1. I don’t like when people use dice for Dangers. The whole idea of the archetype is your opponent must avoid choosing the Danger! monster.

  2. I don't mean to be "that guy", mostly because I agree with you, but technically if you're playing with cards that are noticably different from the rest of the deck, you're also cheating.

  3. He's talking about how some people just shuffle their hand and let the opponent choose a card. Some opponents will just keep track of where the danger card is and snipe it, which is illegal.

  4. This sounds like a issue solved with card sleeves. They are required for tournament, and if the sleeve is damaged you'd just change it out.

  5. For everything that states random I always use a die and just declare the numbers before the roll, I also usually ask my opponent to shuffle their hand before as well, since I use levianeer it comes up a lot

  6. Okay hear me out- my opponent activates his ultra copy of thunderbird which is pretty heavily warped, it’s obvious where it is. If I choose it, I’m cheating, but by that logic if I don’t choose it, I’m also cheating. Why would I not pick it? I don’t want to leave it up to a dice.

  7. leaving it up to a dice is exactly what you're supposed to do. the card says you're meant to choose randomly. if you choose based on knowledge or observation of which card is which, that's not random, and is cheating

  8. correct, if you use that knowledge to pick OR to NOT pick it, you are cheating, therefore you have to use a random method

  9. In card games, for anything random, the rule is that you assign values and role some dice accordingly. This is why the card specifically calls for you to pick a card RANDOMLY rather than something like "chooses a card from your hand face down."

  10. I feel like the wording on the dangers could also cause confusion. It states "your OPPONENT randomly CHOOSES" if a dice is being rolled instead then I, the opponent am then no longer randomly choosing, the dice is. I could see how that could cause confusion. I've only played master duel (other than way back from LOB->LON when my town had a card shop when I was a kid) and I was confused durring the solo Danger gate when it wouldn't let me choose.

  11. I'm not going to keep track of the danger while you shuffle your hand. But if you're using a worn-out danger card that stands out, i WILL choose it because having a marked card is cheating. Get yourself some sleeves, it's not pricy. Otherwise, i completely agree with the post.

  12. In person, you can track the cards in your opponent's hand as they shuffle. Using that knowledge to hit (or not hit) a specific card is quite literally cheating. This is not something that can be done with a digital simulator.

  13. Ok. I get what you're saying, but you would never be able to prove someone was cheating like this in a tournament setting. It's good to make players aware that this happens but the best thing for players to do is protect themselves. Shuffle under the table at random, regularly change your sleeves, if you're really worried don't use white or light colored sleeves that could easily become marked in some way.

  14. BECAUSE you can’t prove it easily, it is always best to say “hey roll for it please”, that is why die roll is standard procedure

  15. You're not supposed to bring your hand under the table. Thats about the easiest way to cheat Ive ever heard. Literally the eqsiest way is just to roll a die. Then you dont even have to randomize your hand because it wont matter.

  16. When I play Dangers, I shuffle my hand without looking and place it face down and give my opponent a dice, and labeled each card with a dice number and if it's like 5 cards, I say that rolling 6 is a reroll.

  17. Sounds like a skill issue for the person playing the Dangers to begin with. If you're not shuffling hand that's on you, if you brought cards weathered enough they can be separately identified - that's on you. This is an adjacent issue to the Master Duel point where the opponent should be able to select the card instead of letting automation decide the outcome.

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