1. I believe it’s called bumper pool. At least that’s what a friend who had one of these in their basement told me.

  2. I understand that it was popular at the original Playboy Club. Some of the bunnies were designated "Bumper Pool Bunnies" who played bumper pool with the customers for a certain price per game.

  3. Oh man. I have some fond memories of nights at the pub after work being terrible at bumper pool.

  4. Had a beautiful slate-top bumper pool table in our house growing up — it was once a pay table, with a slot for quarters. My Dad was an expert player; jumping the bumpers was a key skill.

  5. We had an octagonal bumper pool table in the basement when I was a kid. We ended up inventing new games on it.

  6. Did you just pick this up on the streets of san bernardino?? Saw one on someone's lawn earlier.. crazy coincidence I guess

  7. This is bumper pool and a whole lot fun you each take turns trying to get three balls into the other person's hole shooting one ball at a time. The best place to hit the pall towards to get it into the other person's goal is the point of the wall that is directlt parallel to the horizontal part of the t in the center of the pool table.

  8. Oh shit I played this in the early 80's ...80 /81 .. I totally forgot about this game.. use to luv playing this .

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