1. Those were the days… I had some amazing memories when Turtle hovered around that population. 2020 was an amazing year, seeing all the progression being made in raids and development

  2. You can add it as a suggestion on the forums! I for one would love more spells added to the game, such as from TBC/Wotlk. A problem with Vanilla, imo, is the "rotation" are way too simple. A few more buttons to press would be welcome.

  3. Hardcore is the closest thing I've ever felt to that "playing for the first time" experience we all crave. The danger makes the world feel so much more epic.

  4. Sure mate! I just reached level 10 yesterday on my night elf hunter. My in-game name is the same as my username here, Archior.

  5. Has anyone had issues with the turtle wow client being unstable? It was quick to download and logged in fine, but for some reason the client crashed a ton and it’s not playable.

  6. Depends when you played. About a week ago we had a massive update that caused a bit of instability for a day or two.

  7. Happy for all the new people but /world needs increased moderation, place is a complete cesspool recently. Server used to have relaxed vibe going on but with all the new pop influx, the atmosphere seems to go way of the other pservers very quickly unless stopped.

  8. All the autists got tired of waiting for everlook and reposting about chromie and came to ruin turtle.. sad.

  9. They posted an announcement yesterday saying they'll be taking increased measures against the toxicity, and recognized that it's probably due to the influx of players.

  10. I retried a bit few days ago, and i remember /world used to be such a good place especially when you would see hc characters getting to a different level or just dying. Chat was either full 'F's' of ' Congrats'. Few days ago i didn't even see that anymore ;/

  11. I started playing with about 6 friends there like 2 months ago. At first it was pretty chill and everyone seems so helpful. The last few days I noticed hostile people in the world chat and a lot of toxicity in general. I hope this will not increase in the coming weeks / months. A growing playerbase is always nice but many places are so overrun and it makes leveling hard with the also split HC playerbase. Let's see where this is going. I hope we can keep playing there.

  12. agreed. first someone's gotta come dev up all the modding tools that exist for 3.3.5 and the few that do for 1.12 that turtle uses, and thats a big ask. but once those are made, i highly suggest all "classic+" servers move to it

  13. I haven't experienced any issues at all, no frame drops or crashes. It's not nearly as smooth as the client that Blizzard uses for classic but it has never interrupted gameplay other than Stormwind taking ages to load

  14. I've never seen anyone multiboxing on TWoW, maybe at higher levels ? Idk at low levels I haven't seen a single multibox, and as far as I was aware, multibox was forbidden on the server

  15. I've only ever seen like three multiboxers. At the very least not as many as there usually are on private servers.

  16. It will, but the server will actually just be better for it. There's very little actual feelable difference between like, 2k and 3k population. And all the people that leave are FOMO Freshers who are negatively impacting turtle wow's kinder, more casual culture anyway.

  17. It probably will. Both Everlook and Classic Wotlk, plus new SoM will steal some players. However, Turtle has staying power while the aforementioned servers will lose popularity eventually when they get fully progressed etc. Tbh I find it hard to go back to Vanilla after having experienced Turtle. The HC mode is addicting too, lol.

  18. With all the great custom changes they’ve added I REALLLYY wish they could somehow modernize/improve the god awful 1.12 client. I haven’t been able to play because I always get the error #132 crash and I have a $4500 rig lol.

  19. Been playing it for a week the last time someone posted about it. Hadn't played wow for about 12 years. It felt very much like what I was used to playing during original release.

  20. Elwynn is always going to be popping off because Goldshire is where the XP tents are. Set your hearth in GS.

  21. I have been on the fence about turtle wow for awhile now. I decided to give it a try but it's going to take me HOURS to download a 7.2gb file when I have fiber and can download call of duty at 130gbs faster.

  22. Have you tried logging in with a default 1.12.1 client? Our built-in patcher transfer might be faster than the direct download link.

  23. I've had an issue with this as well. The download seemed to be capped to essentially 1 MB/s. However, it's not that long of a wait anyway. Just leave it downloading in the background for like 2 hours and you're all set.

  24. Something tells me that if a long download is gonna turn you off...a server called TURTLE wow might not be for you

  25. Definitely not their advertised numbers. 1.7k feels dead AF during NA peak hours, I can only bg or find dungeons in the morning when Europeans are playing.

  26. I`m starting to think Turtle wow is just a scam.I played for a few weeks, leveled a warrior to 60 and was farming out my pre bis. Spent around 120£ in their shop in total. Tried to log in half a day after my last purchase with them just to find out my account had been closed. Sent them an email asking what the deal was, 3 days later they reply with "your account is banned for use of botting software". Completely made up excuse to ban me.I cant think of a single thing that would have made anyone think I was a bot. I quested my way to 60 and I do mining for gold farming. Afaik bots dont do mining, just farm mobs.

  27. Their moderation is horrible, they ban and censor like power hungry tyrants. The second you have an opinion you get harassed and then banned, it's obviously controlled by a discord hive mind of woke madness.

  28. *cough* inflated population, tonight their 1.7k population had 50 people in LFT, couldn't find a dungeon queue for WC or bg for 2+ hours. NA peak time dead af

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