1. I think the format is very balanced rn. Only thing I think is really unfair is scythe. I’d say:

  2. Only recently getting into Yu-Gi-Oh. Literally just played a match on edopro against my friend using mystic mine. That is such an anti-fun card. I have no idea what they were thinking when making that.

  3. Limiting a field spell doesn't do much, if you really want to get to it you have terraforming, metaverse, set rotation and demise of the land plus prosperity to dig for any of those.

  4. I'm honestly really against limiting D Barrier, it would make it super sacky, I'd kinda prefer the card to just be banned.

  5. We're getting two potentially tier 0 archetypes in the next few months, so I wouldn't touch anything at the moment. Hitting the current decks would only make the powergap between Splight-Tearalaments and the rest of the game even bigger.

  6. This. I feel hitting despia, swordsoul and the adventure engine would be giving a free pass to POTE decks running the game and making for an awful format.

  7. I agree with the others, but D-Shifter is not problematic beyond disabling Droll, the best answer to the deck, and the card is just good overall on any deck that struggles against GY-reliant decks. You will DEFINITELY want it on your side once Tearalaments come out. Also, if they ban Statue, then bring Simorg back, I want the ability to search Cobalt Eagle and Nervall whenever I want and protect my stuff from the BS Sky Striker cards back.

  8. Honestly none. Game is in a pretty good plave right now and nothing is particularly over powered or problematic....

  9. Agreed, other than possibly Scythe. We need to talk about the cards that should come OFF the banlist. Give more Miscellaneousaurus! As a Invoked player I'd like Nadir back to 3 lol. Collosus damnit! I'd also be interested in Called by the Grave going to 2 or 3 though I know there's a debate on whether it should be 0, 1, 2, or 3.

  10. Ah hell nah, halq stays. Sure, it can be paired with other cards for an easy combo, but I find that it is essential for decks that run either Accesscode or other link decks. A staple for sure, but it does not inherently stop the opponent from playing. Plus, it’s effect that allows for link combo is only useable on Link summon, so destroying it with a negate would shut the card down entirely. Mine and Scythe are inherently more problematic for game balance and speed.

  11. You can't limit robina, the only card ban-worthy of floowandereeze are maybe shifter or harpie's feather storm. Without robina the deck can't function, without the above mentioned cards he works as intended without the floodgates spam

  12. I honestly kinda like the idea of a Gryphon ban, since it will make handtraps more meaningful again, but Brave engine will still be plenty strong with Illegal Knight's interruption.

  13. Feather Storm and Statue definitely need to go, they are abused to broken levels in every deck that can get them live (wich used to be EVERY deck when Reprodocus into Simorg was legal).

  14. Ban scythe/halq. That's all. Floowan still bricks, adventure engine might get a semi limit like in ocg in 2 formats. Despia is in check with d barrier and mine. Besides scythe/calamity lock, the game is fair, and hitting some decks now would lead to a tier 0 format when splights come to tcg

  15. Ban halq, unban most generic tuners ban mine, ban scythe and call it a day. Maybe some consistency hits here and there but apart from that current meta is fine with splights on the horizon

  16. What even generic tuners are there on the banlist? GUB is not coming back with or without Halq, so just Steam the Cloak?

  17. I actually think E-Tele needs to be limited again because it alone can do so much with P.U.N.K.s without even using normal summon.

  18. Besides the mine, nothing deserves a ban because POTE. That's one of the biggest powercreeps this game has seen since Duel Terminal or Raging Tempest.

  19. The Masquerade one is legit, i play the deck and i agree it is a threat, and in despia there are two card combos that are basically half the deck that always end in triple masquerade and one dramaturge, which is literally a ftk vs combo and control since the former can only play 4 cards and the latter has to deal with 4 huge beatsticks. Oh and if the deck goes second it just breaks boards with Iceblade and Chimera though everyone knows that already, very versatile.

  20. Honestly, the card can safely be semi limited, and nothing will happen. It's still searchable, but discourages its splashability in any deck not named Despia.

  21. Ban The obvious ones: Scythe: pretty mich its a power play in many decks that are strong right now Mystic Mine: no one needs any explanation this card pretty much says you want to watch your oponent face here you go

  22. I think it's still early for bands, most likely because the format is diverse. But the reason is mostly that the floodgates are maybe too effective.

  23. branded does kind of nothing if you ban fusion. Scythe is prob the only card i’d ban but i’d limit water enchantress

  24. Nah Despia doesn’t need to get hit. It’s a good deck for what it does, but in actual play it’s fucking awful.

  25. Hot Take Adventure is gonna help keep Splight in check as a way to help crack that board. The problem card is Halqifibrax. Halq currently enables Scythe, King Calamities, and is what will allow Splight to just search Handtraps for free.

  26. Scythe Barrier Even things like Droll & Lancea Anything that says “for the rest of this turn” has unbalanced counter play if any and just turns entire decks off

  27. Can we talk about Diviner of the Herald? This card does an absurd amount of things and yet I don't see anyone talking about it being overpowered. It searches for any ritual card you need. It can be used to pop a card if you dump N'Tss. It can be triggered on normal or special and doesn't miss timing. It's a level 2 tuner so it can be searched by Halqi. It can trigger its own second effect if you dump the right card in your deck. It can adjust its level to make more interesting synchro and XYZ plays. It lets you search for Magician's Souls really easily. And on top of all that, it doesn't restrict you in ANY WAY AT ALL!!!

  28. Halq. as a preventive hit for Splights (i just think the card is dumb and it enables to many engines)

  29. Halq should have been banned ages ago, scythe will always be a braindead turn skip against a lot of decks, mystic mine is another 0 brainpower anti interaction card (my main deck is sky striker so i'm saying that as a user of mine), ban gryphon rider and the adventurer engine can all stay at 3 no problem, especially since dracoback gatekeeps a lot of floodgates.

  30. As an older yugioh player who can't really stand the current game, the modern hand traps. Effect veiled and battle fader were fine. If you compared modern day yugioh to mtg, it's like two players playing a deck of mostly counter spells.

  31. does anyone even play Dinos competitivelt and succeed anymore, ever since they banned their primary wincon in Calamities?

  32. Given the level of power creep that’s about to come out pretty soon once Splights hit, I don’t think we realistically need anything from the current format banned on the next list. The next set is a Duelist Alliance level of power creep. Today’s meta threats will be tier 2 at best as Splight and Tearalament take over entirely.

  33. This wrong on so many levels i dont know where to start. Halq into tg wonders magician popping scythe lets you make baronne on opponents turn and lock them out of extra deck, how is this suboptimal. You have been living under the rock last 2 months? Mystic mine is played in a lot of decks in the top cut of tournaments(and mostly for going 2nd reasons), ycs was won by sky striker mystic mine turbo. No one cares about pure mystic mine decks because card is 100% splashable and usually works like dark ruler no more that decks out your opponent g1. Whether to hit dbarrier is controversial, but certainly there are solid arguments both for and against it

  34. Ban Scythe, D Barrier, Harpie's Feather Storm, D Shifter, Nibiru, and Droll. Probably do what the OCG did and limit Rite and Water Enchantress. Banning Gryphon Rider just means we deal with Illegal Knight instead, which is nearly as good.

  35. Get gud, a lot of what you have said that needs banned and a lot of what people has said needs banned on here is for no other reason but simply because you/they don't like them. 99% of what people have said here won't happen, shifter, feather storm, handtraps, etc won't get hit. Probably best they don't, especially with POTE coming up we're going to need them.

  36. Empen ban would kill the deck lol, maybe barrier statue would make more sense even if not archetypal just because it happening to be winged beast and them being able to protect it too easily with the field spell/dreamtown normal on your turn into set or into Raiza spin before being able to kill it by battle is too much.

  37. Ban Scythe and Mine maybe D Barrier, limit Rite and/or Enchantress (or ban Gryphon, though they'd just play Illegal Knight), they could limit Branded Opening as a way to nerf Despia and not other Branded builds. Some kind of hit to Map would be good to see too, hate that deck.

  38. Gozen match, Rivalry, Prosperity, Skill drain, Mystic Mine, small world, solemn judgement, dark bribe => To 1 (for starter)

  39. I’m gonna be the one to ask it; what makes Scythe so broken? I’m only just now getting back into the game after a few years hiatus (Firewall Dragon was still banned when I last played) and back then there was pretty much no backrow destruction, and I don’t know of any cards that are special summoning level five monsters on an opponents turn

  40. Scythe is part of the artifact archetype, unique in that they are monsters that can be set as spells/traps. Scythe has the effect that when destroyed in the S/T zone, it can special summon itself and if special summoned (AT ALL) during the opponent’s turn, your opponent is locked out of the extra deck for the remainder of their turn.

  41. scythe, halq, and mystic mine imo. emergency teleport should probably go to 1 or 0. everything else is pretty reasonable. id like to see some unbans.

  42. Ban macro/ d barrier ban halq still broken af ban scythe and unban all the shitty cards that probably won't see play like steam the cloak

  43. People on here lack common sense going by the comments, majority of people on here like 99% of people simply want things banned just because they don't like them and no other reason. I laughed when I saw people wanting handtraps to be hit, things like shifter, feather storm, droll, barrier statue, etc won't be hit. Plus with POTE coming up, why would you want your defensive cards and outs to splight to be banned/hit? All these lists here except for halq, adventure engine and scythe are all wishlists and unreasonable ignorant wishlists at that. Plus it doesn't matter how much of this stuff would be hit, people will never be satisfied or happy and will always complain wanting something banned because they lose to it or don't like it. Not to mention Konami will always keep releasing OP and top tier cards/archtypes, if things like D barrier gets banned there will always be something better released that will replace it. It's a never ending circle jerk.

  44. Why does ABC Dragon Buster need a ban? It’s not the ABC cards that are making the deck relevant again. Also Dagda doesn’t do anything without Scythe, and there are plenty of other good ways to get to Scythe. Super Poly also doesn’t need a ban, it’s not even as powerful of a board breaker as Droplet or DRNM.

  45. Harpies Feather Duster, Lightning Storm, and whichever the most oppressive floodgates are right now.

  46. Any card that's a really annoying floodgate or cards that don't let you interact with them. I think stuff like dark ruler no more are just unfun to play against no matter what deck is in play. And yes I also think the combo level needs to be brought down, but dark ruler is still just too nonreactive

  47. Ban: Halq, Scythe, Mystic Mine, Gryphon Rider, Dimensional Barrier, Called by the Grave, Wind Barrier Statue, Leave Water Enchantress and Rite of Aramesia at 3.

  48. I agree with everything but Imperial Order, we already have Anti-Spell, a much fairer version of Order, that still allows some interaction, but on its own can win you games against a lot of decks because most decks rely on spells as searchers/starters, not to mention Order completely shuts off the main way of countering back-row. Then you combine 1 Order with Anti-Spell, and you have a very consistent way of shutting off spells, and therefore, murdering a bunch of decks for no price.

  49. I wouldn't ban any of these really or even limit. I know D barrier is a bitch frfr tho I use it in ice barrier. Super poly could sit at 3 no problem.

  50. Im only really thinking of maybe limiting some flowandereexe boss monsters to 2 cause they are really annoying.

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