1. Kinda surprised to see them looking … the same ? I saw a photo a long time ago on Reddit where a guy got a photo with him at a community theatre. And said Red was surprised he remembered / recognized him.

  2. Lol, I didn't even think about that. Me and my childhood friend's banter would be a pc nightmare for modern tv. The late 90s got real bad with the airing of South Park. We talked about bundles of sticks a lot too XD

  3. It's Netflix, someone will be bullied by a big meanie and then the friends will propose they have a school wide coming out party at the school of small town America like it was a regular non-controversial thing.

  4. Seriously didn’t even think about this. There are going to be a lot of f-bombs and I don’t mean fuck, coming out the mouths of these children.

  5. Needs baggier pants for everyone. Not for everyone, but also frosted tips, flannel, shell necklaces, chain wallets, low rise jeans, huge coats, untied shoes, one pant leg up, bowl cuts with the under shave, fades. Also sarcasm and indifference.

  6. Comedy style and conversation is decidedly post-2000s. Clothing isn't really 1990s and it isn't being worn correctly for the 1990s, half those shirts would be tucked into baggy, faded jeans.

  7. Yup. I was the ninities kid they are trying to emulate. The writers and actor kids have no idea what they are doing.

  8. I mean. I don't think red or kitty would have renovated their house at all given the families' financial situation. Maybe new furniture as it wore out but not a full remodel, especially in the basement

  9. ITT: SO many people who don’t know what the 90s actually looked or sounded like because they are basing it on 90s TV shows or memories of the 80s.

  10. I'm in for more Red. We'll see gow I feel a few episodes in. I hope they capture that 90s nostalgia and don't just make it a "kids of today in 90s clothes" type of thing.

  11. TIL that 80s show even existed. Ah, did even go for a full year. Also doesn’t help i was like 5 at the time, I fell in love with that 70s show through re-runs.

  12. I seriously watched the trailer five minutes ago and I remember nothing about the kids except there's an Asian kid that I assume is the new F.E.S.

  13. That’s the Netflix model. A diverse cast of nobodies around a main white star or stars. They only have to pay real salaries for Kitty and Red

  14. Just to play devils advocate, were the original cast "such generic looking kids" before they grew on us and became iconic - I can't remember tbh, in my head they're always iconic.

  15. Seeing this within hours of seeing an ad for the Willow reboot. The human animal isn't meant to handle this much emotional trauma in so short a timeframe.

  16. I was just watching the clip where Donna finds her moms panties in Eric’s car and Michael and fes say “ERICCCCC YOURE A GODDD” I haven’t laughed that hard in a while. The memories…

  17. What I love about scenes like that in the show is the background characters never react. It's like Seinfeld, the main characters can start yelling and screaming in a building and no one stops their conversation to see what's going on.

  18. The one that gets me is the christmas episode where lori comes down and kelso comes running out the back room, slips and slams into the table. Lisa Robin Kelly (Laurie) is trying to hide her laughing, Debra Jo Rupp (Kitty) walks off camera but Ashton Kutcher just keeps acting like nothing happened. But that must have hurt, kudos for him for staying in character.

  19. Well, everyone but Hyde’s gonna return/make appearances even Leo lol … so maybe it won’t be that bad….but it probably will lol

  20. You know how most trailers show the best jokes (or at least really good ones)? Yeah, that really tells you all you need to know...

  21. i watched it twice trying to find out what THEY thought was funny… kids acting like they smoked weed for the first time? having a guy on screen who’s cranky? dancing in a shitty multi cam kitchen setup? none of this is comedy it’s just things happening. idk y’all…

  22. It is not a good sign the kids hardly say anything in the whole trailer. It's all Red and Kitty lines. I love Red Foreman as a character, but it can't be the Red and Kitty show.

  23. From the table scene it looks like they are discovering weed. If they don't start smoking because DARE came to town then there is no hope for the show.

  24. yeah... idk about everyone elses formative years but I think the pot culture of the 70s is very different from the 90s, in that it was much less available, and heavily demonized, and had greater penalties.

  25. I wrote the best essay in 5th grade during DARE about how I would never do drugs. 20 years later my teacher and that police officer would be very disappointed in me if I ever see them again

  26. It's like going to see your favourite band on their reunion tour, only to discover the only original members are the bass player and the drummer.

  27. As someone who grew up in the 90's, my grandparents's house was still very much stuck in the 70's. They had a chocolate colored refrigerator and lime green kitchen cabinets until 98.

  28. For some reason I don't like when teenagers in a show are played by... well, actual teenagers. It feels like a Disney Channel show. In that 70's show the actors were all mostly adults and didn't come off as whiny or annoying.

  29. I've always wanted a That 90s Show and I hope I'm not disappointed but... it's looking bad. These kids look and act like zoomers. The chances of a group of friends being that diverse in a 90s Wisconsin suburb is... I guess theoretically not zero, but yeah. The chances of them carrying over the offensive humor widely popular from that era into this Disney Channel looking ass show is probably zero.

  30. I met Kurtwood Smith just by chance at a local arts fair. Never expected to run into a celebrity in my town. It was back when I was in high school and watched that 70’s show all the time. He had a beard and I could barely tell it was him. No one else recognized him. I walked up with my sister and asked “are you Red Forman?” He smiled really big and said “yes, I am.” I was so excited. Asked him to call me a dumbass, he obliged, and we went our separate ways. He was such a kind and warm person in real life. Love that guy.

  31. Did your grandparents keep updating their decor after all their kids had moved out? I know mine didn't. The only thing that ever got updated in their houses was the tech (upgraded TVs, added a computer around 2010, wireless phone when the wall phone died etc.)

  32. Looks like they checked all the modern socially appropriate boxes but forgot the whole 90s part... Where's the neon, grunge, angst, goth, etc?

  33. If you ever feel bad about your performance at work, just remember someone honestly thought this was a good idea...

  34. Kinda reminds me of the Scrubs should-have-been spinoff. Young faces, no comedy or chemistry, don't care at all about them just by looking at them. They masquerade on the beloved set that's bathed in softer, brighter light but don't contribute to its legacy.

  35. Oh I get it... they are getting high like in the original show. Now that's some sharp writing there, keeping it fresh.

  36. I would've expected this to do something to catch some 70's show nostalgia, other than Red/Kitty of course. Going with kids that look like they're 13-15 makes me not even want to give it a shot. I understand they were all "young" in the first season of That 70's Show, but there is never any chance this show runs as long as that did so they could've done to make them older.

  37. For a while now I've regarded entertainment releases without even a bit of optimism and I haven't really been disappointed much at all. Why does everything seem so dull and diluted? I know a lot of it is that I'm almost 30 but I swear stuff just isn't as good

  38. the table shots look different and worse. now they come off as flat medium shots from eye level, rather than the fish-eye perspective from the table.

  39. > the table shots look different and worse. now they come off as flat medium shots from eye level, rather than the fish-eye perspective from the table.

  40. I agree the table shots look different, but to me it's because the haze is all wrong. The new trailer looks like they just took a clean shot and add post processing haze, there's not layer of haze in the background, no haze adding just a little fuzzyness to the camera, etc.

  41. Could the fish-eye be a symptom of tube TVs? I watched it on a flat screen for my first time recently and don't recall any fish-eye effects.

  42. As a person that was a teenager in the 90's I look forward to them misrepresenting everything and jamming in today's political climate into the show. The cast is already "rainbow friends". Wisconsin doesn't have that many minorities now, let alone several decades ago.

  43. This looks terrible. None of this looks like the 90's in any way shape or form. Not during any part of the 90's early, mid or late.

  44. No no no. Red left his family and went to Detroit in the 90s, became a crime lord, and fought robocop That's the only correct timeline I accept.

  45. As someone who worked on the show I have mixed feelings about it. The creatives were enthusiastic but idk if they really capture the essence of the 90s. Plus there’s a real lack of hip hop. That being said, the kids are all great, specially Reyn Doi as Ozzie (breakout character imo)

  46. As someone who was part of the live studio audience, I find this comment highly offensive yet hilarious lollll

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