1. the good thing is the IV has come down over 50% now they are hovering in the 200-250% range better than 450-500 lol.

  2. All these BBBY bagholders be talking about all this promising news that the stock could rebound but nobody seem to have any sources to quote other than facts pulled from the encyclopedia of thin air and the book of my mom said so.

  3. Just buy Revlon and get your money back. But take profits this time. Everybody makes mistakes. The key is to learn from them.

  4. part of me feels bad, part of me wants to fucking scream at you for not listening to all the warnings and signs

  5. Honestly I’m just making quick gain off it investing letting it go up a dollar and selling off which might help some of you regain losses potentially as I don’t think it’ll recover fully honestly

  6. So I've started to look at BBBY closely. The bonds are saying it's gonna go under soon unless they raise cash pronto. You guys know the yields are ~28%?

  7. I think you would be good with a mid term short sometime in 2023. They are broke and vendors are refusing to ship product...not a good thing in the lead up to the holiday season when the majority of their profits come in.

  8. You can either sold and loose, or Yolo it and if BBBY make a comeback you can tell everyone that you knew what you were doing all along.

  9. Still a dub. I was feeling extra retarded and scooped 8/19 17Ps before close on Thursday and they fucking printed for me.

  10. The big wigs sold their calls over 15, They are actively selling their sub 10’s. Next sub 7.50 or under 10. Stack up BBBY They are right now for over 15

  11. That would be a great idea if it were regarding a GOOD company such as Nvda going to $100 or Apple going to $90. But you’re buying shit

  12. This is the equivalent of americans dumping french wine down the drain and trying to rename french fries to "freedom fries" when France didn't join them in the middle east lol

  13. I don’t think people who had short puts really made any money. The delta left for BBBY on fridays last trade was so low even if you’re break even was reached, you didn’t profit. Secondly, unless you bought 2-3 weeks out, you definitely didn’t profit. The people who day traded puts got hammered today. Bc while thursdays close was $19 or so, todays open was fucking $10-12 so it really killed anyone who played day trading on puts.

  14. I feel like we can all learn a lesson here including myself from BBBY because I feel like most people here are using their own money for this play. Use your own capital for real companies/etfs or for swing trading and use those profits for these types of plays cause that way even if the play goes sour, you would be fine.

  15. if you don’t see that ryan wants to acquire buy buy baby then you haven’t done enough research yet. holding till next year.

  16. If he wanted to make money why didn't he sell that shit at $60-$100? 60M isn't going to save a dying company of that size. 500M is a lot better to work with.

  17. Feels like apocalypse in this sub, im holding cause im too gay to realize my 50% loss and only running on hope now, if this somehow turns in our favor it'll definetly give me a stomach for the stock market

  18. Credit to mod OP. Pepperidge farms remembers when you made money up and down, not just bagholding dreams. Missing GME or another one broke some of your brains. Stocks are financial instruments to make or lose money, don't fall in love with them.

  19. Everyone here can agree that we are obsessed with the infinite loss to the short seller. 101% short and that’s self reported so who knows the real number

  20. I bought 4000 shares bbby at $22.5 when I learned Cohen bought 10%, then the price decreased to $4.38, I hold on it, but when the price increases to 22.5, I sold all and wanted to kick myself when the price keeps increasing to 30. Now I am in peace although I earned nothing.

  21. What screwed us was the media. He made those moves in March. Fucking March. Media said, August 12th. Here’s the news…. Cohen ….. blah blah blah

  22. More like the moon was absorbed into a singularity. Pretty much same thing happened with all the pump and dump participants dollars.

  23. To anyone scrolling this sub looking for comfort or hope, just remember that it’s only money. You can earn it back. Your best investment is in your ability to work, earn an income, and advance your career.

  24. I made money on it. If you lost money I have zero pity, the writing was literally fucking CARVED on the walls. That’s what cults do to people.

  25. They are not/can't even pay(ing) their bills, that's why RC sold. PT is 0, not 1-5 since that news came out last night

  26. Is it even worth making my bbby meme? I think I’m gonna do it, but honestly I wish people were making more music memes cause those were the best during GameStop. Mine will have music

  27. This entire thing is like watching a fish sitting down at the 10-20 poker table , while being smiled upon and encouraged by the sharks , when he leaves with no money , he gets the “ you played well , just got unlucky , hope to see you soon !!”

  28. Why the fuck would you listen to anyone here? They want to make money by letting YOU hold the bag while they cash out.

  29. Don’t worry guys, your lord and savior Ryan Cohen will distribute his profits to y’all to make sure you’re whole. He’s just out to get the “hedgies” remember?

  30. I made good money on calls and scaling out with a sub $5 DCA, so I’m definitely not who you’re referring to. But I am one of those people who think he should be held accountable because he’s not oblivious to his influence. He knew what he was doing in terms of how the market would react plus he has insider information that retailers who lost a lot of money aren’t privy to. That’s not okay.

  31. This is the way. Fundamentals like liquidity, cash flow etc. don't matter. It's all about squeezing things.

  32. You all should’ve known 30 dollars was the top be humble and take profits you fucking idiots we had many meme rallies with a lot of bag holders learn for once dumbasses

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