1. Can people shut up about the Dwemer please it’s obvious op was making a traditional d&d style fantasy dwarf; not everything has to be lore compliant

  2. You're asking people on Reddit to not complain, which is a very tall order.

  3. and in the process, they are complaining about it

  4. Jokes on you, I don't make it to diamond because I brick literally every deck I play

  5. Because all cops are bastards to you? All cops act the exact same? You sound just as delusional as blm rioters saying all cops are racist. As if the second they put on a badge they become machines of the state. I'm not saying some cops can be bad, but I'll never say all all 800,000 are the exact same.

  6. Congratulations bootlicker, I'm sure they'll be very proud of you when they come to take your even more of your rights away.

  7. So no police officer ever in history can ever do anything good ever, and they all are automatons for the state and will always without question carry out every dictator order? Including those who say they oppose those orders? Nice to know

  8. I would if the meta wasn't full of "lol you don't get to play the game" cards and strats.

  9. I replied above to another comment

  10. Adventurer Suship is good. You can also tech in some Time Thief cards for some more board control while you set up the sushi otk

  11. Ah yes, the classic floo duel: I take 10 minutes summoning on MY turn, then I take 9 minutes summoning on YOUR turn

  12. -I'm Tellin' Dad!- -Kentucky Fried- -Birds Aren't Real-

  13. There are other floodgates that don't brick, my guy.

  14. This is true, but it works well within my Monarch deck, which is why it's there. I did, however, swap it out after that duel. In the battles I've had in the event, floodgates haven't helped nearly as much as my hand traps.

  15. Considering how much advantage Dragoon can grant you by constantly popping a card every turn and coming back to do it again, I’m legitimately never even mad when mine gets Called By’d.

  16. Fun fact: Buster Blader, the Destruction Swordmaster can snatch it from the graveyard before the effect pops, and then can use it to wipe the oppoents field of all warrior monsters.

  17. I can't remember the name of it, or if it even has a name, but the one where you have to get that specific bottle of alcohol from the dude's secret stash. I've been playing this game since launch, and have only been able to complete that quest 1 time, because all the other times the bottles clips through the ground under the box and I can't get to it, leaving one perpetually unfinished quest in my log.

  18. Just be sure not to post anything showing off a meme deck or off-meta deck though. Unless you want people to tear it to shreds for not being meta.

  19. I fully get it. Some guy has already made the comment(s): "you know rogue can be meta too?".... like dude just enjoy the meme

  20. Just realized I never posted my deck of choice speaking of.

  21. As a Monarch player, shoutout to the homie Domain of The True Monarchs

  22. I'm ngl, the poll is going about like I'd expect, but I'm surprised the amount of people saying yes. I'd like to know they're reasons.

  23. Or, they just update the Banlist to reflect a best of one format. Honestly it isn't even that hard. TCG and OCG have already banned most of the problematic cards in MD and they ARE Bo3 with side deck formats, so don't come to me with the excuse that the problems would be fixed with side deck Bo3 when the side deck Bo3 formats already got rid of most of the problematic cards in the Bo1 format anyway.

  24. I am calm, if it sounded differently I apologize, I meant to make a strong worded logical argument, not come across as salty or anything.

  25. It's all good bro, hard to tell intentions and tone over text. I agree with everything else as well, but I remember seeing multiple threads where the idea was brought up to have a casual mode in MD, so maybe that could be the new mode? I'm not sure, but I feel like something needs to be done, starting with the banlist update

  26. It's disappointing how often that happens. "oh wow, I haven't seen this deck in years! Did they get new support?" -opponent plays Halq into Accesscode or verte into DPE- "oh...ok 😞"

  27. Well convince Konami to actually give Pendulum Magicians a proper boss monster that’s not impossible to summon consistently.

  28. You see, that would mean Konami would have to care about their fans and see us as nothing more than bank accounts.

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