1. yeah lets start a go fund me for a bro who can afford to toss almost quarter mil into an earnings play (even if its just shorting shares which is yawn)

  2. Not a great argument. You know what you call a stock down 90%? One that went down 80% and then went down a further 50%.

  3. lol... there's still some hope. it could have been worse. For a minute there, it looked like it would rip to $235+. Be glad it didn't.

  4. Dayum.. Don't worry OP, this will print tomorrow once the market has time to hear the earnings call and drill into the numbers.... or not

  5. Had $350 and $400 calls for Jan23, sold them for double, should have held. I left a lot of money on the table. Better than losing i guess

  6. What kind of a limp dick bagholder calls a "shares" play a yolo. Old school WSB woulda ran this trade using options.

  7. Even worse he’s short. Infinite loss possibilities, either this will be amazing gain porn or the best loss porn we have seen in a while.

  8. Someone quote me if I’m wrong but he’s just short shares. So he’s down like 10% max. This isn’t WSB…

  9. correct. OP is not ruined but might be bruised in the short term. could easily turn into a winner though if he holds it and we get another big sell off.

  10. wow this thread is showing truly how regarded WSB has become. shame. back in 2018 you could find some pretty intelligent posters and content. Greatly helped me understand spreads/theta gang which has led to great profits. people can't even tell the difference between shares and options ffs.

  11. TBH, you're not going to be down that much. Just close the position now or pray for a gap fill tomorrow morning.

  12. This is hands down one of the dumbest things I’ve seen someone do. If you are going to YOLO, at least go all in on options. Going short is beyond stupid

  13. The lesson here boys is not taking a position on a certain stock is also an option and sometimes better than going full regarded yolo shorting a company already priced for worse than recession. Also, to be honest, the numbers aren't that bad at all.

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