1. I'm a chicken shit, but if the spider is happy catching bugs then I'm happy for them, if it wants to chill on my face then we have a problem.

  2. When I lived in the Caribbean I discovered a spider and a lizard living in my bedroom. I let them hang out and eat ants and whatever. Then one day the lizard ate the spider. I was low key sad seeing the lizard with spider legs hanging out of it’s mouth.

  3. I'm fucking terrified of spiders but we have a deal. They stay in their terrifying spider corner and do their thing and I stay in mine. Yeah the second it's on me I will reflexively scream and cry and murder it and yeah I'm kind of ashamed but also I live in a place where i swear the spiders have fucking bitten me before poisonous or not and they already freak me the fuck out (there are actually poisonous spiders where I live though and it's not always easy to tell the difference if they're fucking moving around all over the place...like i get what op is saying but puppies and kittens dont hide in bins inside my shed and try to poison me or make my limb rot off)

  4. I tried this with a spider next to my front door. Within 2 months that spider became 40. Once a spider dropped on me, all bets were off.

  5. Spiders where I live can be dangerous. I'm not going out of my way to kill them but I'm defending myself the same way I would if I got attacked by a stray dog or cat.

  6. I get my house regularly treated inside and out for bugs. I don’t discriminate, I don’t fuck with them outside of a perimeter but if they make it past a threshold, they will die as quickly as possible. I make no apologies.

  7. Worms, dust mites, ants, termites, mosquitos, rats, cockroaches and so many other "animals". Tape worm won't kill you so why get rid of it if you love animals.hypocrit. It's stupid opinion not unpopular

  8. I literally have a hard time killing any living thing. I let flies live unless they’re super annoying and won’t get out of my face. I also killed a hornet that got into my apartment because I didn’t want my cats to get to it first.

  9. I love spiders outside my home, or where they cant end up in situations both of us find unpleasant. They stay in their lane i stay in kind and we coexist. they get in my bathroom though, all bets are off cause i aint sayin “excuse me” to take a piss

  10. EXACTLY, that's why this opinion is so ridiculous. If I see a spider outside or any bug that I'm not allergic to, then of course I leave it be. But the moment this bug comes inside my house then it's a different story.

  11. Even animal lovers, who care for animals in zoos, aquariums etc, have at least one animal in mind that they can’t stand

  12. Exactly, it’s just general speaking . It’s like being a pizza lover. Sooner or later you’re going to find a few pizzas or toppings that just don’t vibe well with your taste buds.

  13. It would sound stupid to say “im a domesticated animal lover”. You don’t have to live every single animal to love animals in general. 💀

  14. I think OP's point is that only caring about kittens and dogs is extremely narrow. There's estimated to be 2 million animal species on Earth- liking 2 of them is hardly a significant portion. It would be like enjoying one very specific rap song, while disliking or not caring about every other rap song ever made and calling yourself a rap lover.

  15. Upvote from me even though I somewhat agree. I won't kill anything that's not a potential threat to my health. Most spiders I would leave alone outside except black widows. I don't want them right near my house in places I could easily get bit like under the lip of my potted plants. I'm not gonna kill snakes unless they are highly venomous and close to my pets or a place I couldn't avoid. I think if it can be avoided it's wrong to kill something.

  16. You're not a movie lover if all you like are dramas and thrillers meanwhile squash the minions movies because "they're ugly and annoying"

  17. My first thought. I’m a movie lover, that doesn’t mean I love every single movie that’s every come out. In fact, I probably would dislike the majority of movies.

  18. This exactly. I was in the shower once and I nearly screamed when I saw a spider crawling up my wall. It fell and went down the drain, but that didn't stop me from having a fifteen minute breakdown. I had to step out of the shower to calm myself down because spiders just scare me that much. I simply can't stand them and they give me anxiety.

  19. I am also pretty terrified by them... I'm ok with very small ones but even medium spiders make me panic. I also have to agree with the killing part, whenever I can I ask someone to remove them or I use a vacuum to kill them. No way I am getting in smacking distance or something ... Just can't

  20. I wish we could eradicate parasites completely from this planet. I don’t know how unpopular this opinion is, but literally nobody relies strictly on them for survival and they do nothing for the ecosystem, they just make our lives miserable. Tapeworms in particular, freakin’ hate them with burning passion.

  21. I can be an animal lover and not want certain animals breeding in my living space. When I kill a spider, I’m not doing it because I think it’s icky, it’s because I know that one spider is going to become 100 spiders.

  22. For real. Fuck ants. I once lived in an apartment with a pharaoh ant infestation so bad that we couldn't leave out water for more than a few hours or it would be full of drowned ants, and every food item had to be in an airtight container or they'd get into it.

  23. That's something you should expect on a sub where you post your unpopular opinion, most people disagree with you and sadly some even hate on you. It doesn't mean he's right or just unveiled a truth no one wants to face or some shit like that, as i read valid arguments in the comment section.

  24. I really didn't expect that so many people would get mad at me :( but it's interesting how all of this panned out

  25. I do eat some meat, but what about that? I know, I'm being that guy, but I'm just curious. How can people say they love animals and just not care that billions are pretty much tortured their entire lives and slaughtered so some people can take a couple bites out of the burger and throw out the rest? I'm not saying I'm perfect or anything. I'm not vegan, but it bothers the shit out of me that it's just normal.

  26. I love finding spiders in my house. I’m like “HELL YEAH FREE PEST CONTROL MOVED IN! You need anything lil’ octopedal homie?”

  27. Honestly it does bother me much more when people are "animal lovers" but have no qualms about the conditions in which the staple industrial animal food products we consume every day are produced (beef, chicken, pork, eggs, dairy), or the consequences for countless other animals due to environmental degradation and climate change caused by these industries :(

  28. Agreed, and hell most people who call themselves animal lovers but hate invertebrates also hate reptiles like snakes and frogs as well as rodents, pigs, bats, birds, basically anything that isnt your common zoo animals like monkeys and lions or common pets like cats and dogs.

  29. I do leave them alone unless they're poisenous or go on me, I don't think they're "ugly and annoying" I actually find them really fascinating but I do have really bad arachnophobia. Cockroaches on the other hand...

  30. I always assumed animal lovers were talking about….animals. Not insects. Who the hell assumes someone loves bugs or spiders when someone says they are an animal lover?

  31. I mean you’re not an animal lover if you’re killing animals to eat them or relying on factory farming to eat them but you’re all not ready to hear that lmao

  32. Being an animal lover doesn't mean you love all animals, just as being a people lover doesn't mean you love all people. I can love people and still really fucking hate Tony.

  33. Lol I like how were talking about bugs but missed all the other ugly animals like cows chickens and pigs along the way. Cook those fuckers up because we need to eat right! There's no way anyone could survive off just plants. Right?

  34. Situationally I guess you can be this salty but in some place other small animals can be a danger to you or to surrounding wildlife, so yeah, you can love animals and kill spiders at the same time

  35. It's like saying you can't call yourself a sex lover if you're not willing to fuck someone who got cancer. Putting arachnids on the same level as dogs or cats makes absolutely no sense and is an egregious generalization.

  36. I don't kill anything that won't hurt me when I can avoid it. Non-poisonous spiders get picked up and placed outside.

  37. It's because most of the animals people kill but claim to be an animal lover are animals that usually carry parasites, harmful bacteria, destroy property, etc etc (Ie. wild rats, cockroaches, a bad rabbit problem). I love animals, I love plenty of insects, arachnids, reptiles, fish, mammals, etc. But I can't exactly relocate a fox that's killed half my flock of pet chickens/ducks when the game warden will literally tell you "It's a fox, just kill it." Trust me! I've tried relocating troublesome raccoons!

  38. I’d say that eating animals is not a true action of an animal lover. There’s no reason to eat animals, unless you have a rare health condition or you live somewhere where protein options are scarce.

  39. I just think it’s a bit unfair to say that someone’s not an animal lover because they have a fear of a small subset of animals (bugs seem to be the main focus here). As an animal lover who is deathly afraid of spiders (like I seriously freeze up if I see one in my enclosed space) I’m not going out of my way to kill them unless I absolutely can’t mentally deal with them being near me. What animal lovers are you seeing that go out of there way to kill things for any reason other than fear?

  40. While we can’t prove this, there are likely different levels of consciousness between a spider and a dog (brain size and complexity, history of taming and breeding by humans). At the very least it’s safe to say that a dog appears more conscious and “friendly” to people than a spider. This might not excuse this behaviour to you but it’s certainly part of the explanation

  41. Centipedes endanger my well being and that of the fluffy individuals. Possibly the smaller cold blooded wild residents too. I will slaughter them on sight.

  42. I wouldn't call myself an "animal lover" but I do get sort of sad/concern seeing dead raccoons, possums, or skunks on the side of the road. I work in landscaping and the other day while I was mowing I almost went over a dead turtles remains and felt angsty about it. Also, when I'm on out mowing I always see bees, butterflies, or moths out in the grass and always try to let them get out of the way (if I'm aware they're there, though sometimes I just have to turn off that part of my brain to do my job). Or if they're bigger animals like squirrels, rabbits, or birds i always make sure they've fled. Additionally, Whenever I'm sitting on the ground and ants start to crawl on me I'd much rather just blow them off than kill them, same with spiders. That being said, fuck roaches and anyother sort of pest bug. I do like cats though :1

  43. Animals like dogs and cats are VASTLY different than spiders and insects.. upvote for extremely unpopular opinion

  44. I won’t lie, I’ve squashed poisonous spiders but the other spiders I try to relocate. In our breezeway we noticed the spider webs have been catching wasps. I finally found all the nests and sprayed them down but those spiders there have earned their keep. Then can collect whatever they want in the breezeway.

  45. Ya. Agreed. My sister tries to kill spiders whenever we see them in the house, but I always get a cup and paper to relocate them outside whiteout hurting them.

  46. Meanwhile, I see a spider: shouts and runs away to get back up aka my mom. While on our way to the spider I repeat the words "dont kill it, please". Mom listens and just throws it outside. I'm happy, and the spider is probably chill as well.

  47. Not including snakes in your post? I don’t mind any spiders, snakes, frogs I’ll catch and relocate them. But cockroaches freak me out. I k ow they are technically clean but no gross

  48. This! I dont look at myself like an animal lover, but every life is valuable. There will be a day where another person has my life in theire hands, and im praying they take the same decisions as me. It sucks chasing flies and other critters around the house doe.

  49. Spiders and lizards are fine but I reserve the right to kill cockroaches. They're just nasty and I know this for a fact since we had to dissect them in school. But overall, this ought to be a popular opinion.

  50. Are you saying animal behaviorists who work in entomology labs cannot be animal lovers? Because they kill insects all the time.

  51. I don't necessarily want to squash spiders, I just want someone to remove them immediately if I spot one. It's not my fault that I have a phobia

  52. Feel this. I was really scared of spiders for a long time, would kill them if I saw them. A friend of mine told me how that's kinda absurd, that they help keep your home bug free, etc, and generally keep out of the way / to themselves.

  53. By animal lover people generally mean mamals though. Mamals are "closer" to us. And you generally love things the closer to you they are related. So: 1.you 2. Your family 3.other humans 4.mamals 5. Birds and fish 6. Insects and arachnids 7. Bacteria

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