1. you mean the intern that spent his days at gme meltdown and making fun of people at the loopring subreddit (check his post history) before pretending of shorting GME with a paper trading account?

  2. They're desperately keeping the market bubble as a whole alive, both bonds and stocks, to avoid a total financial collapse happening before they've put enough risk off their balance sheets and on to retail investors. On the contrary, stocks like this that retail makes money off the wealthy need to also be suppressed at all costs (because they're the ones on the other side of the trade). No matter what, the elites will always win, and retail MAY get to win sometimes but overall the market acts as a vacuum and wealth transfer mechanism to those with the most capital.

  3. I use three different brokerage. I also do keep my robinhood because my whole theory is that if this pops off what if they are one of the brokerage that does not halt since it caused them basically 7-8mil users. Just a theory though.

  4. Put the fear of God into them lmao. Imagine essentially losing your successful business to a bunch of apes you pissed off.

  5. Most of it was in premarket. AMC and GME had a big jump in the open market within the halt time limit. Aren't these halts standard?

  6. They are standard and also BBBY doesn’t trade on NYSE but on NASDAQ. I’m too lazy to check but I assume there are different circuitbreakers + what was said about premarket -> there are no circuitbreakers.

  7. Why do I see on every trading platform that the peak for GME was around $80 in jan 2021? Wasn’t it actually more like $400?

  8. copy paste all meme stocks like $BB $AMC and $SNDL. i simply love it and it feels like it's just starting.

  9. Fuck you and your karma needed to comment... and FUCK the markets for halting gme every fucking time it takes off... we are being fucked

  10. Robbinghood desperate and laying off their employees. This doesnt cover the fact that they exclusively trade using dark pools which is exactly how they will go bankrupt.

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