1. To be honest, it is Brilliant PR. Not many people had heard of the Turkish drone prior, and I doubt many Western NATO powers would have bought any prefer the much more expensive Western produced drones.

  2. They're just reallocating their advertising budget. Absolutely effective stewardship of shareholder value.

  3. They are probably producing drones at full capacity for Ukraine anyway. A number of defense contractors are at 100% right now. Throwing more money at them doesn't help in the short term. So they were more interested in grabbing the opportunity for marketing.

  4. When free PR shows you take a risk to help a worldwide goal against crime, double win is not just for the company or investors.

  5. Oh man and def not the first time it’s happened! Please look at some of the conflicts in Africa, it tends to happen more than one would think, just so happens it’s for a good reason this time.

  6. In this timeline the arms dealers are as good as the good guys get. I think we all died when we were young and this world hasn't made up its mind yet as to whether it wants to be purgatory or hell

  7. The PR that this company is generating with these types of tactics is worth billions. They'd be stupid not to jump on it. The whole world will want to get these drones. They're kind of the mascots of this war.

  8. I'm so confused if it's ironic. Usually we donate because someone needs it to live or to help research or expenses from someone dying.

  9. Let me tell you what. These defense contractors are absolutely giddy everyone has been giving their old soviet stuff to Ukraine. They will all be rearming with NATO spec equipment to fill the void of getting rid of their soviet era gear.

  10. So when Azerbaijan was handed these drones the same way from Turkey to bomb Armenian 18 year olds … what was so good about it then ? You fools so stuck on Reddit that you miss the bigger picture on every single world event … did y’all even follow the war in Nagorno Karabagh or did your MSM not feed you enough of that to have an opinion… SMH…

  11. They don't have a warehouse full of drones, ready to ship. There is likely already a backlog of government orders waiting to be filled.

  12. Cat and dog loving people who manufacture very advanced war drones and donate them to victims in need. What a country.

  13. I mean, those drones are still going to be used to kill, not deliver food or meds. Regardless if they're the "bad guys" or not, they're working as intended.

  14. Let's be real, how many people knew about bayraktar drones before this started? Now there is songs and stuff everywhere, this is the kind of advertisement money can't buy.

  15. Basically everyone who would actually be buying drones knew of Bayraktar drones before the Russian invasion. They were used by Azerbaijan against Armenia very effectively, that’s when they gained recognition and acclaim. The Ukraine war has popularized them for the general public though, most people probably didn’t even know of the war those countries fought.

  16. They are a recurrent theme in Turkish ultranationalist thought as they devastated Armenian forces during the NK war.

  17. Fucking badass. Love seeing so many citizens come together to monetarily support the military. RuSSia will not like that.

  18. Yeah, it really goes to show they are desperate though. They suddenly asked citizens to donate money to arm the country directly, instead of using the tax money from their own treasury.

  19. Bayraktar, made in Turkey by a private company, has a very low-cost [relative other drones], off the shelf, easy to operate system. Ukraine has been their best marketing tool. Turkey does not provide Bayraktars; allows the maker to market.

  20. Bayraktar is also the best option against assymetrical warfare.Using f-16 to bomb 5 guys with ak-47s is not cheap.

  21. Turkey had a very clear stance from day 1. I disagree with many of their international politics, but they've done more than most NATO countries.

  22. Ehh, I think that Turkey's opposition to Sweden and Finland joining NATO is more of a home turf theatrics deal. Like Erdogan wants to be able to go to his constituents and say that he put up a fight against them.

  23. Great way to enter the global market. Next time there's a need, people will remember them instead of us companies. And I'm sure they make money from maintenance too.

  24. Well they were already in the global market with 25 countries contracted (13 was confirmed either through official announcements or through their showcasing)..

  25. 👏👏👏👏👏👏Turkey! Ukraine is way BIGGER to stand and protect freedom and democracy than any other country in the World today. Ukraine fights with russian fascists and terrorists for all of us. Glory to Ukraine, Glory to freedom! 🇺🇦💙💛 Russian must be defeated and destroyed.

  26. That is actually quite interesting. Turkey is having an economic collapse right now due to russia. They do need US currency.

  27. Seriously, the funds will be redirected to support organizations that help the army and the civilian population affected by the war.

  28. You know shit got real when a manufacturer of war items turns down money and provides war items. Fuck you, Putin!

  29. You’d think that in the 350 years since Vienna the Turks would have figured out that trying to play both sides of a war just leaves you with enemies all around, but no, every decade or so they’re back at it again.

  30. Not out of the kindness of their hearts. These drones are kicking ass on live TV, all over the world. Best kind of PR they could’ve possibly hoped for.

  31. What are redditors going to do when Ukraine loses this war? Are they going to reflect for a second on how they willingly ingested verifiably false information? Are they going to wonder why they suddenly found themselves supporting one side of a war when dozens of other wars are taking place that they never heard about?

  32. Didn't this happen earlier as well when Lithuania crowdfunded money for drones? Anyone remember that? This isn't that same story right?

  33. So….anyone want to invest in a start up nonprofit arms manufacturing defensive equipment company?

  34. Smart. That's gonna guarantee a shit ton of future contracts from Ukraine just from pure goodwill and PR.

  35. Is there any counter examples of this happening for Russian forces? Like is Russia getting the same kind of support but it's buried because it's not in my feed? Just want to know because I never see the reverse pop up in my feed.

  36. This is a genius PR move by Baykar. Their drones have been proven effective against the Russian army. Many poorer countries are probably lining up to buy Bayraktars. Therefore, they are using the good press to attract buyers who are on the fence and sympathetic to Ukraine at the cost of a few drones.

  37. Already proven platform plus the Turks have been fighting Russian backed enemies for a while. Just another way to tell Russia to fick off

  38. He is the dictator Erdogan's son in law who develops his toys with tax payers money so it's basically free advertisement for him.

  39. This is unbelievable… a weapons company refuses to take money so they can actually be helpful to a freedom cause…. It’s like when Tony Stark had a change of heart….

  40. There’s always a catch or some ulterior motive for this, perhaps an opportunity to demonstrate the capabilities of Turkish drones against a professional army.

  41. Again, why are the people paying for Ukraine's weapons? We've given them billions and billions of dollars...There is no reason any person should be giving their own hard earned money.

  42. Bayraktar execs (or from whatever company makes them) must orgasming from how much free publicity the Russian invasion has given them. This donation is probably a drop in the bucked compared to how much money they've made since February

  43. Real talk how effective are these TB2s in the battle today? We all saw them prowling the skies in February and March but there aren't nearly as many videos of them striking targets since May or so.

  44. I don't think that's accurate, it's run by the Bayraktar family as a whole more or less. One of the board of directors is Erdogan's son in law lmao. Which of these very much Turkish elitists is secretly from Afghanistan?

  45. Shocking how the world cheers on war, pushing propaganda on both sides, the rich get richer, middle and lower income classes lose. Very unfortunate the US is fighting yet another war.

  46. We need to stop funding a regime that arrest someone who doesn't like the President or tries running against him. America's money needs to stay in America to take its people. Enough money has been spent already. Ukraine can take care of its self.

  47. They're donating $20m worth of drones and the TV host gets to keep the $20m they raised? Maybe the drone vendor could sell them $40m worth of drones at half-off?

  48. Good. Donate the money to humanitarian aid, not weapons companies making unfathomable amounts of wealth from all of this anyway.

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