1. What’s Irvine like? Interested in making the trip from Ohio.

  2. It has the look and feel of a temporary music venue set up for a county fair.

  3. Typical, OP doesn't seem to understand that there are different departments for every state and county. And they are trained differently and sometimes have different policies. So saying "American policing" is incorrect. 1 department doesn't represent the ENTIRE FUCKING COUNTRY. If one department does a bad thing, don't place blame on everyone else for every other department that exists.

  4. So if 30 or 40 instances across the country of woefully under-trained, under-educated, paramilitary-style policing exhibiting a "shoot first, ask questions later" type mentality that is more often than not resulting in excessive action against innocent civilians isn't enough to allow for a generalized statement of "American policing is fucked up", then how many instances does it take? 50? 60? Cause I think we are well past the point of the "not all cops are bad" segment and well into the "but all cops allow this stupid bullshit to happen" discussion.

  5. You mean the long cylindrical thing emitting light that strangely looks like a flashlight?

  6. As one or two commenters have noted, 3B is sadly under-represented in the Hall. Some of the commenters here who don't get that come off like some of the BBWAA voters.

  7. It's the Hall of Fame, not an All-Star ballot. If a position is underrepresented, maybe guys at that position historically haven't been Hall of Fame caliber.

  8. of reps, that defenses won't figure him out, that he will improve, that his teammates will rally behind him next season....🤷

  9. I can see it both ways. On one hand, Purdy has been mostly lucky he hasn't thrown a ton of interceptions, he has some of the greatest YAC players in the NFL surrounding him, an elite defense, and until Dallas had mostly played bottom tier teams. He hasn't lost any games, but I'd argue he hasn't really won any either. Don't forget that before he came, Jimmy G was on a 5 game win stretch, and that was with only 1 game of CMC, who's put up a season's statline in half a season with SF. So it could be very possible that Purdy really is nothing special, and you could even put Matt Ryan or Russel Wilson in that offensive, coaching, and supporting defense, and they'd be undefeated as well.

  10. To be fair, this is a pretty cherry picked example of Swedish water, I'm guessing. You'll find water as clear as this in select places in every country.

  11. After the episode it really became the embodiment of Dignity XD

  12. sigh you want me to show this to the cat and have the cat tell you what it is? Cause the cat's going to get it.

  13. Well if the Bible is a legit source of historical information, then son here's the story of how adam and Eve populated the entire planet and why your schoolboy crush on Jessica just took a weird incestuous turn...

  14. These two are actually very close. Family adopted this sloth after it suffered horrible burns and the family dog became his comfort/support animal

  15. Trade two good young WRs for picks so you can sell those picks for good young WRs?

  16. So, the team eventually with Moore and fired LaFleur rather than trade Moore?

  17. If I were living there, I'd catch one and beat him with a baseball bat. Only offer to stop if they called their friends back to help them.

  18. Oh it has nothing to do with Jamo taking targets, and more to do with the wr landscape. That being said, Jamo is the superior talent and what are the odds of having 3x pairs of wr1s on the same team? He was wr 9 this year and that was with the injuries to Chase, Kupp and Keenan as well as the suspension of Dhop. Then you look at the talent rising/coming in. I just don't see it personally. Adams, Tyreek, Amari, Diggs and Evans are on their way out, but still performing and you have Olave, GW, Jeudy, Watson, Pittman, London and Pickens climbing. Not to mention 1 guy from 23 and at least 1 from 24 that will move into the top 10 with 2 -3 years. He's a solid WR but the wr1 window is closing fast imo. Still get him on your team of course

  19. WR rankings don't mean much in Fantasy when you are talking the difference between WR9 and WR12. That's what, maybe 10 points over a season?

  20. Where's that guy who was sending me daily reminders Week 4 that I was an idiot for suggesting Etienne would be their lead back before season-end and out perform J-Rob? Did he get his Reddit privileges back?

  21. If I get near a betting window, I'd probably put a bet on the next Niners opponent. They didn't look like the 85 bears in the first half. I mean Geno smith looked pretty good for a while. To me, Geno is more of a backup. Eagles, Cowboys and VIkes could beat them.

  22. Over the last 6 weeks this has been the #1 defense and #2 offense. So I guess it's a positive when the only criticism you can say is they played one bad quarter. Good thing they play two halves of football, huh?

  23. ITT: People who don't understand BART is (1) not a subway or metro system, (2) built in the 1960s for a Bay Area with drastically fewer people and milder weather, (3) nearly impossible to expand due to NIMBYism, the price of land, and the cost of all the non-standard equipment it was built upon.

  24. NFL would love to see Cowboys vs. Cowboys

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