1. Total bullshit, nothing less and more lies built upon bullshit evidence. If the Democrat J6 committee had one shred of evidence that people were armed? we would’ve heard about on day one.

  2. Yes. People exercising their constitutional right in DC of all places is indeed very far fetched. I wonder why we haven't heard of this until now, when they're putting a concerted effort to ban AR-15s specifically.

  3. Pretty sure that one guy could have beaten someone down with the Pelosi laptop or stab someone with AOC's shoes. Dangerous weapons like those need a background check.

  4. There are many sources, including left leaning ones, which documented all gun-related arrests made on Jan 6. First off, there weren't that many gun-related arrests. Secondly all gun-related arrests were for illegal possession of firearm on federal grounds. No one was arrested for brandishing a firearm, let alone holding, aiming or firing one.

  5. I had people screaming at me "Four police officers died!" They were counting officers who died a year later from a god-damn heart attack.

  6. This seems to be saying they had AR-15s at the rally earlier that morning. Which, if true, actually further undercuts their "insurrection" narrative, because if there were a bunch of people who brought their AR-15s to the rally that means they stopped and dropped off their guns on their way to the "insurrection", because there were no guns at the Capitol.

  7. According to the FBI counterterrorism chief Jill Sanborn, she testified that she "had no knowledge" of any firearms recovered from suspects arrested during the breach.

  8. Seriously if I’m wrong ok, but of all the b roll footage that they love to show I have never seen anyone with a pistol, rifle, or shotgun on 1/6. Am I wrong?

  9. This story was already debunked as false testimony by the actual Secret Service leadership and personnel involved less than a few hours after it was given. Yet Reuters still has yet to officially offer a correction to the article or a public retraction online.

  10. They left out the part where he jumped out of the window and climbed to the top of the car and broke the windshield with his fist and grabbed the steering wheel, all while the car was going 80mph. And he was yelling racist stuff the whole time.

  11. They really should fear some sort of consequences for this kind of crap. If only a reader could report them to have their licenses pulled as easy as a red flag law violation.

  12. Also that limo is crazy long too, I mean I know the White House doctor at the time said Trump was surprisingly healthy for his age, but I don’t think there is any semi realistic version of events where he could have somehow done this.

  13. To be fair, an AR-15 is an ordinary rifle. Millions of them are in circulation. Millions of Americans own AR-15s. It's hard to get more “ordinary” than that.

  14. “It is my understanding that someone told me they were informed by anonymous sources that there was a possibility that some people may have been armed with AR-15 style automatic assault rifles”. This idiots call this nonsense “testimony” and “evidence” and “proof that Trump led an armed insurrection”. What joke.

  15. Got a message from my dad today telling us all they busted Trump and he was going to prison along with a story like this

  16. Let me guess did your dad fall for the same nonsense that they were so sure would see trump placed behind bars “for sure this time” the last 50 nothing burger stories ago too? 😒Mine did too for a while until after the second attempt at impeachment went bust and he finally accepted all the BlueAnon theories he’d been regurgitating up to that point we’re all bull shit.

  17. Their pathetic attempt to keep people distracted while their admin crashes the countries economy, opens borders, and causes food shortages

  18. Where is the charges? Because of what they said was true…then where are the people charged with it? Because the leftist media would have already put that “info” on their coverage 24/7…but they aren’t. Why? Because it’s bullshit and a lie. And if this is a lie and the media is now going with the lie minus proof…then it further confirms that this circus act is just a huge sideshow of false rhetoric and eco-chamber nonsense just for political slander.

  19. If we just had the 1500 hours of video footage that Nancy Pelosi refuses to release, we could make up our OWN eyes. “ you can’t hide your lying eyes”

  20. The politics crew thinks it’s the sworn testimony from god himself, on the sole fact that she’s “under oath” taking no consideration that people lie under oath constantly especially when there’s no threat of being held accountable

  21. Especially when they need to keep their Washington street cred by perjuring themselves because they worked with Trump.

  22. Many of the protesters on 1/6 were wearing unloaded files across their backs as a show of support for the 2A and in opposition to gun control. That doesn't make them armed.

  23. Not to mention, since when do presidents ride shotgun in the limo. And if he wasn’t shotgun, how in the fuck was he trying to grab the steering wheel… in a fucking limo…

  24. Lmao like clockwork the Jan 6th story changes once again. It becomes more extreme the farther we get from it

  25. I find it odd that on one hand Donald supposedly organised the insurrection, but that then he would somehow care if americans brought weapons to do it.

  26. Damn those protesters and their ArmaLite Rifles……just like AR doesn’t stand for Assault Rifle, there were no ArmaLite-15’s on Jan 6th. Wow sounds a lot less intimidating that way huh?

  27. It’s funny. I don’t remember any of the so called “insurrectionists” being charged with firearm possession inside the Capitol.

  28. Does anyone have a count of the deaths or destruction from this past weekend after the removal of Roe v Wade?

  29. They don’t even try to hide they’re fake news. At this point, anyone left who still believes and watches their show is rock bottom dumb.

  30. It's like Mad Libs, just insert a bunch of words that trigger libs and declare it fact. No reality ar all and would be laughable if so many didn't just drink it down

  31. If we were as half (maybe a tenth) as crazy as the left, we’d be protesting in front of this building en masse and screaming, “bullshit.” Unfortunately the twisted leftist media would never film us, let alone interview us out of fear that we’d broadcast truth to the nation

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