1. Love getting dragged for pointing out the amount of injuries are why a lot of stars sit out on the WBC. It’s just logic that many players want a chance more at the WS than the WBC.

  2. Most of the injuries can't even be blamed on the WBC. Just random occurrences that can happen during any game of baseball. It's not like someone got hurt because they were giving max effort. For example Moncada had a "collision" which can't be blamed on the WBC, just bad communication (if he actually was hurt which replays show he barely got touched)

  3. We are going to get more WBC narrative talks but idk how this play can be used as an example. Just bad communication.

  4. Their stance is they never want to encourage doin it by showing it or give them the attention they want, political or not.

  5. In spanish Libertad means both Liberty and Freedom. But depends how it is said in a sentence. If one says "we have libertad" they are saying "we have freedom" when one says "we want libertad" they are saying "we want liberty". Spanish language has interesting nuance to it.

  6. I assume this was posted because OP assumes the Yankees should have gotten him

  7. No but he was a name people here were throwing out because everyone doesn't want to see Hicks play LF. I wouldn't have hated him but don't feel upset we missed out.

  8. JJ and Kie are endgame so I won't change that but oddly I'd have Sarah stay over at JJ's house while John B is away. They barely every interactive 1x1 so it'd be nice to see some dialogue between them plus it can kill two stones with one stone. JJ can talk about the person John B is and about his dad and stuff like that. Plus Sarah can basically reassure JJ about not being scared to go head first with Kie. That way we get more character moments and no kissing Topper nonsense.

  9. He rubbed me the wrong way immediately that just after reuniting with his son he wanted to go after the treasure. He couldn't have had a talk with his son or anything just "oh hey son it's been a while, so the map shows...." plus he basically the same as the other parents in that they think the worst of all of them. Big John distrusted Sarah because she's Ward's daughter despite John B pleading the fact that she is ride or die hates her father as much as everyone. It only took her throwing herself in front of a gun for Big John to say "oh shit, I like you". Big John showed the bad side of the pogues compared to the bad side of the kooks. They both see the worst in each other and lack any nuance. And worst of all, he almost seemed like he didn't give a shit about his son, continuously put him in dangerous situations. Yes he saved him on some occasions but he put him in those situations.

  10. I think the writers probably thought it would get boring so they went strait to the action immediately. I don't fans would have minded mainly because what fans loved first about the show was the characters interacting with each other. Plus some episodes in the middle felt like it dragged so they could have cut it and had the first episode being them just on the island. If anything they could have had scenes of Rafe doing the same thing so it wouldn't just 50 minutes on an island.

  11. It depends what they charge him with and what he said. I can see him trying to put all the blame on his dad and say that "my dad came to me, what was I supposed to do, he's my dad".

  12. Kie does not want to live in her own house, at this moment she's a full fledge pogue. Only reason she can be considered a kook is because of her parents. I think Kook is not only class but lifestyle. How the show portrays kook's is "better than thou" mentality, at least for those we have seen more often than not. Kie sees her friends and does not think the worst in them like other kooks, like her dad, would think of them.

  13. She likes the adventure that being a Pogue can give you. Even going back to season 1, there was a scene where Sarah was doing a dangerous stunt on the boats and Topper got mad. Sarah wants to do shit and have fun and as a Kook she basically just sits on a beach chair given drinks and not to do much work because thats the life of a kook, as a kid. She found the rich kook life boring. I believe she would rather be rich and not having to worry of crawling for money while hanging out with her kook friends.

  14. I forgave her later in the season but it still bothers me that every slight disagreement that her and John B have, she goes strait to Topper. Like I'm not the biggest fan of the dude but Sarah really strings him along so much it's really unfair to him. It's like she can't be without a man to comfort her for more than 2 days. Last season was worse because she got mad at John B for not hating the fact Ward died when Ward was the biggest POS to him and his family.

  15. I know we knew John B's father was alive but seriously what are the chances that John B hears that bell and comes to the conclusion "oh shit my Dad's probably alive", while on a random island that they somehow mange to crash into.

  16. Rafe tried to have his dad killed, that was heavy even for him. I do think he felt more confident and didn't feel paranoid anymore trying to prove himself which is why he felt more calm.

  17. I give Sarah credit for coming clean right away. I also give Sarah credit (some may actually fault her for this tho) for understanding John B's psyche and defending him even after what he did to Topper. At least there she realized that after all the shit her and her friends went through, they were still her gang. Did her cheating annoy me? Yes but she made up for it later in the season.

  18. I subscribed to the athletic over 2 years ago when they had a special to make the price 1 buck a month. Best decision I ever made.

  19. I didn’t rejoice the injury mainly because I was more upset at Daniel Bard almost blowing the game.

  20. Arraez swing on that pitch is basically Barry Bonds level of bat speed and power. How did he do that?

  21. I know fans will like Altuve getting hit but FFS Daniel Bard basically ruined USA's WBC chances. He was terrible and the idiot manager let him destroy the inning

  22. Get this guy out, not only is he blowing the game, he's hurting other players.

  23. Someone said this last week too. Jey is more mad Sami had more courage than him. Real problem is Roman and is taking it out on Sami

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