1. It's like they tried to catch up with every popular trend from the 60s, 70s and 80s while keeping up with the 90s all at the same time.

  2. See your wife's boyfriend is able to properly execute that tongue flutter while all you can do is vaguely type it up and have your calls expire.

  3. First, added this to my spotify playlist. Second, I’m pretty sure I heard him say ‘buy high sell low’ at one point. Third, funny as hell!

  4. This artist is Vitas, I listened him live in the Tomorrowland festival because he was invited there by Timmy Trumpet and after that I got obsessed with him 😍

  5. Obvious af. News media blasting "iS wEnDyS tHe NeW mEmE sToCk???" for a one day pump. Then rug pull on day 2. This sub falls for that shit every fucking time. As soon as you hear it in the news, stay the hell away from it.

  6. Very disappointed you left out the part that's right after the end of your clip. He goes all rap-god mode and it's wild, would have been an opportunity to list a bunch of fastfood places we could work at.

  7. According to his Russian Wiki page, he is pretty crazy in the real world too. Endless problems with police for driving intoxicated, carrying a gun (ordinary Russian citizens cannot own / carry a gun in the cities), he was arrested multiple times for firing other weapons at his Moscow suburb (the most affluent one). His biggest following is in China and they even have a monument built for him somewhere.

  8. Instead of ringing a bell or banging a gong, I am going to play this every time I press the buy button from now on...

  9. The man has a smile like he just butchered your whole family. Love this song though, outside this particular number he actually has an incredible voice, like an alien.

  10. 5:30 am in Australia, just sat down with a coffee to check the sub as I always do and ended up spitting half of it over the keyboard WTF did I just watch, and is it weird to laugh out load to yourself this early.


  12. I’m glad we’re getting back to our roots after this goddamn ape bullshit. Here’s to too much cocaine on a Wednesday morning.

  13. He kinda reminds me of loki.. I think it’s how he smiles 🤔 idk maybe I’m imagining things

  14. Can someone please explain to me the term "tits up". Is there also a counter term "tits down" and if so what does it mean?

  15. OK, serious question : is the spaceship a set piece or a costume? I've watched this video numerous times and I can't figure it out

  16. Upvote for bringing back this guy. You should watch his newer Eurovision show. It's wild. I wanna say he's.like an oligarchs son and just bought his way into it all.

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