1. Snapshot of [Crerar] Liz Truss was with Sir Graham Brady during Labour's urgent question in HoC - as per No 10 sources. They tell me it was a pre-planned meeting - rather than crisis talks - but inevitable that lack of support among Tory MPs will have come up. :

  2. Meeting with the person who is going to decide her future more important than coming and explaining herself to our elected representatives. No respect for democracy, no respect for the country, no contrition - this is beyond a joke, who do these toffs think they are to treat our country like this?? Traitors.

  3. Boris sounded like he was never going to leave #10, and then he had a call with QE2 and then Brady, and he changed his tune. My theory is that Brady made a deal with him that he'd agree to leave without fuss, as long as he got to stay on for a few months.

  4. Pre-planned meeting that just happened to be when she would be out there to make more of a mess... just a bit hard to believe!

  5. Except that her diary said she would attend at the scheduled time, and then randomly could not due to anything else happening.

  6. Its was very strange that she came in to show face. Didnt say a word and then walks out. Strange to me. Clearly a puppet now.

  7. I have a feeling she's made a deal with the party: she's out, and she's going to keep her mouth shut until she's gone... and in return, they'll let her keep her seat (while it lasts!) and they'll all say kind things about her after she's gone. Or something.

  8. I mean, they couldn't possibly have arranged the meeting around important parliamentary business? Like, they couldn't sit down for a friendly chat before or after the UQ? Not this morning or this evening?

  9. Considering the crisis has been going on for quite a while now it's possible for the meeting to be both planned and be crisis talks.

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