1. Even though most of the examples show a person braced for firing, the kickback itself looks equal to or less than a shotgun. Sending something to effectively knock out a 50 ton purpose built armored box, with one small pop, is wild.

  2. Finally, an explanation of those ridiculous-looking cages the Russians were improvising atop their tanks: trying to defeat first-stage shaped charges in a top-down attack. I suppose it's too early for an analysis of their effectiveness, but from the footage we've seen, I suspect they don't work well at all.

  3. You're correct, those cages don't work against Javelins at all, that's why they've been dubbed "Cope cages". That type of slat armor in general isn't very effective against modern high caliber HEAT type munitions like the Javelin and NLAW, however against older, smaller munitions like the RPG it does provide protection.

  4. The fact that this weights only 22kg means a lot. Ukrainians can move infantry with those via unpassable (for vehicles) terrain, fry a couple of armor and get the fuck out before anyone reacts.

  5. I've seen a lot of videos where the Ukrainians take out armored vehicles with the Stugna-P. But I have seen almost no videos of the Javeiln. Is it really used that much by the Ukrainians? Maybe the situations where the Javelin is used are more active and it's not possible to record video there.

  6. this isn't a fucking video game lol these are people, but im glad people's deaths are good entertainment for you. keep LARPing like a general

  7. This entire channel is absolute gold just for everyone's information. I've watched practically every one of this guy's videos and he covers all sorts of engineering topics from buildings to planes to hydrogen fuel cells.

  8. I expect most of that information is on the wikipedia page. Or easily reachable from it.

  9. Imagine if we put as much effort into colonizing Mars as we did optimizing high-tech ways of killing each other.

  10. Explaining how a weapon works is propaganda? Well God damn I'd better get some royalties from Remington for showing my nephews how a shotgun works.

  11. Right at the beginning: Saying Ukraine was a peaceful democratic nation before Russia invaded is just awfully wrong and almost insulting.

  12. agree with OP here. there's literally been a war since 2014. on top of that, up until 6 months ago, most major news outlets spoke of ukraine as one of the most corrupt goverments in europe.

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