$50.000 suspension in action

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  1. A full EV costs more in registration. However, I’m not using much less in gas, I get about 31 mpg.

  2. My 2003 5 speed civic gets that. I calculate my gas mileage every fill up.

  3. Mine has a massive spring and lasted about 2 years till a critical sudden failure

  4. How would u know it doesn’t have drugs in it still 🤔

  5. So I am in Hawaii and I just went on this sub out of curiosity. Super overpriced. $143 USD per adult. When the employees were dealing with this annoying lady and her small child I poked back into the crew area. There was indeed a couple grams of what looked like meth. So yes there are still drugs on this sub although they appear to be for personal use.

  6. We had these at the skyzone I worked at and the beep was so loud you could hear it across the whole place. Some people would just sit there anyways not caring while I had to listen to it go on forever

  7. Maybe that guy with 10 pallets strapped on his van is just out there, building parks for those kids without any park to call their own.

  8. I know this doesn't make you feel any better, but playground equipment is incredibly expensive. Mind-blowingly expensive. It's also modular. Maybe they're doing it a little at a time, as dues/budget allow?

  9. If playgrounds weren’t so regulated these days they would be cheaper. They are so safe they take away the fun. How can I learn from my mistakes if it’s too safe to make any mistakes.

  10. Once the kid is Reddit age ready, he’s gonna see this one day. I’m Sure it will be recycled for years to come. That’s depressing.

  11. It's Tim Hortons which is a Canadian company. The sign in the very upper left seems to say Ontario. So I'm thinking it's not "Americans karens."

  12. Technically Canadians are Americans just like how the Swiss are also Europeans. North America is a continent and saying you’re American means you could live anywhere in north or South America.

  13. Americans almost always refers to the people who have "America" in their country's name.

  14. Oh I know. I am an American. I just think it’s dumb. We’re not the only people on this continent

  15. Call me stupid, but whats the point of wearing a eye mask if you’re blind?

  16. Look up goal ball. It’s amazing and you’ll see more of why they wear the mask

  17. You guys obviously aren’t really tall and probably own large crossovers

  18. Nope, just got it in from a friend a few days ago. I have all the things in my cart including the 9kg spring, metal gears, and rewire stuff.

  19. Make a sleeper that’s why I do to blasters that have sentimental value. And it’s funny once people realize it’s not stock

  20. As a blind person I can tell by looking at this picture that the top floors are full of visual art studios and stores that sell glasses.

  21. This suspension is cheaper than a tank of gas in my civic these days

  22. This blaster was what made me realize I actually really wanted to try airsoft again. Got myself a nice aeg and I don't know how I can ever go back to foam now. But the real reason I'm moving away from the hobby is I just can't find a group to play with in my area whereas I can drive an hour to a huge airsoft field and hop in a game whenever. Was a nice ride though, amassed a huge blaster collection, I'll probably keep a couple but they're all going to be sold now.

  23. I like airsoft but I never liked the fact that you never really have to reload and carrying ammo is super easy. It takes the realism away

  24. I love the green ones and have yet to find one. One day..

  25. I have only found green rayvens I want to find a stinger but anytime I see a rayven at a thrift store it’s an instant buy

  26. I like it but the user interface would have me spilling water everywhere in the dark. If I can’t use it without opening my eyes I might as well go get water

  27. I upgraded at stock cage and wheels to Meishel 2.0 and it’s great for hvz

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