. Hell I feel like whenever the benches are taken up (4 in total) atleast 2 are doing 225+.

  11. Look into using =Indirect() for grabbing things based on a Header. Or even just using =Match() could work for you, it works for columns too.

  12. Any thoughts on how to implement this? I.E the rows are as follows

  13. Yes you can have it just pull core growth. Easiest answer for you would be to just use a pivot table each time and you can pull exactly what you need. But there are ways to compare just that 1 thing on multiple sheets

  14. While I'm appreciative of your response. I am looking to avoid pivot tables so I can automate the process as fast as possible.

  15. I hope nash, Kyrie, and Simmons are not on the roster next year

  16. Anyone not named KD can get the fuck off this team.

  17. That’s true, we have some decent role players but no cohesiveness. At the end of the day my sentiment is more so get Kyrie off this team.

  18. Don’t blame Harden. We all know Kyrie started this downfall before the season even started

  19. Our biggest mistake was not trading Kyrie when he up and left last year.

  20. Fr, dudes were defending him and gargling his ballsack even through all the antivax bs, and now when it actually matters people start to hate him. Fuck this subreddit lol y'all are no better than the knicks

  21. Nahh I wanted him gone during the disappearing fiasco, which was ultimately what started all this today.

  22. Blame Kyrie for even trading for harden in the first place

  23. I get why we all care about this and his stance.

  24. Kyrie is playing full time this season and/or until the mandate is lifted. Can we drop this god damn

  25. Like do we forget Kyrie just upped and left last season? Like do we forget that getting harden was because of fucking kyrie?!?

  26. The fact y’all think basketball can have an material influence on politics is amazing.

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