1. The added sugar can be from fruit juice or something that is not plain sugar. They always say to read the ingredient list, and not the nutrition facts.

  2. I’ve always understood that the nutrition label reads as sugar can be natural sugars but added sugar is not derived from food itself.

  3. Traditional and even today Most of sugar comes from sugarcane juice. How is this any different. Changing from sugarcane and pineapple juice makes it whole?

  4. I can, just not at home right now. That’s also confusing to me, because if sugar is added, why isn’t it in the ingredients list?

  5. I can see on the ingredients that it has pineapple juice in it. I'm guessing that is where the "added sugar" comes from.

  6. Sad, unfortunate, and certainly true. The downside to this is I don’t trust the Whole30 logo anymore. Still gotta read the label.

  7. So you can have fruit and pineapple but the juice is a nnon? Your pulling hard here. Bbq sauce is sweet and has to be sweetened in some way. Fruit juice is fine use in small amounts as an ingredient. Without it curtain foods like bbq sauce would not be compatible because they need to have some sweetness. It's a tiny amount in the scale of how much product your using. If you were drinking it than that's a different story.

  8. First rule of fight club, whole means whole not added this and subtracted that. If the product has a barcode on it, it's not whole food.

  9. With that logic you can't have any sauces, aioli, or dressings with your food which for most people is a bit over the top. The ingredients are whole30 compatible.

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