1. Throw or give all your stuff away except what you think you'll need to survive. Now give half that away. Once you've condensed life to a 45L to 60L backpack you're ready to think about whether or not you want to do this. If the prospect of living without 95% of material things in normal life is frightening then this life may not suit you. Find yourself spiritually and maybe that will bring a peace you desire in your life.

  2. Its going to be cheaper and easier to hang around southern Europe as you are UK based. The weather is bearable, the cost of living can be quite low and I guess its a little safer then the US.

  3. Try the Pacific Crest Trail it's beautiful this time of year if you're so tired of UK and want to come to America. It goes so far into North America you will not be disappointed, or dissatisfied with it like you're with UK.

  4. Great recommendation!Slowly break into meeting people ,highly recommend what this person said,heck you may end up doing the whole thing! I heard the sierras are a sight to see,I've only hitched through them,but would love to hike the whole pct .There's plenty of dead end jobs that will hire you in the states now !

  5. You miss a social life? The road is a very lonely place. Remember that. I would say you are romanticizing it more than it is. Pooping outside, sleeping in the woods on the side of the road in the rain and cold, men who give you a ride and expect sex.

  6. No I don’t expect a social life on the road but being lonely out there seems like it would be more purposeful than here, I understand that is not glamorous hah pooping in the wild isn’t something I haven’t done before- but yeah the danger of men is a concern for me.

  7. Personally I think you should probably reassess why you want to live this lifestyle, because your post suggests some romanticization of the lifestyle, which I think needs to be dispelled immediately.

  8. absolutely possible. there's lots of women younger than you that vagabond solo, but it would be easier/safer with someone you can trust. being hardy and adaptable are great advantages to have.

  9. So, I’m a little different from most here in that I typically stick to wilderness areas and national/state land, and avoid going through towns/cities- in fact I prefer if I can cross a state without going into a town.

  10. Maybe start by doing a long distance hiking trail,it would at least get you out alone in the woods and maybe calm your nerves abit.When I left home I made it to California in four or five days my first ride was from Hartford CT to Indianapolis Indiana and then probably 5 more rides to get to Sacramento!This was 25 yrs ago but I continued to travel I've been to 49 states multiple times ,it got really addictive,I fell in love that way of life.Out west is the best Cali Colorado Oregon ,and so on.The southeast states were the worst,aka bible belt.Sometimes I would walk for days especially Texas,stay out west if you can and if something sounds to good to be true ,it probably is!I'm a male and was your age when I left and continued to do it on and off for years,it's so addictive!I would find someone that knows the road there's a lot of human trafficking now unfortunately!There's some really great people out there,even in today's society !

  11. I suggest try it near home for a bit.... see how your hitching skills, and your ability to roll with or avoid trouble, are before you leave the country.

  12. Prepare like your going camping. Take pepper spray and a knife. If ya have more questions. I feel the people on here will help the best they can. Books and YouTube can help. Always listen to your soul or gut. Which ever you choose. Knowledge is power.

  13. I just passed someone called nomad diaries on tik tok on the highway, she seemed about your age and seemed like she was managing, I don’t have a tik tok so I haven’t been able to see her content

  14. Also get yourself a sharpie marker,it will save your life!Never flew a sign but when your hungry put your pride aside,somebody will throw ya a twenty.Its a credit card for homeless people!

  15. You could try workaway, wwoofing, or working on a trail crew (like public work corps, idk what they have in EU) to get away from home, make friends with strangers, learn some skills and go from there.

  16. Heey, 24 male here, almost 25, come to the Balkans if you want, Montenegro to be exact. I sleep in a tent and hitch rides. I am confortable in saying that I could learn you a lot of things in a couple days. Like where to sleep, how to make money, survive in the wilderness and where to find food. Hit me up if your interested. Peace

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