1. Pieces of shit man hope they catch the cunts.

  2. It sounds like a very similar story to me and my situation growing up as well. I guess you must have some talent being that good to trial for a state team. At your age maybe it’s physical or mental and being able to play at that level I’m not sure what the selectors are looking for you and who your up against in your position. Yes you can still achieve your dream. It’s good to have goals. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”Tim Notre” How much harder you going to work? who knows how longs a piece of rope. Keep on playing hockey the longer you keep playing and learning the better you will get. Be the student and not the master.

  3. Ive had my Acer nitro now for 6 months and it’s doing the same thing. It must be normal maybe?

  4. Hell yeah that looks nice. And sunroof as well. Is it Manual? Lol

  5. Would you get a docking station? If so which one?

  6. Don’t be complaining. Minimum wage went up to $20p/h remember…

  7. There is only a few hockey stick Manufacturer in the world so most stick will be made by them just with different branding etc. I would try your team mates stick at training and in the store. To get a feel for balance I like to swing the stick in my left hand like a sword for balance and take some golf swing shots. And make sure to dibble with the ball. I would choose low bow that’s what your use too. And 85% - 100% carbon is good.

  8. Good thing you are quick. I play in the middle as well. You can push up to make a front 4 think of it as you are creating a over lap. Can be risky if your team mate loses the ball and you have to get back to defend real quick. Comes down to experience when deciding when to push forward. I myself scored a couple goals this season. And you will get tired. Need some good dribbling skill to get out of trouble. You don’t have to go forward all the time switch the ball to the right when you get it.

  9. John Key is backing Christopher Luxon former CEO of air New Zealand.

  10. i wanna throw an egg at them from a safe distance.

  11. I’m a striker and I love to put pressure on the defender and make them force a mistake.

  12. Get a Electrician to help you. And to purchase the correct LED drivers.

  13. I personally don’t get shock and just have normal grip. I make sure I warm up my hands rubbing them together and blowing on them. Gripping or holding my stick firmly (tightly) with my hand when I hit the ball reduces shock and ball stays on the ground as well.

  14. In Auckland they have two hockey association north harbour hockey they call “premier league” P1, and below that P2 and then goes P3. Auckland Hockey association they call it Premier league then below that Premier reserves. Premier league is also open to a competition called inter-city, where north harbour P1 and auckland premier play each other.

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