1. The effect of "Lady Labrynth of the Silver Castle" activates in the same Chain as the activated Trap Card, in the very next Chain Link. The effect of "Traptrix Sera" activates in a new Chain after that Trap Card resolves. Neither one interferes with the other.

  2. I want to build a fun/casual deck I can use to enjoy playing the game, not really looking for OTK decks. I have a budget of $200 and I used to play cloudian and vehicroids and icejades.

  3. I made some really bad moves in a game I was playing on Master Duel, but something happened with confused me that I was hoping someone could explain.

  4. Generally, cards in the Main Deck can't activate their effects (Unless they are something like Serpentine Princess), which is exactly the case here.

  5. What are some Low-Level Boss Monsters? These are monsters that are the entire decks are built around, but don't need any tributes to summon (Basically Level 4 or lower Main Deck monsters). At the moment, I can only think of a few: Subterror Guru (and Bujin Yamato to an extent), Green Maju Da Eiza (and to a lesser extend Chaos Necromancer), and Inspector Boarder, but I'm wondering if there are more that I'm unaware of.

  6. Depending on your definition of boss monster, amano-iwato is shinobirds. It’s the only one staying on the field

  7. Any tips for branded bystial for playing against floo, or playing against stall/burn/mystic mine decks? What's the best way to out mystic mine/necrovalley? What would you sidedeck in this current meta? I feel like the deck plays really well against ishizu tear, but loses to rogue/anti meta decks.

  8. If my opponent uses cyber angel natasha's effect in the graveyard to take control of my monster is it is special summon can he take control of my Scareclaw Tri heart? Since the effect says special summon this card and if you do take control of that monster but tri heart effect puts all monster in defense and is unaffected by activated effects of defense position monsters

  9. Since Amazoness Hot Spring's LP gain effect activates when you take battle damage while you control an Amazoness monster, can it activate when an opponent's attack on your only Amazoness monster inflicts battle damage to you and would destroy the monster? I'm guessing it activates during the "after damage calculation" part of the Damage Step where the monster isn't technically sent to the GY yet?

  10. No to both questions. Monsters that cannot be Normal Summoned/Set—including, but not limited to, all Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, and Link Monsters—cannot be Special Summoned from the GY or while banished (or from the face-up Extra Deck, or from the Spell & Trap Zone) unless they were first Special Summoned by their respective proper methods. (Technically, you could send a face-up Pendulum Monster to the GY with the effect of "Dogmatika Punishment," and if that monster is one that can be Normal Summoned/Set, you are allowed to Special Summon it from the GY. Probably not what you're asking for, but I'm just making sure I'm covering all cases.)

  11. Question about Eradicator Epidemic Virus.. it says I check opp hand, all spell/traps and what they draw. But what if they add to hand via monster effect? Does that one also get destroyed?

  12. what other ways to destroy cards in play that "cannot be destroyed by battle or card effects" or could it have been simplified just by saying "cannot be destroyed"

  13. Anyone got some recommendations for additional draw power? I have a new Toon deck I'm trying out and I feel like sometimes I'm bricky or sometimes I lose all the cards in my hand. I need drawing support but I don't run an extra deck so the pot to banish 6 or whatever doesn't seem like it'll help me

  14. Personally I think the deck performs better as a blind second, specializing in kaiju/lava golum removal. Something with 3k attack, put it in the back row with the field spell then go for the fusion that can tribute a high level vaylantz in the extra monster column to return the kaiju to hand, burn for 3k and have a 4k beater on field.

  15. The “Lubellion the Searing Dragon” that you activated the effect of may be used as material for “Mirrorjade the Iceblade Dragon”.

  16. Hey all! Does anyone know what the song/sound is called that plays in the background of around 7:40-8:15 of episode 28 of the English dubbed second series anime (Duelist Kingdom), and where to find a copy? I've searched through many Yu-Gi-Oh! YT playlists to no avail! T.I.A. :)

  17. While an effect is in place which would prevent you from performing a kind of summon (whether it's a Barrier statue, Vanity's Fiend, Summon Limit, Rivalry/Gozen/TCBOO, whatever), you cannot even attempt to activate effects which would mandatorily perform a summon breaking that floodgate.

  18. The short version is simply that the way Monkeyboard is inserted into modern Pendulum decks currently (in Dracoslayer builds), you use it (after getting it with Beyond the Pendulum) to search out Performapal Odd-Eyes Synchron after your pendulum summon, which lets you climb into Baronne with Tilting Entrainment.

  19. Can my opponent use veiler on my accesscode talker immediately after summon before I activate the effect to attach from graveyard?

  20. "Accesscode Talker" has no effect that attaches anything from the GY. It has an effect that increases its ATK and an effect that destroys a card your opponent controls. Were you referring to one of those two effects, or were you referring to a different monster entirely?

  21. I have a tearlaments kitkallos that had its effect negated by a imperm earlier in this turn. If I activate kitkkallos' effect targeting itself and I chain book of eclipse to the activation. How does this chain resolve? From my knowledge, kitkallos' effect resolves, but I'm not too sure if the targeted kitkallos would be sent to the graveyard.(I'm not sure if the face down kitkallos is considered to be the same "targeted monster")

  22. The “targeted monster” is a monster that still meets the targeting requirements. The set monster is still a monster you control. Also the effect will resolve negated.

  23. should I buy 2 magical maven boxes or 2 tin pharaohs gods 2022? I wanna build live twins, albaz and sky strikers

  24. If i use Kashtira Fenrir to banish my opponents mirrorjade face down will they be able to trigger mirrorjades effect to destroy my monsters in the end phase?

  25. Question: If "Chain Energy" is active, and if I have set spell/traps/monsters, If I activate/flip them, does that count as playing them?

  26. Question: If an effect of a monster of mine is activated and my opponent activates "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit" effect from his hand to destroy my monster, can I activate "Divine Wrath" to negate it, or because it was activated in the hand, I can't?

  27. Hi guys,I want a pure deck that can compete a really pure Fallen of albaz and pure rikka.I really love playing with pure decks,that has no other cards.

  28. Speedroid might be something to consider. They have a ton of cards in archetype and are still a competent deck. Also a very cheap deck.

  29. Question: If I summon "Innaba The White Rabbit" and attack my opponent directly and at the end of my turn he comes back to my hand, am I activating any of his effects in any way? i.e., can my opponent activate "Ghost Ogre & Snow Rabbit", for example, to destroy my "Innaba The White Rabbit"?

  30. Spirit Monster's effects to return to hand are activated mandatory trigger effects which create a chain link.

  31. Guys this is going to sound weird, but I need a very specific card. I need a card that reduces all levels on my field to 1

  32. Unfortunately you can't find this effect except in predaplant , Heroic and infernoid. You can just use predaplant,but it not compatible with all decks.

  33. Predaplanning can do that, but it's not a continuous thing, and it requires you to play a Predaplant to send.

  34. If I were to tribute summon a Master Peace the True Dracoslaying King by tributing a Hardened Armed Dragon, is Armed Dragon's effect successfully applied to it?

  35. Yes. Monsters are only unaffected by card effects while they are on the field. Hardened armed dragon applies immediately before the tributing monster is summoned. Unaffected by card affects is never retroactive, IE once affected it stays affected.

  36. Hey guys, I have a rulling question with Bystial Magnamhut. Imagine you have the only target that you can search in your hand, can you still activate the effect of Magnamhut? You don't know if in the EP the target will be on yout GY or deck..I'm going to leave the effect down below.

  37. To special summon bystial lubellion you need to tribute a level 6 or higher dragon. Can you tribute only cards you control or your opponents monsters too?

  38. For example my opponent activates Polymerization and I chain something that destroys a Monster on the Field must he still Fusion if he can when his orginial Poly target isn't on the Field anymore?

  39. There is no “original Poly target” because Polymerization does not target. Your opponent does not decide which materials to use, or what to Fusion Summon, until Polymerization begins resolving.

  40. Outside of the Rush Duel video game, no content for Rush Duel has been brought over to the west, nor have there been any announcements to do so.

  41. It's definitely possible but you're going to see varying levels of success. Also depends on if you consider Hand Traps's monster attributes or not. For example, Marincess decks play a full Water deck and extra deck with the exception of whatever hand traps they want to run.

  42. There are decks that already mono attribute like merlantean, abyss actor, and phantom knight. But generic attr deck rarely works. When it does, it uses the best card of several archetype or powerful generic attr support.

  43. If you take control of an opponents monster with something like Widow Anchor, can you choose which position the taken monster is in when it moves to your field, or does it have to stay in the same position as it was originally?

  44. If you mean the battle position (Attack or Defense), it remains what it was. Nothing about taking control of a monster implies its battle position changes at that time.

  45. “Starliege Seyfert” can pay for part of or all of the cost of its effect by sending itself to the GY. Note that the monsters are sent to the GY, not tributed.

  46. You must choose a monster from the Deck to either add to your hand or Special Summon. You cannot Special Summon a monster from your hand with that effect.

  47. The game has no underlying rules for how Toon monsters work. Read the text of each individual Toon monster and see what it says. If it doesn't say that you need to control "Toon World," then you don't need to control "Toon World."

  48. Posting here before I make a regular post. What is a quick way to play some nostalgia? I am thinking of getting all the 2002 starter decks and just having fun with friends. Are these fairly balanced? Thanks!

  49. The cheapest and most interactive way to play the game with some good nostalgia and fanservice is probably Speed Duels.

  50. If I have an "Ancient Gear" monster in my hand (precisely the 100/800 one), can I use its effect to Special Summon it with any "Ancient Gear" monster, or only another specific "Ancient Gear"?

  51. It has to be another copy of "Ancient Gear." If the only card you control is "Ancient Gear Golem," you can't use the effect of "Ancient Gear" to Special Summon it from your hand. Otherwise, "Ancient Gear" would say "if you control an 'Ancient Gear' monster" or "if you control an 'Ancient Gear' card," not "if you control an 'Ancient Gear.'"

  52. I have a flipped down monster in defense position, my opponent terget it with an effect like "Raigeki Break" that targets a monster. The monster is considered flipped up before being destroyed?

  53. In Master Duel my opponent chained Called by the Grave to my Superheavy Samurai Soulpeacemaker but it wasn't negated. Can anyone explain why? Is it because of the semicolon since I was able to tribute for it's activation condition?

  54. Soulpeacemaker's effects performed while treated as an equip spell card are not monster effects, and so are not negated by Called By The Grave. The same goes for any monster which becomes a different type of card then has effects while in that state.

  55. I just bought some Dragon shield sky blue sleeves and though I love the color, I don't like how the blue looks on the inside of the card. Does anybody knows what would it be its equivalent "name" in double matte?

  56. Can number 60: dugares the timeless special summon one of the monsters it detached as a material ( his second effect)

  57. Hello fellow duelists, just curious as to what you do with your old/casual decks that are just not good enough to play or win against todays stronger, faster more consistent etc strategies. I myself am a hoarder and wish i could bring them back out and play again but its just not fun to continuously lose.

  58. So, there is a combo that starts with tour guide, involves sangan and dark resonator, and ends on white aura bihamut, but I can't for the life of me remember the full combo or all the cards involved.

  59. I read that certain cards like twin twister don't trigger effects from dark world monsters, because the discard is apparently not part of the effect? Is that true? Do they also not trigger Danger! discards? Does card destruction trigger them? How can i tell whether it's part of the effect or a condition?

  60. Can you use Fury of Kairyu-Shin when you have no Torrential Tribute in your deck, thus sending the spell card straight to the graveyard? Also applicable to Dark Spirit's Mastery

  61. I activated a virtual world monster's hand effect targeting a virtual world monster I control. My opponent chains crackdown targeting the same monster that was targeted by the VW's hand effect. Does the VW's hand effect resolve properly or does it resolve without effect? Thanks in advance

  62. This has happened multiple times, I have blue eyes white spirit dragon and my opponent uses a field wipe ability like dark hole, so I chain spirit to bring out azure eyes and then everything is still destroyed. Why?

  63. Azure Eyes Silver Dragon has to activate and resolve its trigger effect to protect your monsters from destruction, it is destroyed before that happens.

  64. Azure-Eye's protection is an activated effect that applies in a new chain after its summon, not a continuous effect. If Azure Eyes is summoned in the same chain that a destruction effect occurs it will not provide protection.

  65. If I activate Striker Dragon's effect to target Magnarokket Dragon as cl1, and my opponent activate Dogmatika Punishment that target Magnarokket as cl2, can I activate Magnarokket's effect as cl3?

  66. When it comes to sky striker linkage, it says to send 1 other card you control to the GY. Can I activate a normal spell card and then use linkage to send the spell I just activated for that part of the effect?

  67. What's the best thing to go for a branded despia deck to go for if I dont have guardian chimera or the bystials?

  68. Mirrorjade turbo is likely going to be your only option but Branded Despia isn't even worth playing right now considering Tear stomps it.

  69. Trying to get back into the game after years, browsing the sub and everyone keeps talking about Ishizu cards. What's the actual name of the archetype so I can search them up and see how they play? always loved her character and would love to see how her cards work

  70. I play it at locals against mostly flunder and tear ishizu rn. It's a frustrating matchup against both because it doesn't really play well against flunder and tearshizu just has too much going for it.

  71. "Floowandereeze and the Scary Sea" can negate the Special Summon of "Chaos Dragon Levianeer," yes. (It cannot negate the Summon performed by the "Only LIGHT" effect of "Chaos Dragon Levianeer," since it's not possible to negate a Summon that occurs while a Chain is resolving.)

  72. How does Draw of Fate work with unclassified effects (like Cyber Dragon's special summon)? I don't think it's an activated effect so would I be able to perform multiple summons of cards similar to Cyber Dragon after activating Draw of Fate?

  73. If i only want to buy a structure deck 3 times, should i get crystal beasts or albaz strike? It looks like for CB i need almost no extra cards for a full deck, plus i get ash, but people keep saying the deck is thrash in the meta.

  74. How good would a pure anti tearshizu deck filled with GY hate be in a competitive setting assuming it ONLY faces tears? What would this deck look like or which archetype would best fit as the anti tear deck?

  75. not pure anti ishizu but exosister was the most meta "anti-gy" deck and its pretty much fallen out of meta beacuse its engine is just alot weaker than tear. the best option is probably a bystial deck with the ishizu gy cards yourself, you max out on belles/crows/shifters/skull meisters and the ishizu shufflers and play bystial beatdown, probabaly with kshatri fenrirs as well because they dont require much space in deck and deal with on the board stuff while the rest deals with gy. deck could look smth like this

  76. I'm interested in a lot of yugioh lore and stories like Albaz, World Chalice, Sky Striker, even Gusto and many more. Is there a dedicated site that explain these stories in details?

  77. As far as I understand, "if... , you can..." isn't affected by the timing and can activate on a new chain after the current one done resolving while the "when... , you can..." is affected by the timing and can't activate in a new chain if it was in the middle of the current chain.

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