1. Faust. That's a German name isn't it? Born around the turn of the 20th century? Sounds like the kind of guy I'd expect to collect gold fillings.

  2. The church has been against missionary slang for decades. They wouldn't even allow us to call other missionaries "guys." It was "Elder," always. It was not P-day, but Preparation Day. Don't even think about saying awesome, cool, or any other newfangled word these young kids might come up with. Everyone must behave as if they were 70 year-old men in suits. This was in the early 2000s.

  3. Missouri St. Louis 2001-2003 same controlling language. No “prez” “president” had to be President Richard’s. No P-Day had to be preparation day etc. I think there was no Greenie as well. Every new missionary was Trainers “son or daughter” etc.

  4. Someone should make a cool shirt for a good cause. Raise some awareness and cash for a good cause.

  5. No. I bought the bench sander and the bearings crashed after a few hours use. Garbage stuff.

  6. I have the sander pictured and it’s pretty under powered. Even basic sanding will stop the belts from moving.

  7. I use the track saw to cut aluminum lattice after I stall on patio covers. Works like a champ. I’ve looked at buying something fancier but for abusive field use you can’t beat this thing. I’d have a hard time dragging around one of the nicer spendy track saws.

  8. Joseph even tried to sell the copyright to a Canadian publisher. They turned him down.

  9. Does anyone know the dates of the attempted copyright sales in Canada? Just wondering if that was while they were still in New York as well.

  10. Click the link then hit the share button (box with upward pointing arrow) then open it in chrome (if you have the chrome app) google automatically translates the text to your preference language (English in my case.)

  11. Very suspicious. I think my phone takes 30 days to purge the deleted folder.

  12. And even then you can recover it.

  13. After hearing the board meeting tapes and past M.S. interviews Jenns recording wherever it is probably won’t help her case. She’s doesn’t have the gift of public speaking. Her cohosting efforts were not compelling. I frequently skipped through the podcast until she was done. 90% of her contributions were “do better Mormon church.” And seriously lacking substance. Burrell seemed to get a lot of shit from Mormon stories purist but I think she brought a fresh take that was interesting and both humorous and sometimes edgier. Jenn in the boardroom tape comes across as an entitled employee that over estimates their value to the company.

  14. Utah’s senator Mike Lee wants to ban pornography (not sure if this is the congressman referenced but must be). I used to be a Mormon and to them most depictions of nudity count as porn wether it is porn or not so he’d be effectively trying to make skin illegal.

  15. I couldn’t find this lady! Is there a certain time to go 😭

  16. I only see her during the week there and she parks her mini van right up near the store by the exit door. She sits on a chair with the rear lift gate open with her coolers inside the van. Also you have to get there before 11ish. I think she sells out and heads home.

  17. Great interview! Really enjoy the many sides of naturism you all are showing.

  18. Uchtdorf was prettier. The women liked him. Rusty could not handle that kind of competition.

  19. Whenever I bring up how stupid it is that the church is constantly building new temples in places that already have them to family, I get told it's because the existing temples are just TOO BUSY.

  20. 6ah = 2.196 lbs or 767 grams 4ah = 1.598 lbs or 725 grams 2ah = .96 lbs or 436 grams.

  21. '...your parents mentioned you might respond better to a text.' Jake's parents: "If you call him he will scream obscenities at you, be prepared." What an enormous POS to write & then send this horrible text.

  22. Honestly parents need to quit with this crap. So many parents send their kids new addresses and phone numbers to “the new ward” hoping their kids will have a change of heart.

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