1. A white woman got mad at me once on Facebook because I referred to my Arab boss, as an Arab. And then she claimed that arabs is a slur for Indians and that actual arabs don’t exist. (I’m Arab)

  2. That's ok, my friends told me I was culturally appropriating Japan by learning Japanese to speak to my friend who lived in Japan. He was very confused but made some funny jokes about it.

  3. Agree. When I was in Japan, japanese people encouraged me to wear the kimono I bought. They said they like to see foreigners wearing Kimonos because it means they appreciate their culture

  4. I was in Japan in 2019 when the whole "Kim-ono" controversy happened and most Japanese people I talked to didn't care much about it. They just thought it was pretty dumb that it wasn't a Kimono and had nothing to do with Kimonos and was done only for the sake of wordplay off of some western woman's name (Kim Kardashian). So that's where I can see it was a shallow choice and that's where people could see the offensiveness.

  5. This is something I, a non-latino person, has heard from lots of latino people. To address this post, how would you feel if I told other people that most latino people don't like "latinx" if I hear people using it? I think that would fall into OP's opinion of me "getting offended" for other people.

  6. This is so real. One time I mentioned that I had an Indian friend who didn’t like butter chicken, which I thought was crazy. And some white person from a different table interrupted what I was saying to tell me that calling people “Indians” was racist and I should have called them “Native American”. Imagine being that much of a Karen that in your efforts to moral grandstand you forget about an entire subcontinent. I was literally talking about an Indian person from the country of India. I’m half Indian.

  7. Bro, they removed the fucking mexican Mario from the mario odyssey cover, all to please the sjw getting made on our behalf, meanwhile we were fucking excited to have a Mexican Mario on the cover.

  8. My Mexican coworker was pissed for weeks on that one. He said that it may not have been exactly accurate, but it was still a hilarious representation of his culture, which is how I assume most actual mexicans feel. The white sjws need to f off

  9. Yup, woke people 101. Ruining everything for everyone, minorities included. The worst (but funniest) part is the ones they hurt the most are those whom they claim to defend.

  10. Bro I exclusively wore the Mexican Mario outfit the entire time I played that game, that's actually so messed up (I am Mexican btw).

  11. Kinda reminds me when Speedy Gonzales was removed from Cartoon Network for being a "racist stereotype", and then Mexicans demanded he be put back on television.

  12. Yeah, better to just shelf any representation of Mexicans rather than than to include them .. like what’s the logic here lol

  13. Yep Using the Mexicans as an example again , Speedy Gonzales got removed from a movie. The Mexicans fight to get him back and won. Some cultures can laugh at themselves.

  14. How does this extend to things like really blatant racism? I don't mean any edge or fringe cases, I mean really obvious, slur-throwing racism? Should you step in if you aren't that race?

  15. The worst part is you could be extremely white skinned, I am talking Snow White pale, blue eyes, blonde hair, and dress as a stereotypical Mexican, and although it wouldn't be racist because, guess what, you're Mexican, they would be so offended because they're so ignorant they get offended about cultures they don't know jack shit about and yet they think they do because they have a stereotype in their head.

  16. I've worked with Hondurans that look as white as anyone else, and you wouldn't know it by looking at him. People seem to sterotype, don't get out much or get to know people from other cultures.

  17. Lol "came out" as Argentinian. Just imagining all those poor closeted Argentinian folks is breaking my heart.

  18. Or how Elon musk is actually African american lol. The US has pushed ethnicity and skin color to be synonymous to such an extent that this happens lol.

  19. This is literally one of my coworkers/friends. He’s 1/2 Mexican, his mom literally moved here from Mexico 20 years ago, but his dad was a white American so he looks like a white American, but still celebrates the Mexican half of his culture, and apparently gets called racist and/or a poser frequently by white people, but never by actual Mexicans

  20. Literally. My mom is from South America and tan South Americans here in the US always go ‘you??? But you’re so WHITE’ bro you don’t even know you come in different colors??? Same with me since both parents have Middle Eastern roots but we’re the pale variety. The way people get shocked when their stereotypes aren’t how everyone looks is annoying.

  21. i saw that tiktok video you’re referencing. totally agree. and this is something that white americans are the biggest offenders of.

  22. Virtue signalling is a common thing you see online but most people who do it tend to be the most outspoken people and aren't really representative of how all their peers think.

  23. As an american Indian I am really offended that they change from 'Redskins' to 'Commanders'. At least our heritage was being remembered. I don't know anyone that was offended by the term 'Redskins'. The woke culture is just insanely stupid.

  24. As a Native American I have been corrected for using the word Indian by a non-native. Truth is, most of us use the word Indian when referring to a collective group of different tribes.

  25. There's some discourse in the DnD community because there's a new flying monkey race that used to be slaves and I have seen a majority of non -black people upset about it.

  26. This isn't an unpopular opinion. Someone already did this experiment and filmed it. In fact, seeing as that you very specifically used Mexican as your example I'm going to assume you saw this video. Why didn't you just post the video link then?

  27. People feel guilty when they don't stand up for other people and lash out, calling it "virtue signaling" when others do.

  28. Exactly. That video was very suspect. We don't know how it was edited. And I think it's good when people speak out for me ...

  29. Yes I also watched that front page video recently (or maybe it was a top YT video, whatever). It's about intent. Americans love to make fun of other cultures. So there is an awareness of that now. If your intent is to put others down, you're an asshole. If you're just wearing an outfit for fun and because you enjoy it, I agree with you. You're trying to lump together an entire spectrum of behavior.

  30. Problem is in the US everything is an -ist. They create -ists from thin fucking air so they have something to bitch about.

  31. Wow, what an informative video from a "university." Cherrypicked video where they got some people of one group to say one thing, and another to say something else when confronted in the street.

  32. As part of a minority, I feel obligated to stand up for other minorities. We only stand a chance if we work together and stand up for each other

  33. As a minority as well, unless it's overt and blatant racism, please don't. If a dude is wearing a sombrero and half ass dancing, leave him be. Dudes just having fun and im not offended in the least.

  34. Being offended on behalf of other cultures who don't really care all that much about something is a critical element of MY CULTURE!

  35. My problem with this opinion is that someone will put a video online of them doing something that could be considered racist or insensitive.

  36. Yeah. I hope this is an unpopular opinion. I am an old lady. I get upset when I see injustice. Do you recall the often paraphrased comment a minister gave in WWII? Do you recall the Archbishops of the Greek Orthodox Church giving their names as those of Jewish community ( only their names?) I have fought bullies for others almost 7 decades. Why stop now?

  37. I'm Jewish and I have a couple of classmates that'll say something like "The idea of the holocaust is interesting. Then some people will say "That's offensive" and I'll have to say that it's fine to be interested in it just as long as they don't want to make a sequel. If something is truly offensive I'll speak up but a lot of the time it just isn't and a lot of people just need to realize that.

  38. This reads like a “This just happened to me” type of post. Like I see stuff on this sub that is SO specific, I seriously think it’s something that just happened to OP and they wanted to rant about it

  39. There's a (old, by this point) PragerU video that is explicitly about what OP talks about. He probably saw it and, like every other idiot who buys what PragerU sells, thought he would bring the truth to the people.

  40. This is a super slippery slope though. You're specifically talking about the tiktok video regarding cultural appropriation but there's the counter to the "mind your own business" mindset

  41. I'd say that the line is the actual hatred? If a person directly attacks other people regardless of social group you or they belong to, it's unambiguously wrong and you're right to call it out, but if there is any uncertainty you should probably pass — unless obviously there is a person from said group who is genuinely offended in which case you're right to support them

  42. Can we stop with this bullshit narrative that everyone getting offended is doing it on behalf of another group? Especially considering they aren't even getting offended, they're just telling you that something is offensive.

  43. No thanks, when I see systemic racism happening in front of me I’m not gonna go “not my problem”, because that’s inconsiderate.

  44. If you see a dude in a Sombrero having a good time, leave him the fuck alone. Thats part if my culture and we really don't care.

  45. Op you literally are just describing that one fb/tiktok/whatever video where the kid does that. Mexican outfit, walks around campus asking students if they’re offended then goes to real Mexicans and they say they aren’t offended.

  46. Do you ever consider that the other people are likely not giving you their full opinion because they know that a person who is bigoted enough to wear their cultural clothing is likely bigoted enough to fight with/gaslight them about it?

  47. Translation: socially empowered people, stop using your privilege to help people in oppressed groups. It's effective in discouraging oppression and I don't like it.

  48. Probably gonna get hella downvotes, I feel like it kind of depends tbh. Speaking over people/speaking for other cultures is not okay. However, if someone is doing something clearly offensive, like using racial slurs or something, I think it’s perfectly acceptable to call them out. I would actually hope that my nonBlack friends would call out antiBlackness when I’m not around instead of just letting it slide. Also, it gets exhausting having to constantly educate people on the same issues, so I feel like part of being a good ally is about taking some of that burden off of marginalized people.

  49. Context is key ofcourse. But if some dude is walking in a sombrero and poncho, dont go telling him he is a racist and he needs to change his clothes when most of us really don't give 2 shits and actually get a kick out of watching people wear our stuff

  50. It takes moderation. People have grown accustomed to being on the defense of things thanks to education, but can be overzealous about "standing up" to it. People want to "do the right thing" but can lead to looking for 'wrongs' to 'right'.

  51. Is this the novelisation of the recent TikTok that's been floating around of a guy dressed in mexican clothes asking students & mexicans how they feel?

  52. There is some validity to being an advocate for marginalized people. Like if someone is saying a bunch of crap against gay people and using slurs, or dropping the N bomb, or saying the R word I'll probably tell them to stop because it's gross.

  53. On top of this, getting offended by anything almost always puts you in a weaker position. It doesn't matter if someone is going out of their way to get under your skin, or you don't like a word. Stop getting offended, it gives up your power.

  54. And don’t be afraid to offend, you can talk and act normal to any person whatever their identity. Keep the woke bullshit out of your mind so you won’t stuck people and even yourself in a role.

  55. People who get "offended" especially on the behalf of others just want to assert control over other people. They are enothing more than puritans who ran around back in the day telling people not to dance, drink, smoke, or have any sort of fun.

  56. "We all need to respect and appreciate all cultures. Just not to the point where you participate and enjoy the culture. That would be appropriation and insensitive!"

  57. Yes we saw that video too. Should you get offended in public by someone obviously being offensive? No. Should you push back on your racist uncle at Thanksgiving, when the table is full of white people? Yes. Because that's the only way the racists will change is being confronted

  58. You just watched that video of a guy doing exactly this didn’t you? You posed this like your own hypothetical but it’s like you just summarised the video.

  59. I think that social media makes it seem like this is unpopular, but if you look at the world we live in, and talk to people around you you will find that this is a pretty popular opinion wise.

  60. All the people getting offended for other people are totally silent on this post. Too busy being offended for others to be offended by someone calling them out for their narcissism.

  61. aint gonna happen. the people who get offended on behalf of others do so to get an illusion of power. with the increasing spread of social media we'll just see more of this policing sadly.

  62. One of the most popular "unpopular" opinions ever. When it comes to things like cultural appropriation, 9 times out of 10 it's some white person complaining.

  63. I need some help in this racist society which takes it more seriously when a white person is offended than when I'm offended by the same thing.

  64. I have thought of people getting pissed off at Muslim culture for wearing burkas or head coverings, saying “You’re in America, dress like an American”. But then get pissed off if Americans move/go to a foreign country with a different dress style and wear the local dress.

  65. Perpetually offended, particularly online. Constantly proclaiming being "shamed," also. Particularly, white women and white knights.

  66. Okay, but don't mix this up with people concerned actual openly racist/sexist behaviour makes their group/institution look bad. If some guy wearing blackface runs around mocking people and someone feels ashamed this person is part of their group, calls him out or takes other measures, that is absolutely justified.

  67. Most people loooove seeing you appreciate their culture as long as you aren’t doing it in an obvious mocking way

  68. I never see white guys wearing kilts get harassed for appropriating Scottish culture. People must just assume they’re actual Scots.

  69. Someone once got mad at me for not being mad at jacksepticeye for saying the f slur while reading a character's dialogue.

  70. This is what's caused like 90% of all arguments and controversies on social media. Almost exclusively Far-Left SJWs being offended in behalf of minorities or those they perceive as "oppressed", and it's all to make them feel better about themselves.

  71. I disagree with you. Minorities or Victims of bullying should not have to stand up for themselves all by themselves. The weakest of society wont be able to.

  72. People are so quick to call others racist for literally nothing. I got called a racist because I said people should be allowed to give their pets adult sounding names…. Literally not even joking and they made it sound like I was part of the clan! Some people gotta chill the hell out

  73. I remember the case where girl was attacked because she wore Chinese outfit on prom. When Chinese people were asked what they think about it they either didn't mind or they thought it was cool.

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