1. I think a lot of people called his bullshit. If wasn't a pathological liar, twitters stock price would have hit 54.20 as soon as he announced it.

  2. I thought the same thing. I bought puts back in $42, but I'm on here so after two days I sold to get cash to move into something because I want the webull points to swing up and down. I also said $RVIN would hit below $40 when it was at $100, sold in two days there too! Long story short, I'd be a multi-millionaire by now if I actually wait out my trades instead of selling after a day or two for my next big idea.

  3. a shame only Americans could do this, since OTC derivatives (or whatever those things are) vanished the moment the buyout was confirmed.

  4. Been holding Twitter puts since early June; I didn’t doubt from day one but after the markets tanked I was pretty confident he wouldn’t close the deal

  5. Everyone? You give people too much credit. Half this subreddit was acting like he was the king of “free speech” here to liberate twitter from the liburls.

  6. Damn OP knew all of this and just posting this now? What a genius! Now, show us your $TWTR puts.

  7. But that is bad faith....Courts don't like it when people show bad faith in contracting and they will often punish the party which displayed bad faith in their rulings.

  8. This sub is gonna be hilarious in a few months when the Delaware courts force Elon to accept the agreement he signed and buy TWTR or pay the breakup fee.

  9. The damage is done. It's the equivalent of Trump being reinstated on Twitter. Back, but not the same. Twitter will NEVER be the same.

  10. And if it is determined that the Board withheld material information critical to the proper valuation of the stock? He may be out a billion but they are headed to Federal prison.

  11. You do realize that if Elon was that precise with forecasting the future, he had thousands of opportunities to do it without this circle jerk of an attempted transaction.

  12. Lol he wanted to buy Twitter imo. His bipolar disorder made him buy at an outrageous price. When is mood swung around he realized how dumb he was overpaying something he wanted.

  13. Can’t wait for the State of Delaware to force the sale lol. I’m adding to my position at a discount come Monday.

  14. Bill shit, he intended to buy it when he made the offer. But he quickly realized he himself acted like a wsb tard after the market crashed. Then he went and looked behind all of the Wendy’s dumpsters for some trash reasons to pull out of the deal.

  15. this is the correct reason. he really wanted to buy it and the market crashed a week later. He got the money but if tsla kept sinking he would be on margin call to sell more of his tsla stock.

  16. The problem being that the market correction started months before his twitter bid, so no... the market didn't crash after he made the offer.

  17. I think he was going to buy it but then the whole market crashed and he didnt want to pay the price he agreed to. Now he’d literally save more money by walking away.

  18. Correct he can pay the billion dollar breakup fee then come back round and offer 42.00/share and save a lot of money.

  19. He wants to buy it, he just wants to buy it cheaper. This is the classic, "Your cars sucks" routine but I will take it for 40% less that what I said I would originally pay you.

  20. But it did work out pretty well as an excuse to sell massive amounts of Tesla stock. I wonder if he will commit to buying the dip

  21. What Elon has been doing occasionally is called stock manipulation, it's unethical and probably violated SEC regs. For example when he announced he intended to take Tesla private, and didn't, i'm certain he did this knowing he had no intention of taking it private.

  22. People are coming up with all kinds of bullshit reasons to ignore what you're saying. Some dude before told me that by selling his stock for his own interests Musk was "acting as a shareholder, not an officer" and as such had no fiduciary responsibility... because, obviously when an insider sells their stock they are, in that moment, magically no longer a company executive.

  23. Apart from the “wake-up sheeple” part, I think you are right. But the reason why he didn’t push it through was because Trump refused to come back. Twice.

  24. The real play is figuring out when the trial gets set and which Chancellor, then if it's McCormick you buy TWTR calls and TSLA puts for when she give specific performance. Even if TWTR and Musk work out a deal (say $3-5B to walk away) you'll get bumps throughout the trial and a big one on verdict

  25. Doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. Same he did with bitcoin, bought a bag at 30k and sold some at 60 and his excuse was “ wanted to test liquidity” like wtf ?

  26. It’s also no secret Twitter is chock full of bots, just like Reddit. Anonymity allows for bots to thrive. That was one bullshit excuse he used to back out of buying the company. Motherfucker had it alllllll planned out

  27. Why would someone who has the ability to hire people to create reusable rockets and self-driving cars be interested in spending 44B on some website? Smells fishy.

  28. The hilariously ironic side of all this is how hard Twitter was fighting to NOT let Musk buy at first, going so far as to consider the poison pill suicide route, and now they’re taking him to court to MAKE him buy.

  29. He could have done that without signing the purchase agreement that he is now forced to fullfill. He could have fucked off during DD before signing the purchase agreement.

  30. I'd like to see what you actually did with the information, as proof. I didn't have much Twitter Stock but sold what I did on May, 17th at 6:30 am, according to CashApp.

  31. Yeah and now his attempt to cash out Tesla stock may cost him $44B. Delaware is not friendly to people trying to pull out of deals. There is a very high chance he losses the court case and is forced to proceed with the purchase.

  32. Nobody cares if Elon sells or holds, anyone deeply invested in Tesla and musk would just say he's going to do the next thing and doesn't need that many shares anyway. They'd say he's built up Tesla to a point where it makes sense for him to take profits and do something else. This kind of shit happens all the time, he wasn't trying to conceal anything. Most likely he was just bored then when reality hit he told his lawyers to get him out however they could.

  33. This is an inappropriate example, but what Elon did is like seducing a woman by marriage proposal. And soon after a few rounds of flirting, he ran around telling everyone 'THIS WOMAN IS A LIAR AND NOT WORTH YOUR INVESTMENT'.

  34. For a deal this large Twitter should’ve given him access to any diligence materials he wants and even offered up their finest Maidens to get this done. The only reason they aren’t providing it is because they’re hiding the truth.. you really think the Twitter execs don’t want the cash out of a lifetime? Fuck yeah they do. Does this mean Elon isn’t using this as a convenient excuse to get out of a late night orgy fueled promise to buy Twitter? Sure he is. Both parties are full of shit and some are even full of Elons little swimmers

  35. I told my sister the exact same thing! I knew he wasn't going to buy. She asked me why. I told her this.

  36. I don’t agree at all. I think he is going to buy it because his legal basis for backing out of the deal is shaky at best. What he’s doing now is hurting the stock which will allow him to renegotiate a lower price.

  37. if he backs in,,,,backs out be will owe twitter $1Billlion for backing out per contract...from what i read. I think he be bluffing and will close the deal...

  38. I am thinking, he gets sued. They start slinging shitt at each other. TWTR goes to $20. Elon buys in the open market while settling for $22.

  39. No he didn’t. He wanted to show it Is created to support and promote liberal woke ideology. He did that by asking them to show they didn’t medal in elections and ban conservatives. He knew what he was doing but the general populous won’t care. Just like we don’t care this goober of a president is reading from a promoter while dealing with real issues.

  40. I didnt think about him bluffing for the reasons you talked about but it makes sense. I thought he was bluffing to expose the bot problem and the bias towards protecting the politicians on the left and hindering the politicians on the right.

  41. In a way, I can see this. Why not fuck over a company that lies about bots and everyone knows it. Just put a bid to buy the assholes out and hope people hedge the fuck out of that arbitrage. After the dust settles, buy puts and cancel that bitch … PROFIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. Read all the dumb ass posts. Have no doubt Elon isn’t involved in any short bullshit. Guy isn’t perfect but he is smart and isn’t a crusher if companies. Lets just see how this plays out. Fuck Twitter!

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