1. I think I only saw Yumi once in Yakuza 0 at Majima’s club. I was wondering who the hell she was lmao

  2. His character arc from 0 to LAD spans 31 years. By the next game he's in, it'd at least span the same length of Yumi's age.

  3. It made sense that those characters missed those things since they didn't really have an established girlfriend to romantically miss no matter how "foolish" it appears, which the song is about. But in this game, kiryu has become even closer to yumi and he still wishes her well even if she's married to jingu (out of compensation imo). even she looked out for him deep down =((

  4. One is a friend Kiryu met at a young age who will go on to have a good impact on Kiryu’s life, the other is Yumi

  5. it seems that the song mainly evokes friends or non-romantic things, like mami, Sodachi, the homeless days, PCF, etc. Weird bc the song's lyrics suggest romance

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