1. I didn’t even notice my man at first because I was too busy admiring Storm’s hair. Her, Remy and Rogue here are truly the dream team.

  2. Definitely. First thing I noticed was the eyes and mouth. Very close to Jim Lee’s approach with hair closer to Andy Kubert.

  3. Holy shit!! Amazing! This looks so good and official. Nice looks for all the characters. Any chance for a third piece to go with these? Please do more and good luck!

  4. I absolutely love it, however as an artist my critique would be to push the contrast on your values. Specifically, I am kinda losing some of the image near ilyana because its all the same shade of grey. Adding just a little (and I do mean slight) bit of tonal changes would really help flesh them out even further. Just my 2 cents 😊

  5. Thanks for the tip, what you said makes a lot of sense. In this image Gambit was supposed to be in the same tone as Magik, but the light came from the left and made the Magik lighter. But that doesn't change your observation Thanks for sharing πŸ˜πŸ‘

  6. What a stellar fucking line up. I want this team. Only person I might add is Rachel Summers or Psylocke. Gotta have a psychic.

  7. If you drew a Marvel comic, I would buy it specifically for your artwork. You have amazing talent and very clean art style. I can definitely tell that you put lots of time and effort into developing your craft. Well done!

  8. That is absolutely amazing. I'd love to see it inked. I'd also be interested if you're selling these, as originals or prints?

  9. This may sound harsh, but the only thing I ever disliked about your art was how you used to draw breasts as very round - almost balloon like. Now I can see how they are attached to the body and they add to the movement and planes of the figures, it’s super great to see. I love how different all the faces look here, while still staying true to your style. It’s always a pleasure to see your art pop up here and I have appreciated seeing your art evolve. The layout and the positioning of the figures is especially pleasing. Very well done.

  10. I've already learned things here that my eyes weren't able to see at the time, this one you mentioned is an example. so thank you for your observation, It is important to mention that sometimes the artist's limited technical ability does not allow him to do something beyond what he knows, This requires study, practice, error and correction. I learned a few other things here that I was doing wrong and that was great, recently I was talking to my wife about the huge boobs I drew🀣. Thank You so much!

  11. I’d like to have seen at least one of them with hair crossing a bit of the face just to see how your style goes about it and the leg definitions especially in the thighs are a bit inconsistent but overall it’s incredibly great work.

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