1. Just remember there is an alternative reality where his trade goes through. With all the other things that have happened in our timeline is it really impossible that he becomes the worlds first trillionaire? Here’s hoping.

  2. He’s has an order in for a billion 99 delta calls… that’s basically putting in an order to buy 100bn shares of Tesla… which don’t exist

  3. But he’d have plenty enough money to just run Tesla as a private company if he wanted to. Shit he’d have enough money to buy all the car companies and shut them all down, leaving Tesla as the worlds ONLY car company.

  4. Only a member from wsb could sign such an order. It is peak intelligence from this sub. We all welcome you in the hall of fame, when this contract is getting filled. Good luck on Monday and have some whiskey. It may be your last or the first one before you drink more at the ISS. Space is the limit.

  5. It’s a below market limit order for Tesla calls in 2024, there is no counter party, it’s not a trade it’s a bid, and it’s a stupid bid

  6. Why not just do a deep in the money call spread and get some almost guaranteed gains? Dumb idea for regular folks but when you’re leveraging trillions of dollars you basically can get hundreds of millions

  7. A redditor found a broker that didnt have any limits on margin, so he bought 87 Trillion dollars in Tesla shorts.

  8. Yo, can this lad give me a sly 500k plz?? What a mad trade, what do you even do with that kind of money?

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