1. Should I drop Evan Bouchard for Gustav Forsling? ESPN H2H League. I have Montour already but Bouchard has been a bust this yr…

  2. This is the first time I've seen a pic of IMC, and quite honestly he looks 10 times cooler and more attractive than the scumbag who bullied him.

  3. looks bad you should trade your top scorer for Martin Marincin

  4. vancouver, since maybe 6 or 7 years old. Was trying to piss my dad off as a kid by cheering against the Nucks and then it just stuck. Thank god nucks werent playing the flames that day

  5. Gets healthy scratched for over half the games so far and suddenly hes PP1? Lol whats going on in Minnesota

  6. Is Sydney blackfishing or its just the lighting?

  7. Of course I pick up Giordano after watching him take QB PP1 last night ffs

  8. Straight up the reason why I didn't draft boldy. Had a funny feeling his production would dip with him gone

  9. Very fair! I drafted him but only because he went later than i thought, 14th round. Gonna be patient and hope he turns it around.

  10. Brought back memories of the Flyers trolling the Bolts

  11. Unreal, i dont remember seeing that. The fact pronger was involves makes it even better

  12. Ryans id actually like: Lomberg on the 4th line, mcdonagh, lindgren

  13. Talked about my trade in a post about giving away austin matthews but didn't realize that wasn't allowed per the rules. Sorry about that! Here's an updated version. Looking for advice to make my roster a bit better:

  14. If this guy really wants Mattews than Zib MUST be in the return. Id consider Zib, Hintz, PLD/ekblad, landy

  15. Trade away ullmark and get Carter Hart and Mikko rantanen back in return?

  16. Ugh why dont i get offers like these 🥹 i just got offered dylan cozens for my marty necas 🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

  17. I live in Canada and only cross every few months, i always grab 8-10 bags of cauli gnocchi AITA?

  18. Since everyone’s asking, it’s Aho. Feel like I overhyped it and everyone’s thinking it’s a top 10 player or something. Don’t think I’m gonna get him anyways because of my high waiver number.

  19. You think you got hosed… i needed 1 PLD shot for a $3200 parlay and there are 2 questionable “missed shots” 1 of which im certain jarry saved. Frustrated and sad, time for booze :(

  20. Whats worse its theirs a questionable miss… now ill be checking and hoping for a change all night 😅

  21. Nervous to grab any flyers, seem to be cooling off. Would have to drop Cozens but gonna hold him for a bit longer

  22. The team seems to be cooling off, sure, but Konecny, Hayes, and Tippett now are all good fantasy options. They have all kept up their scoring despite the flyers starting to suck as they should. The stay away from flyers narrative is getting a little tired at this point

  23. I would 100% take konecy, just unsure on tippet still. But my league is lame and has +/-

  24. I’m sorry Karlsson is not what we need right now, offensively he’s playing great but we need actual defense more then more offense.

  25. I love how i have this set yet the only game im old enough to remember is disc 10, fernandooo

  26. Ignore the other replies, the correct answer is “yes do it right now before they change their mind”

  27. I have missed most of the last 2 games but really looking forward to seeing how Janmark and Kostin fit in. Id like to see Kostin have a chance with Mcdavid as well.

  28. I had him last year but had him on my “do not draft” list this year mainly because flyers are much weaker than carolina. I dont know the exact stats but id guess carolinas PP last year was top 7 and flyers were bottom 7.

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