1. "Were going on strike from.... psst, Sid, when's Christmas again?.. oh yeah, Lads We are Striking from the December 16 to January 3rd, Get your shopping in early before the 1 CM of tarmac we skimmed over the potholes for show crumbles and damages your car brothers"

  2. Hope they demand they change the name back to highways England. This name makes no sense and is confusing when it's limited to England

  3. People have seen no real wage growth in a decade whilst inflation makes it difficult for people to survive.

  4. Imagine driving along a stretch of roadworks and not seeing anyone working! Hard to believe but that will be the case with these strikes. Crazy times indeed.

  5. We;; I lived through the winter of discontent in 1978/9 and I remember it well. It was the reason I emigrated for the first time. But it had nothing on what is lining up for this winter.

  6. If you lived through the 70's then you will recall as clear as I that War in the middle east caused a global oil shortage, That caused spiralling inflation (Workers want more wages but that makes everything more expensive to produce:Repeat :Repeat)

  7. You mean no miles of meaningless, empty, cordoned-off lanes of motorways with nobody actually working on them? Does that mean the hard shoulders will remain a little longer? Oh dearie me, how terrible...

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