I know it’s not technically a houseplant. But with all the hype around variegation I feel like I can share. I’m trying to isolate this trait in this highly variegated/ almost albino cannabis plant. Don’t know how well it will do as far as production but I think it’s really cool.

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  1. You can post it elsewhere and a link in the comments. Imgur is a good app to use.

  2. Oooh did you see this on wildfern?! I seen it on her channel and jt issss amazing!

  3. I have not!! Do you know what video of hers you’re talking about?

  4. It’s one of her spooky repots! From last October I believe. Super cool info about lots of plants like This!

  5. Thanks! I’m super curious as well. I have another, much less variegated, that is showing one bud that is half green, and half “blonde”. As far as I can tell this is really uncommon in cannabis. Most of the “albino”, buds you see are a symptom of light bleaching, which this is definitely not, as our mom room has relatively low ppfd. I’m worried that it won’t be able to photosynthesize as well for lack of chlorophyll and might revert to green, or just be unhealthy. But it’s still a fun side project. If it works I’m gonna try to force one clone to herm and cross it with itself and try to get some seeds with more stable genetics.

  6. I don’t think it will have enough energy to bloom but it’s pretty,

  7. Oh also ID requests for literally PAINFULLY COMMON plants. That can take literally only seconds to Google and find out What is this crazy looking flower vine thing? 99% Goddamn Passionflower.

  8. It was around 12.99 US dollars, so not a bad price.

  9. It’s definitely an alocasia micholitziana. They call them frydek when they are variegated but yours is not. However there’s different care than a philodendron so definitely YouTube or google it! Yours is very beautiful!!

  10. She’s going to lose the leaf but down worry! She will get a new one! It’s gonna be ok just make sure her conditions are good and your care is correct!

  11. Three or one! Three is very beautiful and will be sustainable for a long time!

  12. I think it’s absolutely beautiful but I don’t think they should cost 1,000$ lol. (I don’t know what they go for just throwing that out there) when I see the pinnatum marble queen i am just floored that people pay so much for that when you could have the exact same coloring on a pothos.

  13. I would check for root rot. I had a choco that did this same thing and the roots were black. I cut it back and re rooted it and now it’s pushed two leaves in a month.

  14. I wish I could get mine to do that. Mine come out white and stay white forever I can’t get them to green up.

  15. Yes! I have a baby (which will look like this one pictured in 40 years at its current rate of growth) and I have the same problem. It grows all white leaves then they never turn green. They eventually turn brown and fall off. Less light causes it to produce minty leaves, but I haven't figured out the light formula for white leaves that turn green.

  16. Right! Well I took mine out of the cabinet. It’s still under grow lights but not near the exposure they were getting before so we will see what the next leaf does. If I figure it out I’ll return back and let you know lmfao. 💚

  17. Discovered them on Monday. So far I’ve isolated, washed the leaves with water, then sprayed and wiped both sides of the leaves with captain jacks dead bug spray. I’ll be repotting all the affected plants this weekend when I have the time. 😭 luckily I usually add systemic when I get/repot plants so the damage isn’t too bad. But all I keep thinking about is everyone’s horror stories when thrips are involved so I’m being ver cautious.

  18. I think the life cycle of thrips can be like 90 days so keep an eye out at the 3 month mark. I can’t remember where exactly I heard this but I’ve heard multiple times that right around 3 months they’ll pop back up. You’re doing everything right you’re gonna get rid of them dear!

  19. Not enough light? This part of the leaf was underneath my Luxurians.

  20. I don’t think so. I really don’t know what it could be because I’m not there caring for it. Maybe someone else will have a better idea. You said this is a new leaf and it did this right away? If this is the only leaf it might just need to get some more leaves out before it can sustain the parts without chlorophyll.

  21. No this is the oldest leaf from the cutting I initially got. Someone else said it is normal for variegation.

  22. Yea if it’s the oldest leaf then it could just be normal aging. Typically if it’s the oldest leaf you don’t even need to think twice about it. Older leaves die. That’s just what happens. And it happens quicker when it’s white. I just don’t have enough info to say for sure but overall your plant looks like it’s nice and happy standing tall so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  23. Uhh take it out and cut that whole damaged piece off. You should only have the root in the water not the node or any green. Tie it to a chop stick and lay it over top. However you can get a rooted cutting for pretty cheap compared to what they used to be.

  24. I agree with what’s said above but I always used alcohol instead of hydrogen peroxide, as it kills soft bodied insects on contact.

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