1. as I've never made a bird nesting box, honest question: why would you need a hatch on it, and why wouldn't they have made it from solid material vs the cage-bar type strips of scrap wood? Like, the same wood the top and bottom are made of, since it was clearly available and would be a lot less effort.

  2. Poor mans electric box? We found something similar to this in the attic of our 120yo house, the one we found still had hot wiring for a whole house(4' across 220v) fan in it and a knob out the top with wires coming in the bottom.

  3. That sounds dangerous haha! How was it mounted to the wall? Did wires pass through the sides or top/bottom? Trying to gauge whether there are markings or wear points I should be looking for

  4. My title describes the thing, I have tried to search the labels and it looks like some branding and ads I have seen from the early 1900's, but I don't know enough to narrow the search. The item seems to be a cage by its design, the door closes tight, and the hole probably mounted it somewhere, its pretty light (probably due to its age), tops of the side 'bars' seem to be intentionally rounded. Any help is appreciated!

  5. Raccoon trap maybe? My grandfather told me about one that sounds similar to how this looks. If you put something shiny inside, like a coin that’s too big to pass through the hole, they grab it and don’t know that they have to let go of it to get their hand out and become stuck.

  6. This makes sense! Twine was a staple for securing everything and recycled when possible. The size of this item is correct along with the hole on top!

  7. I think it's a snake trap. You put a rodent that's larger than the holes on the inside, and wait for the snake to crawl in and eat the rodent. The snake is too large to exit out of the holes until it digests the rodent.

  8. Wondering if it's for a lure bird to catch wild songbirds. The captive bird sings and wild birds come towards the sound and are trapped.

  9. This is interesting, is that a common item? To me it seems like this cage has one way in and out and that the holes were part of mounting or something, which makes this plausible.

  10. Very interesting! Some of these look promising, but the door being so weak would break and the paper label on the inside I would think would have stains if it were ever used.

  11. Almost looks like a candle lantern, but dry wood seems a poor construction material unless you were to use a nubby candle.

  12. Possibly a butterfly feeder. You open the back, put fruit inside and they proboscis through the slats.

  13. This looks like one of those twos from the 90's and 2000's that had a cats tail sticking out of the hole, and when you touched it the "cat" inside would freak out and make crazy noises. this looks like one of those but someone removed the cat

  14. I got it from a person in Maine who said they thought it was from a mine, but I don't know that there is any providence to that, it seemed like a suspicion of where they may have gotten it long ago. Certainly still a mystery, people today have given me the most leads I've had in the 7 years I've owned it!

  15. Could have been made for a mouse trap to go inside. Could keep pets and children from setting it off.

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