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I think my parents hate me after buying GME at 115$

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PR month +$32,358. $136k on the year. Crazy how fast life can change I made just $1,325 in January of this year. For any struggling traders out there keep studying hard and showing up everyday because once you find your edge trading can go from a side hobby to changing your life completely.

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  1. Does Joe Harris benefit a little from this or is this all Royce and Warren ? Out wire dry asf in this 18T

  2. Harris will probably not get anything out of this.

  3. If this is everyone's first time... I don't think you should reverse this.

  4. It's not ideal, I can't deny it. This year many of the elite bigs didn't get any PF eligibility. I just had to work with what was given to me

  5. Do you think punting strategy becomes harder if the number of teams is higher? Fewer elite options per team and one injury could derail your entire season. This has been my experience with doing auction draft for over 10 years. So I’ve generally tried to create a balanced team.

  6. I can't speak from experience; only ever played 12 teams and under.

  7. This loss porn is like cocoa to my soul, but nothing gets my dick harder than seeing the title being the dumb bitch op asking for the easiest way to make it all back again

  8. must be fun for you to imagine how nice it is for all these people posting loss porn to have enough money to lose 10k and not sweat. Have fun being poor :)

  9. Ya when you are begging for advice how to gain their 10k back so they don't have to trade again you realllly sound like you aren't sweating about the loss. Absolute clown 🤡🤡

  10. I'm a lurker too, and TBH, I dont even understand the terminology like PUTS etc.

  11. You don't even understand what's going on in this subreddit yet you say you have a better chance at winning at a roulette table. You sound very ignorant.

  12. Bruh. I'm not a trader. I'm just here for all the loss porn that's generated by all the experts out there..

  13. Enjoy the loss porn then. Don't be saying stupid shit and nobody will have anything to say

  14. Go crawl back to your -85% amc subreddit you basement dwelling delusional fckin nerd lol

  15. First of all I’m in green you silly goose and I’ve been in green a while. My average is single digits

  16. Firstly, screenshot your position or fake.

  17. I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of bulls suddenly cried out guh and were suddenly silenced

  18. My guy, what do your commission fees look like...

  19. I would assume yes. Option volume on small cap is usually really small, making the spread really large

  20. This takes me back to that video with Cramer where he spoke about when he wanted to create these illusions that went against the market sentiment for the benefit of his position he would create a bunch of option contract at certain expiration dates to convince the masses there would be some movement.

  21. Home boy definitely got his fair share of toilet swirlies in high school.

  22. How do fuckin dipshits like you have 100k to begin with

  23. Believe me, salty is the furthest thing I am right now. Dumbfounded, awestruck I'd call it.

  24. So I’m new. I read and understood that RSI is indicating overbought.

  25. fuck it, i went all in puts, not gonna look anymore 💀

  26. Honestly, I used to feel okay after loses. But damn this year have damaged my confidence.

  27. I hope you regain your confidence.

  28. 4 years ago I bought 2kg for something like $45 CAD. Fucking 300g was $43 CAD today at the store. Get fucked.

  29. I fell for the last pump to 370 lol dropped to 359 the next day 💀

  30. I'm allmost done with a 750mL of wild turkey what are my moves?

  31. This guy knows the greeks, and I highly doubt he knows the mechanics of them, maybe the bare minimum.

  32. 0dte spy puts are so fucking obvious. Haven’t seen a play so predicted in a long time. Somebody pin this.

  33. This is clear bait for anyone stupid enough to be scrolling through the comments looking for confirmation bias on this exact play.

  34. We won't be seeing his DD unless it actually goes up

  35. Bro gme made me so much I could afford a converti.. oh shit got another boot one sec gotta lock pick it again

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