1. everyone here seems to have made quick gains. ive made over 30k over last 2 months but ive done it 1-2k at a time, one stock sale at a time. i missed a few big ones but i never regret and keep going.

  2. Where's a good source for a newbie like me to learn how to read candlestick, cup and handle charts. Sorry if I'm on the wrong place. Hey, y'all started somewhere too right?

  3. There's a guy on YouTube I really liked when I started. I'm commenting so I can cone back later when I look him up. I remember he used to talk about "three bar plays" all the time, which in several years I've never actually traded off of one lol. But he had some good videos on patterns and reading candlesticks. Very little BS and selling you his online course.

  4. 46% short interest, 120 M volume, 12x avg daily volume, 40% price increase today = ballsdeep short squeeze. Buy what do I know, I’m an 🦍

  5. We have been trading on Goldilocks expectations but the bears will eat that bitches porridge every time with inflation like this

  6. Lucid has a total of $9 million in customer deposits for cars yet has an enterprise value of $28 billion. Thats what you call a pretty profitable scam there...

  7. Well would you look at that. Looks like bulls are going to lose everything they ever had and everyone they ever loved. AGAIN!

  8. I don’t think you can say it’s nippleation that’s driving it all but it’s fair to say there is some nippleation you know what I mean?

  9. Seriously what cock sucker would even buy the market after nvda numbers are super bad and they are top tier semi

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