1. We were sending them off in a transport plane doing round trips and then Ukraine sent an Antonov to come pick some more up together with the M777s we were sending, so it likely sped up the delivery schedule a bit.

  2. I can't stop saying thank you for supporting our country here on Reddit. We are Ukrainians appreciate so much what you guys doing for us. Slava Ukraini and slava Australia :)

  3. So, some are being used as ambulances and some are armed patrol ones? Or can the ambulances variants be fitted with guns too?

  4. The first group sent did not have remote weapons, the remaineder, except for 2 ambulances, had RWS fitted.

  5. Ukraine asked us for these and we gave them to Ukraine. They aren't ours anymore So Ex still stands Bendigo should be proud as Australia and all other countries that are giving aid and assistance to Ukraine

  6. This video made me realize that I haven't seen a single picture or video of a RU medivac vehicle for the entire war. No trucks with a cross and a Z on them. It's understandable why they don't show up in the videos of burnt-out armor columns, and I hope UA isn't targeting them directly, but I also haven't seen them in videos of RU convoys rolling through occupied towns, either. Makes me wonder how many medivac units they even have, especially given the reports of RU officers killing the wounded.

  7. Someone should make the ultimate Bushmaster - Australian Bushmaster vehicle with American M242 Bushmaster 25mm cannon on top. The inevitable rollovers would be surprisingly safe.....

  8. They're brand new vehicles and parts are easier to ship. Also it's a bushmaster, they tend to hold together pretty well.

  9. I wish they'd remove those red crosses from the vehicles, Russians don't give a tinker's damn about shooting at medical or humanitarian vehicles...

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