E3 Has Been Canceled

To pay respects.

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The process of taking a painful L

Losing value fast.

I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed.

Updates to Pokémon GO’s Remote Raids

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Losing value fast.

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  1. The fact the Rangers came back from being down 5-0 means literally ANYTHING in baseball can happen

  2. Eh. Never have been big fan of remote raids. Really killed a lot of the local communities

  3. It's good for rural players who want to enjoy the game but Niantic is greedy af (go figure)

  4. I mean yeah literally every triple a publisher and developer bowed out

  5. Yeah no way is this cool with me. Think I'm gonna take a long break from this game

  6. I usually get turned off but Netflix anime for obvious reasons but I'm interested in this

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