1. I think he was going to his car but it was super obvious.....very awkward

  2. Was that his version of a smoke break? Lol

  3. Wow nobody is mentioning the falling and waking when hitting the ground nightmare

  4. I hit the ground often in these nightmares and it always hurts so fucking bad. Chronic pain probably has something to do with it lol

  5. Self fulfilling prophecy........that's what it is

  6. I'd bring a portable spectrum analyzer, my AR15, body armor, a Navajo phrase book, and about 3k rounds of ammo.

  7. I don't mean to be an asshole but.......yeah it's clearly lithium salts

  8. Collapsing the world? I'm not a huge fan of his but that's quite the exaggeration lol

  9. Happy Gilmore or space jam. Dragon heart is also amazing

  10. 5 guys reminds me of burgers

  11. Checking banking accounts on my phone

  12. On the way up is when you OD. The only withdrawal that can kill you is alcohol, the others just feel like you will die

  13. I used to think this also but you can OD from opioid withdrawal. Seen it happen.....

  14. Well, as a man, I am treated with greater suspicion as a potential sexual predator. But this double standard is warranted, because most sexual predators are men.

  15. It does suck that I'm not "allowed" to talk to children at my work without being looked at like I'm a creep. I can be trying to help them and no matter what I'm still labeled as a weirdo

  16. Nope lol but that would make sense if people didn't want a priest around kids

  17. Then, go to Russia. I’m sure they would love to have you.

  18. *gets drafted into the military and killed immediately *

  19. Complete control of time would be awesome. I was thinking mind control but I feel like I would go crazy because I wouldn't want to use on it on my loved ones.

  20. This is actually the real response. Like people can nott like him and that is fine but he is a podcast commentator and an MMA commentator.

  21. They put me objects up your bum.

  22. Oh no......I accidentally wore my flip flops.......I can't run

  23. Honestly if I was listening to this happen while sitting in the class room I would remove that awful women from the door and tell everyone in the class to leave and then show the video to faculty and have her fired on the spot

  24. Liability wise, we aren't doing an escort because if they crash it's on us

  25. If anything goes wrong during labor aren't you also liable?

  26. Nope, we are covered under the "good samaritan" law whenever we render aid to someone

  27. Okay for sure. Good to know thanks!

  28. Come for curiosity, stay for the comments

  29. This is where I'm at.....wtf is going on 😂

  30. IMO removing DuoQ would be very fucking sad. I love to play ranked but I need to have at least one reliable teammate. If you are going to add voice chat that is a different story. You already can mute everyone in the game but the advantage of having comms is a huge advantage. In pro play if the players couldn't talk to each other it would be a shit show, much like how soloQ can often be. Communication is a huge issue in league and makes or breaks games.

  31. Yeah lol. The outfit is based on the damaged suit from hitman absolution.

  32. I don't know what a "while person" is but I'm very curious why rain matters to anyone.

  33. Are you a school? Because I want to shoot a bunch of kids in you.

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