1. Plus, if I recall, doesn't the Gumi Gumi Fruit (or rather, Nike Nike) make actual physical damage less effective due to the rubber man properties Luffy obtained?

  2. Deku can absolutely take a jet pistol, he’s not a pushover. He absolutely does lose, but he’s not just going to go down immediately

  3. Nobody has beaten me in an argument yet and 70% of the people arguing with me don't have a single scan to back up their claims. 3 quarters of this post could be snapped out of existence because people don't know how to read. Deku stomps (I can also make unfounded claims!).

  4. I feel like the only chance Deku has here is to run out the clock on Luffy’s gear 2, as Deku has almost unlimited stamina with being able to fight continuously for weeks at his then full-power. Luffy famously does not and exhausts himself without a constant supply of meat. I don’t think it’s out of the question for Deku to be able to play keep away as he can basically fly.

  5. Half of the room didn't even read the post, man. I specified a scan battle, half these guys (or gals idk) didn't post scans or even make an argument beyond "Luffy stomps". I'm also being downvoted which is like, the 2nd rule on this sub. If they can't even do the bare minimum in a debate why are their opinions even relevant? Also, I'm not refusing to believe any evidence to the contrary, I'm showing explicit evidence against their evidence.

  6. Caught up in the manga- and I really don’t see anything Deku can do that’s much different than Rob Lucci. You’ve excellently brought up the shockwave attack as a method Deku could viably use to HURT Luffy, but I frankly can’t see him able to actually put him down. Post-timeskip Luffy round is a goddamn joke.

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