1. “Ukraine’s recovery from Russia’s war of aggression will be a symbol of power of democracy over autocracy,” U.K. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said, as quoted by Reuters.

  2. Why don’t we provide Ukraine with anything and everything? Including an Airforce planes , train them up on western planes and just let Ukraine know they can only do limited attacks in Russia…take a bunch of Ukrainians train them to be maintenance team and weapon team and train a huge group of pilots. My thought F16 , there is so many of them..

  3. Training, maintenance and logistics. An airplane or a tank is pretty much useless without a maintenance crew, spare parts and a supply line that will bring in more parts and maintenance supplies.

  4. There are videos circulating on Reddit right now of a fire in Moscow on one of the Capital Towers (with people commenting that it sort of looks like the World Trade Centers on fire):

  5. Anyone else worried about Russia advancing this war to NATO countries? I just feel like Russia is going to fire at the USA randomly. But then again I have crippling anxiety.

  6. If Russia does that it'll be over quick, one way or another. Either Russia gets its ass handed to it or Russia gets its ass handed to it and uses nukes.

  7. They won't, that's literally suicide. And to be fair to RU, NATO won't do that as well because that's just inviting a world war and potential destruction from both sides. We're more likely to see them attack other non-NATO countries first (assuming they could still sustain the war).

  8. Seeing how with 75% of the ENTIRE Russian Army they are barely able to advance with almost all their forces in a single area... no, i am not. If Russia is having this much trouble with Ukraine, then a war with NATO would be a one sided

  9. Even if Putin is considering such a direct provocation, it has to go from his office to the front lines.

  10. Lol not going to happen. The whole reason Russia keeps saber rattling and shit talking NATO is because Putin knows he'd lose any conflict where article V is triggered.

  11. It's just a matter of time, once Ukraine receives enough NATO level weaponry in sufficient numbers, it should take Kherson back.

  12. In 6 months and with almost 8 years of dedicated prep time, Russia has managed to capture barely another 5-6% of Ukraine. To do this it has sacrificed almost it's entire stock of peer level tanks and APC's, most of it's attack chopper force, many jets, a huge amount of it's special ops forces, it's main navy flag ship, a bunch of boats, a stupid amount of anti-air systems, 35k+ soldiers... Add top this it has cratered it's economy, and right now lacks the needed infrastructure to even make the parts to keep the machines that make shit running, to say nothing of it's near lack of electronic chip making capability. It can't use it's bombers because it can't gain air supremacy, and with the new AA systems the US is sending it is losing what little it does have... Like i could go on and on... The short jist is that a total take over of Ukraine is NOT going to happen. Russia is NOT the Soviet Union, it doesn't have the resources of the Warsaw Pact, and right now it has to take over Ukraine with what it had pre-war; while Ukraine is going to be fighting with whatever almost the ENTIRE FUCKING WORLD can ship into it.

  13. You realize this current engagement has been going in for 4 months already right? Russia already failed. Now they are throwing everything they have at this one region in a hope that Putin can save face by claiming “everything according to plan”.

  14. Most of the territories lost in Donbass and Lugansk regions were lost in 2014-2015, and then some during the first weeks of the invasion. Russia barely captured anything in a few months of the "Grand Donbass offensive".

  15. Concern troll. You'd do better worrying about what punishment Ukraine is going to exact upon Russia once the tide turns. Russia just took 0.3% of Europe's largest country

  16. “26 apartment builds and 46 houses” sounds like Ukraine has nukes with those numbers, glad to see your daily post and stay safe over there.

  17. That’s terrible news. But I hope these attacks will all be over soon. NASAMS will be incoming and I hope they go to Kharkiv.

  18. With Luhansk falling under Russian control how much of the Donbas still remains under Ukraine? Will Russia be able to capture the entire Donbas?

  19. Ukraine can attack whatever it wants. But it needs ammo from NATO so it would be prudent to not drag NATO countries into a larger war by using their ammo to attack non-military targets.

  20. Ukraine is free to launch attacks on Russian territory. NATO doesn't want them doing it with assets directly supplied by NATO.

  21. Hopefully ratios are more favorable it sounded like severendontsk was pretty hellish for both sides.

  22. Note: this is not the same as the armored train that was derailed between Yakymivka and Melitopol yesterday.

  23. That is a bit blow to the Russians. Their logistics rely on trains. Between this and all the supply depots getting blown up, Russia is going to start struggling.

  24. Maybe the U.S. actually had the balls and the trust to give Ukraine extended range munition? They don’t have to publicly announce every munition provided. Keeping it quiet in this instance would help catch RU off guard, keeping critical targets in range when RU believed them safe from HIMARS.

  25. Does anyone know the amount of troops there are for both sides? I know Ukraine has been training and recruiting troops and getting more to defend their country.

  26. I've noticed the numbers rapidly went to 25k plus in the first couple of months and suddenly the numbers of KIA for Russia barely move day to day. It seems impossible there aren't more KIA a day with all these huge explosions and videos of artillery and tanks being taken out daily.

  27. Not sure but they do have to keep some in other areas to guard against possible incursions from Belarus (however likely or unlikely that might be). Also, some are probably still undergoing training.

  28. According to figures published by the International Institute for Strategic Studies prior to the invasion commencing, the Armed Forces of Ukraine then had 196,600 active personnel and a further 900,000 reserve personnel. Since the invasion began, there has been a significant expansion.

  29. I don’t know the answer to your question- but regardless of what the numbers are, both sides are mobilizing so many questionably trained and equipped units that I’m not sure it really tells us who has the manpower edge.

  30. At best guesses, Ukraine has more troops in Ukraine than Russia does. But Ukraine has to spread them out more to watch all the borders, coasts, etc. So the number of troops actually in the combat areas probably favors Russia slightly.

  31. On the off chance that someone who seems to have followed this conflict for some time ACTUALLY doesn't know whats going on(which is in itself a pretty interesting feat): Ukraine is holding in some fronts, advancing in others, and being forced to slowly retreat in the center areas where Russia has almost all it's forces. Now as to the future of the conflict, Ukraine has a greater pool of men it can call upon, at least as long as Russia maintains the fiction of a "Special military operation". Russia has announced it is creating like 30 new BTG's, but those are being all formed out of instructors; which is fundamentally a BAD thing for the Russian military as a whole. And while it will give the Russian side a "sugar rush" on the field, it will kill almost all of the institutional knowledge of the current military, ensuring the upcoming recruits will be shit.

  32. Situation is very good for Ukraine. They are stalemating the Russians and making them pay for every inch of the ground. There's no way Ukraine will "fall".

  33. Have you ever considered how shitty your life is going to be in Russia moving forward when jobs start to dry up and the only food to eat is potatoes?

  34. Hi there, Russian concern troll! How's the economic outlook in Moscow? Reckon you'll still have a job in a month or two?

  35. Sorry, Russia. You’re going to lose against Ukraine. That’s what the history books will write. Russia invaded Ukraine, and Ukraine kicked their asses out.

  36. Ukraine's position seems to get better each day now with the advanced weapon systems. Russia position deteriorates with each exploding ammunition depot.

  37. Ever since the captured Ukrainian medic from Mariupol was released, some Russian "OSINT" guys have been running smear campaigns against her in order to discredit her bravery. Most of them are active on Telegram and the Russians keep eating up their propaganda as if there's a famine going on. Here's an example :

  38. That is a huge series of explosions, so I'm guessing a lot of Russian munitions went up in smoke.

  39. What in the hell did they have stored there? I've not seen one have quite that kind of booms and fireworks before.

  40. Well my need to see Russian hardware exploding each day has been well satisfied. That looks like a lot of gear being safely, from a Ukrainian perspective, disposed of.

  41. So many of these ammo dumps getting thrashed latley. Partisan Intel and spy satellites are doing work with Ukraines new toys. I love it.

  42. Ukraine is using such a wide variety of similar systems like self-propelled artillery. I can't wait till after the war when Ukraine rates whos was actually the best at: killing russians, ease of maintenance, ride comfort ;)

  43. I hope they get paid for those evaluations. Or maybe just free equipment. Their opinions are valuable to defense companies.

  44. I'm thinking whatever they had the "best" experience with but also the ones that aren't that expensive (if they decide to buy it to standardize). And if they go down the route of only buying (no longer making) defense products that's gonna be another extremely detrimental scenario. They have to find balance. But.. that's still far away. The war has to end first.

  45. Picturing a group of Ukrainian combat vets—bonded through the hell their platoon faced—relaxing in lawn chairs, drinking beer and filling out a fresh stack of questionnaires from various military equipment manufacturers.

  46. Australian PM visits Ukraine, notably attrocity sites and President Zelesnkyy says more Bushnasters are coming from Australia.

  47. he was also asked if he knows the current price of butter in the supermarket (he did) and when the weed legalization is coming (soon)

  48. More precisely it gives you an idea of the questions that Scholz wanted to and/or agreed to answer. ARD is the public broadcaster that gets supported by a fee levied on households and I have to assume that like any interview of a high profile guest the questions are vetted by their advisors and agreed to in advance. Now I don't know how hard hitting ARD usually is when interviewing politicians but Schloz might not have wanted to focus on Ukraine and ARD might not have wanted to push it, who knows.

  49. From Zelenskyy's address: "The russian economy is in the biggest crisis in the last 50 years. More than 35 thousand of their soldiers were killed. What is all this for? For the sake of insane propagandists showing the russian or soviet flag on the ruins somewhere in their broadcasts. There is simply no other answer. It is clear to everyone in the world – and, I am sure, to all the sane people in Russia itself – that Ukraine will win."

  50. Twitter has become completely overrun with pro Russian trolls, especially since Lysychansk fell. I know Twitter has always had them, but the last few days feel especially swarmed with them

  51. Just the other day I made the grave mistake of globally searching for 'Ukraine' on Twitter and recoiled from the veritable flood of sheer unadulterated retardation that resulted. It was just this unholy cornucopia of Russian influencers and useful idiots of the highest order.

  52. Looks like Russian desperation, to me. The harder they swarm, the more it looks like a Russian defeat.

  53. Because Russia's only strategy to win at this point is to try to turn minor tactical victories into major propaganda wins and try to convince enough Europeans to push Kyiv into a peace deal. So they need to flood the zone whenever there's a battlefield success that they can try to spin as "It's over!"

  54. Facebook too. And many of them ate not even Russian trolls. But Russians living in Europe or just native idiots who hate the governement and spread covid lies.

  55. Between Stugnas, Neptunes, and Bodhanas the Ukrainian economy is going to have lots of money coming in producing these weapons for anti Russian use. The video footage of their effectiveness not only speaks for itself, it shows just how antiquated its Russian competitor is.

  56. Wow, and wasn't it the scaffolding that caught fire on the Moskva too? Dangerous stuff that scaffolding. Just don't smoke on the scaffolding.

  57. Looks like the kind of fire Ksenia from HR extinguishes with a bucket of water and a fire blanket just before the fire department arrives.

  58. That's insane. If they were in a straight line, they would form a tunnel from Odessa to Edinburgh (or in the other direction, Kuwait).

  59. I thought Ukraine was making gains in the Kherson region on the western side of the river? I don't see the Russians ever getting close to encircling Odessa let alone trying to take it.

  60. How likely is that EU stops buying russian oil & gas? If Ukraine falls and EU is still hooked on those imports russia could just turn up a fuck you price for supporting Ukraine with weapons. Wouldn’t it be better to do it sooner than later?

  61. The EU has agreed to cut oil from Russia by 90% by the end of the year. With gas it would take longer, but since Putin is throttling the gas supply right now, I've got a feeling he'll cut the gas completely this winter in the hopes of fracturing the united European front against him. I think it's going to be a hard winter.

  62. There could be thousands of reason why he moved to Krasnodar or any location really. The most likely is that he was born there or has family members living there. Another big one is the climate i guess. Maybe because he got used to the milder German winters he decided to settle in Krasnodar which is known for its propical climate.

  63. I’m not sure what it’s like in Germany but maybe he hates it because every time he spewed RU propaganda he copped abuse and so he decided to move away. For example lots of Australian people who were anti-mask, anti-vax, anti-lockdown moved to Byron Bay (lots of hippies and instagramers) where they could fit in. I’m Australian with young kids in school, and I’m sure parents that were pro-Russia/Putin would be ostracized along with their kids, and they’d be pissed that the schools are teaching the kids that Putin is evil.

  64. Seems like there is something seriously not ok with the guy. No one in sane mind would move to rusia. Either they met financial struggles so hard that living in rusia is better than Germany, or the guy is hooked up on rusian propaganda and supports rusian genocide of Ukrainians.

  65. Nationalism can make you a shit person is the explanation I think you're looking for. It's probably cheap and beautiful if you can ignore the whole dehumanizing conflict thing going on.

  66. It’s not just politics and money, young school kids are being taught about RU aggression and will grow up hating Russia, the hate will be generational. Maybe if the war hadn’t lasted long the kids wouldn’t grow up remembering, but it’s gone on long enough for them to remember, and every year it goes one more kids will know the truth. As an adult my view of Russia has changed completely, a government should the the example for its people and the Russian government steals and lies, kills and murders and blows up schools/hospitals/malls/cities, it tortures people and starves people, all for more land/money/power. Russia as a country should get the death penalty, or rehabilitation .

  67. I can’t see anything returning to rusia for a foreseeable future. They are terrorist state who killed many people and tried to kill more. They have been like this since forever. History of rusia is written in their own blood. They been killing each other and everyone else around them till this very moment. Why would that change?

  68. I think the right question was whether or not Russia was really ever a part of the civilized world or was it lying and plotting to undermine civilization and bring the rest of the world into Russia's empire.

  69. I think the easiest is to split them to smaller countriea. Some will move fast, some stay in tsarist era.

  70. They would have to present themselves as really changed for the better, and I can't see all the corrupt oligarchs allowing that to happen. They'll probably try and spin their businesses multinationally and try and hand-wave their Russian roots. That might work, but Russia itself seems fucked. I mean, they stole pretty-much all the wealth already so the average Russian didn't see most of the benefits of being a global partner, and the sanctions will take away whatever was left.

  71. If someone grabs the power from Putin, he can probably negotiate himself of sanctions against withdrawing all troops from all of Ukraine. He/she might even negotiate a deal where Russia doesnt have to pay reperations, against leaving ALL of Ukraine. Now he/she can blame Putin for Ukraine, saying Putin blundered the whole situation and left no other way forward for Russia, and dropped sanction would get him/her goodwill among the Russian population

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