1. That’s not clay, they flash froze it with a fire extinguisher or something similar before cutting it so that the juice would rush out.

  2. I saw this on Instagram by the original poster...they said the white powder is calcium bicarbonate which they use to protect the fruit because the peel of that particular cultivar is very thin

  3. I agree, just a type of orange cultivar. The white cast on the outside is likely a sunscreen (powder) to keep it from scalding or being otherwise unsightly. Could also be a deterrent for pests.

  4. According to a Food Ranger clip I saw, it’s a Honey Tangerine or tangor. Google brings it up as a Murcott.

  5. I saw this somewhere the other day online, but I've completely forgotten what exactly it is. Though I'm pretty sure that this is a type of orange that is grown specifically to be extra juicy. It can be related to something like square watermelon farming. The powder could be some form of preventative measure to keep bacteria and unwanted microbes out. Really just a guess at this point.

  6. video is edited to slow down around 0:04 which makes it seem like the juice is flowing more than it is

  7. the fruit appears somewhat flattened, which would rule out orange, but it could be a hybrid because it is larger than mandarin/tangerine. Which may be irrelevant because I’d say the amount of liquid is suspicious (faked)

  8. There's a strange fad recently to post videos of fruit covered in weird stuff being cut open. Possibly some of them are frozen, but others are just covered in like spray paint. I don't get it.

  9. Chinese shittok clickbait to a much inferior product link. It's literally just an orange/mandarin injected with more orange juice was a needle.

  10. Looks like a GMO tangerine cultivated in China, it has no seeds and doesn't look too natural. That quantity of water is not normal.

  11. I suspect orange as well. If you live in garden zone 9, go for a walk and find some growing! Elsewise, umm, start building a greenhouse temped 20-30C?

  12. So I'm not sure of the type of orange . But with any fruit tree . U can do it 3 ways theirs probably more. But the ways ik are planting 1 fruit tree and eating for it grow 30 plus years to produce fruit . , Second planting a 5 year old tree and grafting a mature branch that bore fruit . Or any section of a mature . 3rd is two fruit trees together

  13. Valencia oranges can get this juicy if left to ripen fully. An orange this ripe is very nearly overripe, and they don't ship well. I don't think this is a valencia due to the color, but yeah, several varieties can get this way on the tree.

  14. My great uncle used to have an orange tree with oranges that looked a lot like that. he called them Tangelo Oranges (probably not the name) they were extremely juicy and sweet. probably the best oranges I ever had. the flavor was like a combination of tangerine and orange.

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