1. Society is so fucking tiresome, sometimes. Can't people just fucking chill and try to just operate on facts?

  2. I'm sorry this happened to you. I saw a similar post on another thread a few days ago and there were a lot of people in that thread speaking the exact opposite, talking about how all these news sources are just creating "gay hate"

  3. I'd like to piggyback off this. I'm an epidemiologist who got pulled from my general epi duties to help with case investigation and contact tracing with my local health department.

  4. Thank you! I get not wanting to stigmatize people, but giving accurate information is so important with public health issues like this.

  5. All the homosexual Male friends i have are very opposed to condom usage. I hope this makes them rethink their choice

  6. As a result of the painting of AIDS as "the gay disease" gay men who participate in sex still have issues donating blood. I think people fear for a repeat of a similar issue

  7. The main problem is we've already seen people branding this as a "gay disease" and deciding that they therefore don't care about it, or that it's even therefore a good thing.

  8. Some news outlets will report this, but the majority of the social media crowd gets their skewed info from Twitter, tik tok, and GMA, etc.

  9. I’ve completely stopped meeting up with people because it seems like no one is taking it seriously. Most guys didn’t even care about protection at all, huge red flag. I’m just going to refrain from hookups until something is figured out.

  10. I would imagine like with any community it is filled with selfish people who are only looking for gratification and what THEY want. Screw anyone else or anything anyone would tell them, they are going to live 'their best life'.

  11. Finally someone with common sense!!! Instead of being afraid to call something exactly what it is and hiding the facts in fear of offending someone. Good grief!!! This is what happens when people go too woke, people get hurt. Woke stuff starts out with the best of intentions and now we have people getting very sick. If gay sex is causing the spread, let everyone know so they can cut down the spread. Once monkey pox is under control, let people know so they can have all the gay sex they want. I don’t really care other than protecting people from And stopping the epidemic.

  12. while i agree with you in regards to the necessity of it being reported, much of the fear is coming from an apprehension towards the fact that this is something that’ll end up stigmatizing homosexuality. it has nothing to do with being offended. i agree with you it needs to be reported as it happens, and if it happens to be spreading primarily through men having sex with men then it should obviously be made known. the fact that the AIDS epidemic was as bad as it was was because the stigma against gay men kept it from being acknowledged by U.S. leaders until four years after it had reached the United States.

  13. The problem is one half of society is more concerned with not offending you and the other half is probably quietly celebrating that you have it.

  14. We need to be reporting that PROMISCIOUS people in the gay community are spreading it. Homosexuality isn't spreading anything, a toxic subculture of over-the-top promiscuity is.

  15. I wish they would hold off on the sexual events until this clears up, by allowing it to continue they’re just opening the door for more cases. By “they” I mean like, cities and states etc. we had a lockdown for Covid, why not something similar for this?

  16. I hear you, but this disease exists in a strange world. No, I’m not referring to the gay community when I say that. We live in a time where some Republicans are openly calling for the roundup of gay (and lesbian) people so they can be put in camps for their own protection from this disease. That’s literally their public health position on containing the spread of this disease. Obviously I think this is abhorrent and I’m not sure making this strictly a gay sex issue is beneficial in that context. This affects everyone.

  17. Man I said the exact same thing multiple times in the last two months every time I got downvoted and cussed at. Just check comment history if anyone has doubts. I’m done advocating for temporary celibacy in the gay community. Folks in that community need to step up and say it themselves. If only more gay men are more like you, because apparently when I say it it’s bigotry when you say it you get awards and shit.

  18. Somehow I don't know why, but I have entire faith that the gay community at large will be walking into vaccination clinics and getting their shots at a much higher rate than the general pop would.

  19. Great. I guess I won’t be entering through the old lady’s exit door for a while.. and not just for solidarity’s sake. Y’all ain’t the only ones doing it in the butt and I doubt the spread is exclusive to just gay butts.

  20. Yeah withholding public health information because we don't want to stigmatize an activity is really bad. People could be taking more precautions and using protection as a way to avoid mpx if we would just get the word out that this is necessary.

  21. At this time sex between men is "fueling" (if we define that as meaning the primary driver of new cases) monkeypox. Because this is the case, extra precautions should be taken by the gay community. However, this title is fucking awful. It absolutely does spread by skin contact, and even via contact with clothing/bedding/etc. sufficiently exposed to the virus. While the title doesn't literally say that it doesn't spread via skin contact, some people will read it that way. Worse, the reason the gay community needs to pay extra attention to monkeypox is because that's where the virus happens to be right now. When the virus gets a larger foothold in other groups, people will look back at articles like this and ignore the problem because it's a "gay sex" disease. We don't even have to speculate whether this will happen, because we already saw it with AIDS. Monkeypox will spread to other communities so much more easily and widely than AIDS.

  22. The issue is that it's not really specifically about gay sex at all. It's about anal sex, yet the language always focuses on gay men. Gay men may be having the most anal sex, but by not being actually clear, this puts everybody at more risk, and weirdly fixates the issue.

  23. You may not think its shaming but the conservatives are definitely using it to try and outlaw anything not-straight, and using it to shame and harass.

  24. This isn't well established yet. It's looking more and more like it is the case, as this article explains, but asserting it as a fact is still a little premature.

  25. Just be safe. Limit partners, if you are not feeling well do not have sex. Protect your community and protect others.

  26. There are also anecdotal reports of men getting it from making out with other men. It's always possible they could be lying, but they also developed lesions on their face first.

  27. And please wear condoms! I love getting raw dogged as much of the next person, but monkey pox looks pretty fucking painful, so let’s be safe.

  28. I thought this was pretty well known. Even the government of Canada website says "In line with international trends, the majority of cases in Canada to date are men who reported intimate sexual contact with other men."

  29. The old stance was that it spread through skin contact, sex involves a lot of skin contact, and by random bad luck for no specified reason the first largescale spread was at a gay orgy.

  30. the transmission graph of these things is almost invariably 300 perfectly reasonably behaved people coming into peripheral contact with 5 people whose parents never loved them and lick every available surface about it

  31. My friend is lesbian and went to the doctor for a check up and the doc was like… I’m going to be super real right now.. this is spreading like crazy from sex between men, it spreads other ways but sex between men is leading the race…

  32. As the article says, monkeypox in West Africa has traditionally been spread through skin to skin contact. So it's an important clarification that will make it easier for the medical community to handle the pandemic in an informed manner.

  33. Not exactly. That gay men and their sexual networks account for the vast majority of cases is not new information.

  34. A lot of people believe it can be spread as easily as coronavirus and are scared it could become a global pandemic which is of course bullshit.

  35. This isn't new? Seems like just a few days ago some official was imploring people to realize this isn't just and STI/STD and anyone can get it from normal interactions. Was wondering how long they'd try that.

  36. Yeah no shit. Can we stop pretending it's homophobic to talk about this? I live in NYC, there's cases all over and being informed could make a difference in it's spread, but no, everyone's too afraid of being cancelled to say that it's spreading almost entirely through the homosexual community

  37. The top comment with awards that mentioned they were a gay man with Monkeypox, who got it from gay sex, has been removed. Guess it'll get you canceled even here.

  38. No one said it’s an issue to point out that this primarily impacting the gay community. The issue is people going “look at these people destroying society with another disease! Treat them differently!!!!!”

  39. I can't wait for South Park - Monkeypox Special. Mr. Garrison and Mr. Slave get monkeypox and are quarantined into a gay bar. Meanwhile Randy and Towelie are making Cannabis suppositories to prevent mass outbreak.

  40. The episode opens with the kids at a school, Stan and Wendy open a kissing booth fundraiser. Stan is wanting to impress Wendy by raising a lot of money but she is getting way more customers. Kyle bets Stan 100$ to kiss Butters. They kiss. Soon after the monkey pox news breaks, Cartmen convinces everyone Stan and Butters have monkey pox. Butters has an existential crisis as he gets a tiny case of sniffles. Stan tries to educate people. Cartmen is villainizing all gays.

  41. What they’re saying is, you can’t just call it a virus spreading through anal sex just because the majority of people who have the virus are gay men who recently had anal sex.

  42. I mean if all the data shows basically everyone who has got it are men and basically all of those men admitted to having sex with other men, then it’s gotta be transmitted sexually right? To suggest otherwise is pretty messed up because what’s the alternative? Saying they got it because they are gay. That’s messed up and doesn’t even make sense. So it’s predominantly sexually transmitted.

  43. So many people cut contact with everyone they know for years for Covid, gay men should be able to handle not having multiple partners for a few months.

  44. Nah, pretty much everyone is thinking this but they’re afraid to speak out because you’ll get labeled every type of -ist under the sun.

  45. I thought vaccinations were just starting and barely anyone is vaccinated right now, it might be different in other countries though

  46. As a straight man I 100% fucking agree with you mate. Be honest and call it what it is so the public is aware. Trying to tiptoe and skirt around the truth so you don’t get your feelings hurt doesn’t help society. If anything it only hurts society.

  47. This is an article that leads to the conclusion we can stop the transmission of nearly all monkeypox with abstinence and increased safe gay sex. Hooray!

  48. Lot of people freak out and draw comparisons to the government’s response to AIDS when the LGBTQ community is specifically mentioned

  49. I saw a post on the front page just yesterday talking about how monkeypox is not primarily spread via MSM and we need to acknowledge it.

  50. No. The significant rate of spread is due to the rate of promiscuity amongst gay men. Even in the cases where straight people get it, they're significantly less likely to keep spreading it, at least at any rate near how gay men do. So it's absolutely a gay thing.

  51. We need an intensive monkeypox screening program for the gay community, and encourage caution with new partners.

  52. Everyone refused to issue guidance back when it was just starting and Pride Month hasn't happened. Why? Cause they thought stating the facts and informing the highest-risk population would be homophobic. Now we're at the point where it's spiraling out of control.

  53. The problem with labeling this as an STD is that people are going to think a condom will prevent it, but it will not since it only covers one area of skin.

  54. Here in SF we are seeing it along with syphilis. It also started really spreading ahead of PRIDE month. Then we had Dore Alley, and the same venues that outbreaks during pride then had outbreaks again! 😞

  55. For everyone instantly getting upset at the headline: it is primarily men that are having sex with other men contracting the disease. Nobody is saying it’s not possible to get it from sexual contact with women.

  56. Especially in group scenarios, hence the rapidity of the spread among a single community. Which isn't the gay community, but the gay group sex/frequent sex with multiple partners community. That was the key part you left out.

  57. The problem is supply. I’m in a major gay metro and they told me the wait list is likely 2 months and they are splitting doses 1/5.

  58. It has been in the news for a couple weeks now that the monkeypox vaccine is only suggested for gay/bi men that are currently having sexual relations with multiple men. It sounds like this "new research" is slow.

  59. Yes, the outbreak started in the gay community so why should we be surprised that population is leading the way (in cases)? How many straight people are having gay sex on a regular basis to mix the populations?

  60. Has to do more with the fact that gay men tend to have more partners at a time than straight men/women do. Higher exposure and higher transmission. Straight men don't often sleep with gay men so it is staying more contained to gay men and spreading faster among them.

  61. It stands to reason more intimate contact means a higher risk of infection. I see no reason that shouldn't be conveyed, though it does have to be handled in such a way that the gay only disease narrative doesn't take hold.

  62. What this article isn't saying is that oral sex is also a way of contracting it. They are saying that is it is being contracted JUST LIKE ANY STD. So before u start putting LGBTQ on the hot seat because of anal sex, put all the information out.

  63. TBH, getting tested and ensuring your partner has also gotten tested between their last... 'interaction' and your interaction with them is the gold standard here. If everyone did that, the thing would be gone extremely quickly.

  64. As a bi guy I just feel like saying… idk, I don’t have any important thoughts. But I’m on a gay sex hiatus for the time being and got my first vaccine. Stay safe everyone

  65. Would it be fair to say that the problem is not sex between men but a man sticking his unprotected dick into someone's asshole, regardless of who that is, but atm most cases are within the community of homosexual men so these are at particularly high risk and should take care?

  66. This aligns with my understanding, with the addition that most (but by no means all) researchers think lesions appear first wherever it first came into contact with the body, that the lesions are still how it spreads, and that these first sores are particularly contagious.

  67. Oh I’m afraid it’s definitely already happened. And it will get worse because of the stigma & bias people are attaching to this info

  68. So when people were complaining about masks they got shouted down and told to trust the science.

  69. Just like the early days of AIDS when they said it wasn’t transmitted by sex between men. Not shaming just sharing what was said by GOVERNMENT officials in San Francisco and California said back in the day..Be safe out there people!!!

  70. People have been saying this for a while and reddit has been calling them homophobic and denying it completely. This website has a dangerous boner for the LGBT community.

  71. Also, we need to destigmatize the way that it could primarily be spreading. Just because it is right now being shown that that's a primary way its spread DOESNT LESSEN THE NEED TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE.

  72. This direct contact can happen during intimate contact, including: Oral, anal, and vaginal sex or touching the genitals (penis, testicles, labia, and vagina) or anus (butthole) of a person with monkeypox. Hugging, massage, and kissing This is the ONLY message that should be going out! This is from WHO and CDC!

  73. The science suggests the likelihood of transmission is significantly higher during anal sex, which is practiced by a great number in the homosexual community.

  74. It was bad enough that we had to wear masks all this time, now apparently we need to wear a mud flap off a Kenworth as well.

  75. The title of the article is intentionally misleading and written in such a way as to create panic and outrage.

  76. I only know 2 people who got Monkey Pox. both are gay men. (but, both claimed to have not gotten through sex - and they are not sexually active with each other either).

  77. Legit question; is this an anal sex thing? Or is it specifically spread via male-to-male sexual contact? Like is it safe for a man to have anal sex with a woman right now?

  78. Honestly curious here no pun. So anal and oral sex? I’ve heard from a friend of a friend, heterosexuals involve in those activities, allegedly

  79. I'm really hoping they don't make the mistake they did with HIV and they're throwing as much research and funding into this as possible

  80. It’s not sex between men - it’s sexual events, like unprotected anal sex, that is fueling monkeypox, and currently gay men are less likely to take precautions at this point, causing them to become the greatest afflicted population.

  81. Facts from WHO and the CDC state:This direct contact can happen during intimate contact, including: Oral, anal, and vaginal sex or touching the genitals (penis, testicles, labia, and vagina) or anus (butthole) of a person with monkeypox. Hugging, massage, and kissing

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