1. Rapper? Bro probably hasn’t released shit and calls himself a rapper

  2. Bruce bout to come out the closet during this haircut 😂😂

  3. What did she expect bro licked his hand 😂😂😂

  4. Ngl y’all pussy for jumping y’all can’t fight 1 on 1, always hated that pussy ass shit MAN UP AND GO 1on1

  5. Bro went super sayian and tbh idky he didn’t just slam that lil boy on the lunch table

  6. Bro made sum from the Denny’s menu that shit look 🔥

  7. Bro yk damn well u told yo friend to txt u back like this 😂😂 ain’t nobody sayin “ damn I just got rizzed” 😂😂

  8. That shit look so good I would fuck that macaroni

  9. What’s the context tho? Like these kids did some foul shit but what happened before this?

  10. Bro got lazy and didn’t wanna finish cooking

  11. Fat ass nigga i know you and you alone at all that shit up

  12. God bless lil bruh🙏🏽, aye u gotta eat more tho u skinny af

  13. Bro even made sure that Bruce had no upper lip 😂😂

  14. Bro yo stomach gon be hurting like a mf

  15. Man yk damn well y’all don’t call him no lil steppa 😂😂

  16. Bro was home alone said “ lemme take a pic wit my dads gun” 😂😂💀

  17. DEO y’all ready for Christmas?🎅🏾

  18. Snoopy the only mf with a bigger nose than mr condone

  19. Was at a cornerstore fighting a nigga back in middle school. He tried to body slam me and failed, then the nigga managed to trip both of us n he landed face first on my nuts I can't live this down no more 😭😭

  20. That shit look like a girl on her period

  21. If you don’t let yo bro know then u definitely fake bro

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